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WIWOL Wednesday

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Yes, precisely the same method for tgt height calc (acknowledging beam width error, which also depended upon gain/highlighting technique) plus use of 1-in-60 to calculate lateral displacement. Then, judicious use of ideal keys for 180/150/120/90 intercepts using change of displacement (in nm) over 5nm to identify Track Crossing Angle: constant displacement = 180; 1-1.5nm = 150; 2-2.5nm = 120; 3-3.5nm = 90. Speed ratio presumed 1.1 to 1 at start then recalculated by reference to tendency towards collision angle as intercept progressed. Fun in the dark, especially at low level, while calculating altimeter pressure error correction and watching VSI like a radalt in the T5 for check-rides!

All became far simpler with change to display of target aspect (in newer, track while scan, weapon systems - it was eventually changed, for example, in Tornado F3, which originally used TCA). Use same 1-in-60 rule calculation for lateral separation in thousands of feet, then use aspect's relationship with collision angles to increase (lag) or decrease (lead) tgt aspect and lat sep, as required, before turning to reciprocal (if a stern intercept). Very easy on-screen visual exercise with minimal calculation. Most use 40,000ft lat sep at altitude (20,000ft at lower levels) for controlled 45 AOB final turn for, say, tanker join or stern VID.


Displacement change over 5nm was always the clue (if you'd bothered to calculate it in the first place)!


I stand to be corrected on both old and new info, since it's been quite a while!

There was always loads of discussion and banter in the old days about which platform had the highest workload, but it was a pretty tough apprenticeship - in every sense of the word.
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sarn 1e. Thank you for that comprehensive reply. We have come a long way since those days. I have flown with FOs, victims of an education establishment that abandoned the teaching of the times table, who seem to struggle if they can't put the numbers in a calculator. AI in the Lightning would probably have been beyond them. Best wishes.
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Surprised to see no post a couple of days ago on 30th June.......marking 30 years since the final flights of a Lightning in RAF service.
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Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
Surprised to see no post a couple of days ago on 30th June.......marking 30 years since the final flights of a Lightning in RAF service.
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be ... sorry!
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4 Aug

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Well it’s Wednesday so just a reminder guys of the annual get together in London a week tomorrow! Details to be found on Ed’s site! Be there or be square!����������
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Posted from the Binbrook Facebook page:

I would like to inform all of the recent passing of Ret’d Air Commodore David Cowley on the 7th of March.
According to his Log Book, David flew prop aircraft before moving onto Vampires, Hunters and, eventually Lightnings.He was OC 11 Squadron at from 1971 to 1974 and became Binbrook Station Commander sometime between 1980 to 1982. He eventually reached the rank of Air Commodore before retirement.
Funeral arrangements on the 11 Squadron Association Website once further details become available.
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