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Low Flying Complaints

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Low Flying Complaints

Old 2nd Sep 2008, 20:17
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Low Flying Complaints

Heard this on Lincs FM and pulled the article from their site. I wish I had seen them flying that low must be impressive from the outside.

A petition is being set up in the Boston area as residents claim low flying planes by the RAF are still spooking animals. Nationally, the Mod has had to pay out tens of thousands of pounds in compensation to pet owners after helicopters caused them distress. In the past, Chinook helicopters have been flying as low as fifty feet above the ground at Kirton in South Lincolnshire.
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Old 2nd Sep 2008, 22:10
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Here's my complaint, fresh as of about 5min ago:

A package of I think three Merlins just went over my house (in Ardingly, West Sussex) incredibly low. I'm furious, becuse as they must have flown pretty much right along the roof line I couldn't see them, despite having leaned right out of the window to get a glimpse.

Please go a bit slower next time so that I can have the time to get downstairs and out of the front door to give you a wave!

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Old 3rd Sep 2008, 06:27
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Don't forget the camera as well
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Old 3rd Sep 2008, 09:40
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Yes, Him
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Had the same package a few minutes earlier Moose, too quiet yer Merlins, at least with the Wokkas:

a) You get chance to nip out and give 'em a wave.

b) They annoy the pinko huggyfluff nimbys in the village for subsequent wind-up banter in the pub.

More Please TQ234280.
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Old 3rd Sep 2008, 11:49
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dont know what the problem is
harrier GR7s and 9s bash circuits night a day out of Cottesmore over my roof along with the occassional wokka
Its the microlights and cesnas out day tripping that wind me up on a sunday afternoon noisey b!!!
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Old 3rd Sep 2008, 12:00
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Green Flash
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I've a complaint about the 4 GR4's that just went snotting past Flash Towers; not low enough! No 3 in particular was up at FL Nosebleed.
Old 3rd Sep 2008, 12:12
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Red On, Green On
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I've a complaint about the 4 GR4's that just went snotting past Flash Towers
You think they were high - what about the AAC party comprising one each of Lynx, Gazelle, Scout and Sioux, which must have been at 2,000' AGL, at about 0800 today? What's wrong with 50', boys and girls?
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Old 3rd Sep 2008, 13:47
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50' doesn't give the Scout much of an area to pick when the engine quits....
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 08:31
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My complaint

We don't get enough of them here either.

We got a Griffon-engined Spitfire over a couple of days ago, but he was too low and quick to get out in time to see much of him. Very inconsiderate. Top end of Nottingham, so could have been the R-R PRXIX buzzing Hucknall?

We never get FJs over here, so that is another element to this complaint. Please can someone do something about that as well?
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 09:05
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Forgot military low-flying, you should try copper choppers. Round here, a MD902 comes racing at low-level over residential areas out of nowhere at full speed so much so that the ground shakes (even more than the odd RAF Chinook that sometimes makes it way round here), does a couple of circuits over a field and then flies off again. Probably looking for someone's missing cat or something. Probably frightened and killed the missing cat from the sheer noise.
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 09:34
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Low flying complaints

Get lots of low stuff in/outbound to Biggin, can't say I've seen any complaints though, do they make stealth/quiet complaints?
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 15:46
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Disgusted of Nimby writes...

Well I for one have to stand up and be counted here, it is frankly disgusting. I don't know how these people can live with themselves!
Living on the Moray Coast, looking out across to Lossiemouth, and having to put up with the Highlands low level system I am tearing my hair out.
My two small children often end up running round the house tripping me up desperate to try and get a glimpse!

Why is so bloody quiet up here? Where have they all gone? (Budget been busted?)
All we've had recently is a couple of Tuc's. Newby drivers on nav ex's?

Please more of everything but can you start doing a few low level orbits so we can at least get to see you before you tear off on your jolly.

It's not good enough, we definitely need more low level jets, big jets, wokkas, merlins, hawks and can even cope with tuc's but at least teach the chaps to throw them about a bit!

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Old 4th Sep 2008, 15:53
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Red On, Green On
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Scout and Sioux
Saw them going home at about 1730 last night, but separately, Scout about 10 mins ahead. The Scout driver must have been on a promise last night
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 17:45
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Unfortunately not at the moment though! Our house sits just below a hill crest inbetween the controlled airspace of EMA and a local field. There is a 5nm gap betwen the two which usually has harriers at 150' doing the front to drakelow power station and the VOR with the good old wokka doing the rear fields at 50' transiting to the local stop over to wait for dusk for a night ex. Maybe the upgrade<>downgrade on the HC3's is taking too long and all the harriers have got lost but it is awfully quiet here at the moment - disgusted of Boston send some our way!!

You know the score-

Peace is the sound of a jet pipe at full chat!! or a wokka making everyone inside sick!
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 18:54
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I live on the "long" base for Manchester, a/c after a/c go over my house... unfortunately, all the beggars are Civillian. When I go on Hols, the g/fs dog tries to beat me to see the Lads 'n' Lassies first....
Jet noise, the Sound of Freedom
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 19:06
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or a wokka making everyone inside sick
Goodness me. I hope that you are joking. Do the RAF really not care about the safety of their passengers?
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 19:46
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As previously advertised:

53o 32’ 21.55” N
1o 23’ 29.64” W

It can’t be so difficult, can it?
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Old 4th Sep 2008, 20:11
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Lots of rotary down here in the hills above the Wye valley - lots of Wokkas and Apaches low but, sadly, few FJ's these days - the odd Hawk or Tornado in the distance.
Assume price of unleaded and hot and high restrictions mean they're not allowed this far south...

Anyone have a word with Stirrup or the boys at Coningsby and get the odd 'Phoon on its way to Bwlch to divert over the general area of Chepstowand scare the s**t out of cows / grannies / Plaid Cymru memebers please?
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Old 10th Sep 2008, 08:33
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Further Complaint....

....about bloody time too. First tonka to rattle me chimbly pots for a while a few mins ago but no orbits or showing off!

Funny though, I didn't see any livestock ducking for cover

More please, keep 'em comin'
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Old 10th Sep 2008, 15:21
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My 2 pence worth,

May I put in a disgruntled noise complaint about the 2 Typhoons that took off from Conninsgby at 0830 monday morning as I had a stinking hangover and they didnt help at all. Also could the BBMF stop flying the Spit and Hurricane over my folks house in tight formation at speed and low level as soon as I sit my backside on the pan so I cant get up and look, well certainly without leaving skidmarks longer than Conningsby has itself.!!
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