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Best aircrew shoulder holster?

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Best aircrew shoulder holster?

Old 13th Oct 2009, 19:33
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Best aircrew shoulder holster?

Has anyone got any good recommendations for a shoulder holster?

Had a leg holster but that was cumbersome and uncomfortable in the cockpit, the LCJ attachment is an accident waiting to happen and is as poorly designed as they come!

Would like to find a snug fit holster which will go under an LCJ without bulking out, add the Armoured plate in the front and most holsters are not suitable.

Any suggestions please?


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Old 13th Oct 2009, 19:47
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For ejection seat operations, we had a green US-issue net vest, with the holster on the left side under the arm. Comfortable and practical, didn't know it was there and didn't snag on anything. The floatation devices were separate, sitting under each armpit, above the holster.

Now this was a while ago with the 9mm Browning, before we then moved to more exotic weapons like the PPK. Also, on the right side of the jacket we even had a butt extension for the Browning, an attempt to make a basically inaccurate pistol more accurate. Fortunately I never had to use in anger. Good luck mate.
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Old 13th Oct 2009, 20:19
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I assume that you will put your thoughts down in an email re: the poor performance of the current holster! Otherwise the ipt will continue buying the kit you don't want to use! Go through your FHA/sereo.
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Old 13th Oct 2009, 21:33
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This is my favourite shoulder holster (not for my Moobs, I might add..)

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Old 13th Oct 2009, 23:20
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Best of luck fitting your 9mm into that !!
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Old 14th Oct 2009, 00:49
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Can't get a 9mm in there as there are already two 38s.
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Old 14th Oct 2009, 01:38
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There are no limits
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LCJs I used in a former life had 9mm Browning holster sewn in.
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Old 14th Oct 2009, 10:50
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Very very good.
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 02:50
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Originally Posted by BBadanov View Post

Now this was a while ago with the 9mm Browning, before we then moved to more exotic weapons like the PPK. Also, on the right side of the jacket we even had a butt extension for the Browning, an attempt to make a basically inaccurate pistol more accurate. Fortunately I never had to use in anger. Good luck mate.
a bit 'off topic' (nothing to do withthe suitability of shoulder holsters) but:

'Exotic weapon'? - A PPK? - just cos it has silver bullets it doesn't mean you're going after vampires.

'a basically inaccurate pistol'?

Really? - 'Why do you think you were given one?

Do you really think that HMG gave you a pistol to enable you to take on the might of PVO Strany?

Had I ever 'gone to war' I would've taken either my L39 or my Schultz&Larsen Mauser + 50 rounds with me in the aircraft. - No holster, but I reckon I could've taken it with me when I jumped out.

Had I survived the landing, then I would've been lethal to any human target within 800 yards.

Browning 9mm? - You wouldn't want to be in my way inside 20 yards. The pistol was (in my hands) accurate at that range, but ordinarily it was lethal at 5 yards.

At 6 inches or rammed under the jawbone (the range it was intended to be used at) one could hardly miss.

Far better than discussing your bomb run with an aggrieved babuschka.

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Old 20th Oct 2009, 17:54
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I got my nice comfortable one in Belfast a few years ago (leather, fits nicely under the arm inside LCJ etc) - waited until shop empty then walk in and ask to look at holsters...... "that'll be for a Browning 9mm then sir" ......must have been the haircut?

Seriously though, a visit to a suitable sporting goods/gunshop should do it - failing that, any decent sized BX. The internet is full of stuff but no chance of try before you buy.
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Old 20th Oct 2009, 20:32
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Being as that is the only weapon you're likely to be able to get your hands on if you make an unplanned arrival and get stuck in your window seat, maybe you shouldn't be trying to fit it under your LCJ. On the leg or over the top....

As an aside, if you buy your own then your pistol falls out of it during a skateboarding incident and a bit falls off, people grumble
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Old 21st Oct 2009, 14:41
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Have you flagged up the issue to your SERE rep and asked him to pass it through to the team dealing with procurement ofaircrew clothing/ jackets etc?

If he has any problem contacting them then get him to fire me a PM and I'll send you the contact details.

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Old 21st Oct 2009, 15:01
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can you not have a foam filled attache case and clip it to the survival pack like the dinghy?
you could the fill the case with an mp5 and a disassembled sniper rifle...
Sorry - been watching "The Unit" too much
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Old 21st Oct 2009, 15:37
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Back of the pants always worked for Starsky and Hutch.

The new Mk60/61 jacket has a reasonable mollee holster that gave me no probs.
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Old 21st Oct 2009, 21:16
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I like the look of the Beer Holster, Shame about the pink trousers...
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Old 21st Oct 2009, 21:52
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(I hope I'm wrong, but):

You could probably get into a load of difficulties (sh*t?) if you use an unauthorised holster. Somebody will bitch about it.

I carried a 'survival knife' and I managed to persuade flying clothing to add 4 rivets to my flying suit to allow me to attach it (I still had the dinghy knife [and I kept the old pattern - the new one was, IMO, as much use in a survival situation as 4 sets of tits on a bull] but a certain Victor GSU jobsworth complained that my knife was 'an unauthorised modification to flying clothing'.

Yeah, right! An 'unauthorised mod' - 4 tiny holes surrounded by brass rivets ... I got a razor-sharp knife with a 7" blade and a serrated back. - You could cut firewood, skin animals and generally look after yourself with it.

We agreed a compromise. The 4 rivets were fitted inside the left leg pocket (I'm left-handed) GSU couldn't see the knife and I carried it.

Some of us are pretty stupid. Others try to be that way. If you carry an unauthorised holster, you are likely to attract the latter.
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Old 21st Oct 2009, 22:06
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Seriousy Ralph, what pistol do you have? There is quite a difference in the Glock, Browning or Baretta holsters.

The best stuff comes from the States

I managed to get a really versatile holster that tucks away on my body armour, and out of the way of the straps. Works a treat for me, but might be wrong for you. I got it from OPSGEAR

Here is a link
Blackhawk Universal Spec-Ops Pistol Harness

However I have got on really well with a very cheap velcro pistol attachment that sticks like glue and comes everywhere with me. It seems to work best on my body armour on the chest. This gets my best rating You are only limited with your imagination by this one you can wear your pistol wherever you can put velcro. (no duff, seen someone use it as a NVG counter weight)
Universal Holster with Hook & Loop

If you want something closer to home Give Wolf Armouries a call: Tel : 0870 754 9653 or 0207 284 0001 They are based in Camden, and have the largest selection in the uk. They can talk you through the options and let you try before you buy. I thought they were just dealing in replica stuff, but there are some great holsters.

To be honest I think leg holsters are just for posers and yanks. They are a pain in the arse, and are bound to snag when you need to get out in a hurry. You might as well put it in your leg pocket for the same effect.

My wife stole my holster when she developed a fear of pedaloes!

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Old 22nd Oct 2009, 13:30
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I know for a fact that the IPT guy reads this thread regularly. I suggest if you have issues with the holster that you list them here and he will pick up the feelings amongst you.

Alternatively, you could just do a little research, find his name and tel no and give him a bell.

He's a reasonable chap [2 wing master race] so he will be able to talk turkey and understand your problem.
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Old 23rd Oct 2009, 08:53
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Thank you for all the replies (and pictures!)

I take the point about contacting the SERE rep and relaying any isues up the chain; however I dont want to wait a year to see the result!

Not a dig, there is just no money around at the moment to find a solution unless its from Ralph's wallet.


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