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Global Aviation Magazine : 60 Years of the Hercules

Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.

Global Aviation Magazine : 60 Years of the Hercules

Old 21st May 2015, 07:57
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[Let them call whatever they like Smuj if that stuff is on the www who can say anything about what we say here]
Absolutely mate - hope all is well in En Zed

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Old 21st May 2015, 18:57
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Gentlemen both, I'm cool with it all

Recognise any of these reprobates ? Golden Sands, Penang, working hard to help a tornado detachment to get home. It's photographs like this that always make me remember what great times we had as GEs, and, how lucky we were when Albert was working well, and only threw a few small snags at you on some lengthy routes.

This trip was memorable for our crew delays in Bahrain, and the subsequent arrival of Sheikh Yawad (Boris) at Akronelli. Which I know I've already recorded. Not every route ran to plan, but surprisingly, many did from my records. Surprising for an aircraft that had passed its planned life expectancy I believe, Albert was certainly usually "on time, on target" !

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Old 22nd May 2015, 01:05
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Dunno which of the three was the most trouble!!!!
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Old 22nd May 2015, 08:14
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Recognise the 2 on either side but not the one in the middle...
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Old 22nd May 2015, 09:47
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. . . presumably celebrating their having changed a Valve Housing with their feet ?
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Old 23rd May 2015, 10:27
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My head started hurting when I saw your pic Smuj, many happy nights with all 3 in the photo
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Old 23rd May 2015, 13:51
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There is often mischief afoot when you have more than one G.E. on a det. On one particular occasion it caused more than headaches. P*****s and his oppo went across the border into Mexico and bought up a stash of certain purple lozenges which were later dropped surreptitiously into the crew's long island iced teas. The effect was quite enervating. The chicken curry which had about 50k scoville units in it rather spoiled the first results.
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Old 23rd May 2015, 20:28
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Aahh Doug,

The delights of the dual GE trip. The knowledge that when the nasty snag jumped up and bit you, you could share the pain of course, it gave the GE time to work out how much "wind up" the crew would take. And, of course, allowed a second opinion on wind ups etc, before you committed to "biting". I'm sure you could expand on the "Mexican" incident, without broaching posting rules, although, you might wish to demure as a former victim. Did he really ?

ksimboy, I'm sure you enjoyed the headaches, just as I did!

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Old 24th May 2015, 07:36
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Old 24th May 2015, 18:05
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Looks like it's on the way;

New AC-130J completes first test flight > U.S. Air Force > Article Display

Not sure if they are still at Hurlbert, it's been a long time since I was there, but 8th SOS were in residence there for many years. Just down the road from Eglin Maybe they will be the first operator.

Hope that helps.


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Old 25th May 2015, 07:14
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You never know the RAF may resurrect the 'Suppressive Fire Role' as trialled on the 'K'.
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Old 25th May 2015, 08:47
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Following the discussion a few weeks ago about tubes, one of my farce book friends put up a JADTEU promo video. appears to date back to 2012. Some real interesting stuff. including Para, MSPs, boats, free drop and leaflets.

Most of it is K with a smattering of J and a few clips for the chopper mates

hope the link works for some of you.

failing that I am told google is your friend

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Old 25th May 2015, 11:25
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C130 Aggressor

When we first started going to Red Flag the Aggressor Squadrons treated us as a part of the U.S. C130 "Turkey Shoot" which was annoying. this was before we acquired a couple of ex QWIs from the fast jet fleet. Suggestions came in for defensive equipment and the first was to use the ground suppression role and mount a couple of Gimpies in the para doors. The mounting bracket only allowed a small "letter box" to fire through (to save the external tanks, tailplane, etc. from being shot off by over enthusiastic "waist gunners" i.e. 47AD despatchers. The powers wouldn't let us take the GPMGs on detachment anyway.
Salvation came after the Falklands conflict when the Spams asked how we fired the new big nose cannon on the roof. We put a few cooling holes on the probe and also explained that the Orange Crop pods were AIM 9 Ls
Red Air kept a good distance for a while after that.

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Old 25th May 2015, 11:56
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Dougie ... Brilliant !
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Old 25th May 2015, 13:43
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Walk softly and carry (what looks like) a big stick. fantastic
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Old 25th May 2015, 19:24
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Superb Doug,

And typical of the crews I had the honour to work with down route. Always adaptable and forward thinking. Great shot, and yet more info, adding again to the record of Albert in RAF service.

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Old 26th May 2015, 18:37
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Red Flag

A couple of Red Flag stories.....................

As Dougie M says, the USAF C-130s were regarded by the Aggressors as a turkey shoot. They flew, straight and level, at about 3,000'. In fairness to them, they were flying a lot of old aircraft with fatigue problems. The 130s were supposed to have fighter cover but the 'Cream of American Youth' (CAY) decided to go off and have fun elsewhere.

We were flying 'a lot lower' and definitely not straight and level and, also, meant to have fighter cover.The Aggressors were waiting for us as soon as we entered the Range and gave us a hard time.
After a couple of days of this, our intrepid Captain went off to remonstrate with the CAYs and came back with a couple of Air National Guard guys in tow. These guys flew B737s during the week and Corsairs at the weekend. On entering our office, they noticed the barrel of Watneys c/w gas bottle and pump. (We had brought 'sufficient' with us to cover the det.)

We made a deal with them.......they look after us and we keep them refreshed during the debrief. For the rest of the week we were never without our Guardian Angels.
The Corsair guys all wore fake stick-on name tags - it was surreal to be de-briefed by 'Joda - Jedi Master'

A couple of years later we were back at Nellis. In our hotel we met a bunch of guys who were in LV for the weekend. They had come from SFO and, during the conversation, they mentioned that they worked at the SFO ATCC. It turned out these were the guys we talked to as we climbed to leave the Range. The standard route was over the Grand Canyon at 14,000 before peeling off into Nellis.
We mentioned that the view was great and it would be terrific if we could get a better look at the Canyon.
They told us that there was a 'Canyon Recovery' which, when approved, allowed flight along the Canyon - no lower than 1000' above the rim. After asking us for our call-sign (Limey XX) they told us that they would make sure we would be approved if we made the request.

So, the next time we flew, on leaving the Range we called SFO Centre and requested a Canyon Recovery. We were cleared to descend and 'carry out the Standard Canyon Recovery'. With a big grins on our faces, we descended, slowed down, opened the ramp and door and cruised along the Canyon.
We had a couple of USAF observers on board and they were very impressed. The word got round very quickly and for the next couple of trips we had, at least, two Generals with us........all with their cameras.

This was more than 30 years ago and, since, there have been quite a few light a/c accidents in the Canyon area. The rules have now changed and flying over the Canyon is strictly controlled.
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Old 26th May 2015, 21:06
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I think I was on the last ever RAF Albert Canyon Recovery to Nellis.

A* H**l was the Captain.

Flying the Canyon was awesome, the treatment I received at Nellis less so.

If you remember, the det was at the bottom of the taxyway on the right. We were actually inbound to Mather AFB (Sacremento) to support the Victor Tanker det but had lobbed in to Nellis with some stuff for the Tornados.

Having left Albert parked up, upon entering the crew room I realised I'd left some stuff on the flight deck so I returned to the aircraft in the most direct manner (ie a straight line).

Those of you who have been to Nellis will remember that the ramp was separated from the adjacent roadway by a painted red line. Said red line had gaps in it every few hundred yards representing access points to the ramp.

A much younger ExAscoteer knew nothing about this until becoming surrounded by USAF Police, pointing M16s and screaming "You crossed the line, you crossed the line!"

Telling them they were a bunch of feckin' eejits didn't actually go down too well...
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Old 26th May 2015, 21:20
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Kilwhang, Exascoteer,

What a subject you both raise. I remember going to Nellis, during Red Flag, to deliver important spares for the Albert Det. Our Captain had some "previous" form and had the code words necessary to allow us a Canyon arrival. Loady in the LH para door and myself in the RH door both enjoyed a truly, once in a lifetime experience. The Loady was M**k G****n bless him, always a great bloke to work with.

The Red Line. As we started to depart the next day I realised that we had no fire extinguisher on our parking space. Being fully aware of the implications of "crossing" the line, my feet remained on my side of it as I leaned over to borrow the lime green jobby on the adjacent bay. As you say Exascoteer, having an opinion of the mental capacity of the gun toting cousins, in their own land, doesn't help. Still, all worth it for the scenic arrival the day before. It was nice to be informed by G***o on departure that the crew were all behind me, they would have buggered off and left me behind had I been arrested. Happy days.

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Old 27th May 2015, 09:39
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27 May 1993

Coffman, permission to come aboard?
Albert driver 1978/90, LXX and 242.
XV193 22 years ago today - Scottac
To absent friends. RIP all,
1066 aka HTC
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