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Minnie Burner 6th May 2015 10:29

WIWOL Wednesday
OK, I'll start it off.......


NutLoose 6th May 2015 11:17





A couple of mine from Brunty :)

Wander00 6th May 2015 11:24

WIWOLs - any excuse! But nice pics - who were the good looking guys in the advertisement - when was that from?

GeeRam 6th May 2015 11:41

Originally Posted by Wander00
WIWOLs - any excuse! But nice pics - who were the good looking guys in the advertisement - when was that from?

Sometime between 1967 and 1974 judging by the 29 Sqn helmet colourings......

izod tester 6th May 2015 11:46

Says who they are in the text of the advertisement. Flt Lt Martin Jones and Fg Off Richard Manning (and my eyesight wasn't good enough to let me GD(P)).

Image title says advert is from 1973. The Engineer is Fg Off Peter? Challens and the Fighter Controller is Fg Off Mike Good.

Wander00 6th May 2015 11:53

Aah, thanks - on my laptop came up as dark blue on light blue and in the bright sunlight we are enjoying (briefly, I expect) just a bit difficult to read. Appreciated

Minnie Burner 6th May 2015 12:17

Harald Joergens Interactive Panorama

Minnie Burner 6th May 2015 12:40

Pete Chapman at IAT

etimegev 6th May 2015 16:03

Very nice pics Nutty! :ok:

Thud_and_Blunder 6th May 2015 17:09

First met RM in Oman 82-84, then saw him again on an Air Ambo visit to Linton circa 2007. Some people just can't give up this flying lark, eh? :ok:

CoffmanStarter 7th May 2015 14:26

Still a great looking BRITISH aircraft :ok:

1.3VStall 7th May 2015 18:59

And then there's the legendary remark after flying a single-seater, FMk1, for the first time (no T-birds had yet been built) to the question "how was it?"

"Well, I was ahead of it the whole time until brakes release"

morton 9th May 2015 15:37

OK, my first go at adding photo’s to text and I have had the slides for quite some time so please be gentle with me!

Back in the late 60’s 390 MU spent a lot of time at Tengah splitting 74 Squadron Lightnings into Airfix like components.

This was so the bolts holding the two wings together could be PRC’d to stop fuel leaks as I remember. Hours – well a week or more – of endless fun. We did a good job, as did those who did the Bruntingthorpe Lightnings with not one drip tray in sight – so far!

But this is how I remember them – even the ones at Tabuk!

On the MU I also remember spending some time replacing burnt wiring on the spine after Avpin fires – which were clear and smokeless as I remember and difficult to spot until it was too late!

jonw66 9th May 2015 16:54

Excellent shots Morton give us more:D

newt 9th May 2015 18:42

Actually WIWOL Wednesday is next Wednesday when a few of us get together for a game of golf in Norfolk!:ok:

jonw66 9th May 2015 19:02

A friend of mine out at Aldergrove had been a liney at Binbrook and got a jolly in a T4 at Akrotiri. Pilot says do you want a long trip or a short trip.
The short trip sounds fun sir.
Landed after 8 minutes on reserves but I think he would be smiling.

Have a great day on the golf course sir.

Minnie Burner 12th May 2015 19:48

The Wednesday WIWOL whoosh-fcuk weaponeers
Enjoy your golf day WIWOLS, don't forget: some of us still work for a living!

Here's one:http://sg-etuo.de/media/xdc/etuo/XR7...rsoetebier.jpg

Courtney Mil 12th May 2015 22:38

What a great thread. I never flew the vertical twin jet, I shall certainly read here with great interest. Well done, Minnie Burner for starting it.:ok:

bike2lv 13th May 2015 00:09

Amazing aircraft- and British! Here is Treble One's last Lightning formation flight, awaiting their turn at Sqn handover.

My Konica camera, Kodachrome slide.

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