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WIWOL Wednesday

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Ex-Saudi ZF584 on the day it was officially presented to GEC Ferranti in Edinburgh by British Aerospace. Leuchars did the honours with the F3 flypast.
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TLP Jever, April 1986.
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Cosford 2013. Not sure if I like this way of presenting it. It saves space but I would rather see it on the ground.

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Smudge's Pictures

Smudge, You might like to cribb these:

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Thank you kindly for that sir, a far better job than my own efforts, and possibly even the originals.

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TLP Jever, April 1986
My logbook records that I went out to deliver one of two fatigue replacements (oh, the happy memories of the no 2.5g PIs trying to get them back on the line) to the two guys on TLP on 17 Apr 86, half-way during the course. Two things stand out in the memory...

The first laugh was going out in the evening after arrival and enjoying the delights of Jagermeister in the days before it came mixed with Red Bull. In the wagon on the way back through the gate we were asked for our "identity papers" by a conscript gate guard. A quiet Dutch voice said: "close your eyes and drift back 40 years, what's changed?" to the sniggeringly childish amusement of the rest of the team.

The second laugh came the following morning when, over a coffee, the Bitburg Eagle dudes were taking the piss about our complete lack of anything (navkit, radar, weapons and fuel, to name a few) to make it suitable for any of the roles they were attempting to undertake on the course. Quite rightly, they thought their bit of kit was the cat's pajamas - all the rest of us were insanely jealous... Cue me (a 300-hour JP) saying: "yeah, but, just watch our departure!"

As always, the groundcrew were egging us on during start-up since the boys out there had been unable to do anything because they were always out of gas before the mission started. As we were taxying out the sun was shining and I distinctly remember a tractor cutting the grass near the US line hut, which was a set of tents.

I got airborne second and bent it left across the grass towards the Eagle line at about 15-20ft - followed by a rotation over the line hut in clouds of grass cuttings and collapsing tents with paperwork flying everywhere.

Immensely satisfying for me and a morale booster for the boys who reported back that it was even grudgingly appreciated by the Americans running round trying to corral their F700-equivalents.

Christ, that was thirty years ago!
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One of IB's. And a screenshot from Aerosoft.

Strange how no-one's looking at lead!

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30 Years Ago

"yeah, but, just watch our departure!"
I did watch it, although it pains me greatly to say that I was about 45 seconds late returning from a lunchtime trip to buy (ironically) more film, and thus didn't get any pictures.

Perhaps in an attempt to mitigate the "lack of anything", at least one of the missions that week was flown with the air defenders split into two Eagle/Lightning pairs (i.e., Eagle lead and Lightning wing, but I don't think they departed or recovered that way). Afterwards, the Bitburg guys seemed pretty jazzed about the arrangement because it allowed them to operate independently of each other, yet still completely offensively.
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Originally Posted by Minnie Burner
Obviously, the person that did that image had something against 19 Sqn

This is the original photo that was clearly used as a basis for it.....
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No Dophins. Sopwith or otherwise

It's really only the F3 (with extras)
They do 9 liveries. Not including 19.
For anyone interested:
EE Lightning F3 Review
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Next in the sequence please!

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Reminds me of the Binbrook "Station Photograph" about 1982 - DC decreed "everyone" to be there, but it was clear from the final result that there was an absentee rate of between 25 and 30%. There was then a witch hunt, every flt and sqn commander being directed to scan the photo and identify who was not there. Cue much short sightedness amongst many officers. I have a copy of the photo somewhere
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Re:Next in the sequence please!

Is that Paul Cooper and 'BJ' on the 30th June '88....??
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WIWOL Wednesday

Minnie - thanks for the mighty XI (F) pics

Brings back happy days as a mech tech ****** ( official term) in the mid nineties on the swing wing thing......
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Bit late in the day, but here is a pencil drawing of an F2A by mini-TP...that's a cobra on the fin...

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Looks more like an upside down fish to me!
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The late Mike Hobbs arriving in some style - Luqa, May 70

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Its not Wednesday .... but i'll be somewhere over 40 W

My offering
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It is Wednesday somewhere in the world now and I am away tomorrow (UK Wednesday) for a bit. Scruffy pointed out that my original photos in Posts 14 & 28 are no longer viewable. Don't know why but here they are again.
XR758 being dismantled at Darwin prior to being boxed back to the UK due to a fire out there.

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Thanks for re posting - must have been a tough det - amazed the RAF broke the aircraft down like that - quite a few books stated that the RAF Had never actually taken a Lightning apart in service - well i guess that proves them wrong ! - Shows to good advantage just how clever the design of the aircraft was all fitting together like a jigsaw
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