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PAS Offer and FRI's?

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PAS Offer and FRI's?

Old 3rd Feb 2013, 20:09
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You may well be right, retention is the main issue. But when you're skint and have no money, then PAS and FRI is not the answer either! Also, for some, it wouldn't matter what you paid, they're off and that's that.

I know that if a Sqn Ldr doesn't pick up to Wg Cdr after a strong ground tour and Flt Cdr tour, then they are hard to retain. Also, the fact that your mate who is PAS and is earning up to 7k more doesn't help!

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 20:15
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Ground tours; albeit flying related ones; are part and parcel of PAS, that's hardly a shock.

If they're being pushed into completely non-flying related jobs then that's a bit of a waste. Which are you referring to?

Edit; to Chinook

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 20:22
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Regarding PAS pay, I looked at it recently, and it seems to me that the PAS Flt Lt who accepts assimilation at the same time as his chum gets promoted will be behind in terms of pay all through his career.

Sqn Ldr + ER FP is about 1k more than top rate Flt Lt PAS. If the pair are both senior Flt Lts on ER FP, then on promotion the Sqn Ldr will be 4k ahead and retain that advantage until he hits level 9 and the PAS guy catches up, but never pulls ahead.

At the upper end, a PAS Sqn Ldr can out-earn a level 9 Sqn Ldr on ER FP by about 4k, but under what circumstances do we have a similar-vintage PAS Flt Lt out-earning his career stream chum by 7k?
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 20:23
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What a Goat! IMO, the problem with flying pay and pension rights should be resolved so that all regular pay is pensionable. I see no problem with long term retention on a graduated pay scale beyond 40 years old, the worst thing would be to penalise anyone that the Air Force chose to employ in a ground post. Surely, the annual appraisal is a forum for quality control of all personel?

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 21:21
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I quoted for top-rate rather than enhanced-rate (it is quite clear in the post); it is about 7k difference. I agree, with enhanced rate it narrows further, but never closes the gap between both types of Sqn Ldrs. Also, the PAS Sqn Ldr ends up with about a 30% bigger pension on retirement.

You asked about Flt Lts, but you can't really compare, as Flt Lts don't assimilate past 16/38 or 18/40 so they wouldn't go to 55.

But I'm sure I'm explaining things that you already know...

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 21:38
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I believe the next CAS did not "look down his nose" for a Sqn Ldr job in a Station based HQ and JHC! Have a look at his bio.

I agree that selection of jobs at SO1 level make a lot of difference, but at SO2 level, where it is a little less competitive, it isn't as critical. I'ts just that those with burning ambitions tend to gravitate to MB, PJHQ and PSO jobs - if they do a good job then they normally go at least 1-2 ranks up, if not, they stagnate with the rest of us at Wg Cdr max.

Anyway, back to Flt Lt and Sqn Ldr stuff...

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 22:14
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Nope, not necessarily telling me stuff I know; I'm ploughing through the numbers as someone likely to have to make the choice at some point soon!

As far as I understand it, a level 9 Flt Lt on top rate FP will earn a shade under 59k, and a shade over 61k when he hits enhanced rate (which most who are expecting PAS offers this year or next will do before 38). At age 38, when he slides over to PAS, that means he'll enter the PAS pay scale at level 20; so his salary at age 38 is 61.3kpa.

A level 1 Sqn Ldr with top rate flying pay earns about 61.5k, and with enhanced rate about 64k. Even if he's promoted at 38, that means our career man's on 64k vs 61.3k for the PAS guy.

Level 9 Sqn Ldr plus enhanced rate FP is 73.3k. The Flt Lt PAS cap is level 30, which is 72.3k. I can't find any circumstances where the Flt Lt PAS chap manages to earn more than his mate who's promoted on the day he moves to PAS. He needs to get promoted too, but even then the very top PAS rate is only 4k per year more than level 9 Sqn Ldr plus ER FP.

Freely admit I may have missed something or may misunderstand the finer points about what happens when you transfer, but I can't see a situation until pension time where a career as a Flt Lt on PAS is more lucrative than promotion to Sqn Ldr?

Not trying to unnecessarily muddy the waters (I started looking at PAS salaries in earnest when I was 18 months from being boarded, especially when a senior PAS guy on my squadron claimed to be out-earning our Wg Cdr boss, which didn't make much sense to me...!), just hoping for some clarity before I join the droves making bad decisions....
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 23:24
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Your figures look about right. But your examples are only for those progressing to Sqn Ldr and PAS at the same time.

Let's look at the 7k example that I imagined (yes, I could have explained it better!). A level 35 PAS Sqn Ldr gets 77.6k pa and gets posted to a desk job (as in my example) and after a Flt Cdr tour and a ground tour a Level 6 "career" Sqn Ldr with top rate flying pay could have done the same job at 53.7k plus 13.7k (67.4k total which is roughly 10k difference). He has done a great Flt Cdr job and a great 1st ground tour but has not been picked up. He gets enhanced rate that same year and raises his salary by a further 3k, but he is still getting 7k less than the PAS Sqn Ldr sitting at the desk opposite him and he will only ever close the gap to 4k if they both do the same job until 55. And when they are both in retirement, the PAS mate will be on Champagne and the "career" man will be on John Smiths, because the PAS man has a 30% bigger pension to p!ss up the wall.

I suspect you misheard your senior PAS guy, who, if a Sqn Ldr Pilot, will be getting a bigger pension than the Wg Cdr boss!

Sorry for the earlier confusing post, but using PAS Sqn Ldrs in ground tours is not value for money - that was the message I was trying to clumsily get accross.


PS - also for the "career" Sqn Ldr is the spectre of reserve banding flying pay after 3 years in a non-flying related job This does not apply to PAS as they do not get Flying Pay.

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 23:39
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Worse than that now. Imagine losing all your flying pay if you get pushed into a double non flying pic desk tour. Unlikely I grant, but not impossible.
Chod away at pjhq making tea for the big boys? Sod off, you would have to be mad. Plenty of better paid work in defence contracting anyhow outside, so why bother trying to climb an increasingly greasy pole when you can work 9-5 for a decent company, company car and no bullsh8t?

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Old 4th Feb 2013, 06:42
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Don't forget in these comparisons that those pilots who were PA before the level 30 bar was introduced have grandfather rights to reach level 35 so the senior mate may have had a point. Just watch out though because JPA needs manual adjustment to ensure that you pass level 30 when the time comes. It took a mate at BZN 3 months to get it sorted .
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 08:01
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Before we all get lost in the financial minutiae, lets remember what those retained on PAS are really there for. Their experience and Above Average nature (this year may be different but all previous boards have required the same criteria as for promotion) make them an essential part of the supervisory chain of any current Sqn with limited experience elsewhere.

I recently witnessed a combination of Flt Cdr and SEngO willing to sign of a inexperienced crew to fly an ac with a fairly major fault. It was only the PAS guy who overheard this that stepped in and explained how and why what they were proposing may lead to the major damage to the ac or potentially worse and stopped the whole debacle.

In any other sensible world of employment, they don't get hung up on rank, purely on value to the company and cost to keep, a bit like our medical brethren. The cost to train from new is several million so, in perspective, it's a pittance to pay for an experienced and proven operator adding to our DH's assurances ( which is what life seems to have become all about). As has been said already, the days of the crusty old wee-smelling PA sat in the corner adding nothing are gone.
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 11:04
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If there's no replacement FRI in Apr one of the big factors for me is that by taking PAS I'm effectively signing away the lump sum and pension until at least 43. By my rough figures, that's just over £600 per month pension after tax, also if I were to throw the lump sum at the mortgage i'd save approx £250 (maybe more) on the monthly payment. So if I stay past 38, I'm effectively working the first £850 of my monthly wage for free. Granted I need to get a job paying a similar wage in civvy street but IF the airlines start up again that's a possibility. Am I missing something here?
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 12:51
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You haven't missed anything. The RAF needs pilots, so trapping someone for 5 years (for free) makes sense for Manning. Maybe a bit of a gamble for the individual though, but so is the airline market these days.

On the promotion v PA pay argument - can a Sqn Ldr really expect to maintain ER FP all the way to 55 (or 60) to remain ahead of the PA Flt Lt? And then the Sqn Ldr pension may well be less on the career average scheme if FP isn't pensionable. A 'guarantee' that you could swap to PAS if you didn't crack Wg Cdr might help. But then the Wg Cdrs would chunter on...

von K
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 20:12
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Have I missed the point here, I though the PAS board was (delayed) sitting in March 2013? Hmmmm....
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 20:19
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I reckon there is about to be a big sht sandwich announced. It's the only explanation why so many PA offers have been dished out early.

AlR, any suggestions as to what it could be?

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Old 4th Feb 2013, 20:51
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Well as it is a rumour network, let's have a go

#1 - RAF Tutor retired due to prop failure, no basic pilot training for 2-3 years until new contract/aircraft, therefore PAS needed to mind the gap?

don't tell me they are back flying? If so

#2 - UK to dispose of old atomic waste discretely over some pacific atoll, RAF pilots needed to fly through the fireball. VC-10 can do the role and take 100 pilots at a time, expected to save millions in pensions and scrapping the fleet?

#3 - RAF screws up manning levels by chopping too many newbie pilots? Now that is highly unlikely!
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Old 5th Feb 2013, 09:43
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I'm "above average" in my present role and all the roles I've had before - all 35 years of them.
Only 'Above Average' after 35 years of experience? Not really value for money then!
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Old 5th Feb 2013, 18:42
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For those that cared, sorry for deleting some of my posts over the weekend. Too much wine and too little thought I am afraid.

But as someone with less than 10 years, so TACOS safe and no personal interest in this debate I just want to put my shaking head in my hands.

No wonder MoD is in such a paralous state, from a Business Model perspective if it were in the Private Sector it would be broke. As the Financial Times reported the drop in unemployment with a million jobs being added since 2010 has absolutely nothing to do with the state of economy, but reflects 'labour hoarding' where firms keep or recruit staff so as "to exploit opportunities when the recovery comes".

And here we are making people redundant and changing TACOS.

I regularly see many on Prune (normally ex Air Force in airline employment) talk about a maybe/maybe not recovery in the airline sector. Irrespective of the recently announced profits in Ryanair or EasyJet, the shop floor that I am working on is seeing many scope early employment outside of the airline sector as there appears no incentive to them to remain and are looking at all options. I also see significantly less experience (both in total hours and wider aviation experience beyond Iraq and Afghan).

I personally know of very few (if any?) Wg Cdrs that will be on less of a total remuneration package than someone on PAS.

If PAS goes or is reduced in such a degree not to attract our most gifted and experienced aircrew, then I look forward to seeing what the hierarchy will try and present as a viable alternative. Filling cockpit seats with enthusiastic and maliable new recruits is the easy bit. Making sure that the RAF flying environment is supervised, authorised; with correct training and standards will be the challenge if there is no incentive to keep our experienced aviation cadre.

Add the removal or significant reduction in PAS remuneration to all of the other changes and reductions in TACOS and it really will be a very simple choice to leave at an early age to truly get a second career and not attempt to scrabble around for suitable employment in your 50s waiting for your Service pension at 60 and a state pension at 67 plus.

Now either I really am missing something, or the current rumours of removing PAS will create an expensive RAF of the future (financially,but hopefully not in life).

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Old 5th Feb 2013, 19:23
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FRI is payable but only if your IPP was between 1 Apr 10 and 31 Mar 13. No indication of whether it will be kept beyond April. If you get the FRI, keep 3500 aside for the expected tax bill the following year! Should receive 46400 but with a 3500 additional tax liability the following year.

Hope that helps.

Lastly, let's post info and help, not abuse. It's just ugly and unnecessary.
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Old 6th Feb 2013, 01:46
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Bobby T. Nope. You're missing nothing and I think your figures are spot on.

It's a con and it's causing a lot of anger. People with 2 to 2.5 years left are being offered flying tours BUT only if they sign on for PAS as they won't be able to do a full 3 years ROS.

Without an FRI, you effectively lose your pension for that period and the pay off lump sum!

For some, it's nothing short of blackmail.
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