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RAAF Flight Screening Programme

Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.

RAAF Flight Screening Programme

Old 15th Sep 2010, 05:52
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This thread contains a lot of good information on what to expect at both specialist testing and Assessment day so make sure to give it a thorough read through. As for the essays, I am under the impression they are utilised by the ADF to assess your ability to communicate effectively. Adding to what Jimmy recard said, it would certainly be a good idea to think about your personal motivation, expectations and qualities for the officer role prior to heading in as time will certainly be of the essence. However, equally as important in written communication is structure (you don't want to be jumping all over the place) and especially, spelling and grammar. Effective communication is a pivotal part of the officer role so expect your language to be heavily scrutinised. If you're looking for some feedback I'd suggest writing some mini-essays and getting your English teacher to have a look at them.

Good luck!

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Old 16th Sep 2010, 14:31
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On behalf of myself and all the other Tasmanian applicants who had the chance, I'd like to thank the boys from the Roulettes and the boys and girls from the 34 Squadron Challenger who played host to us after the Battle of Britain display in Hobart last weekend. (Not to mention a big thank you to the girls in recruiting for arranging the get together.)

Not having any airbases in the state can make it hard getting face to face time with serving pilots.

I'm sure my fellow applicants found it as useful and interesting as I did.

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Old 20th Sep 2010, 10:44
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Hi everyone,

I have my assessment day coming up and I have been thinking over one issue. What would be there view on underage drinking?

I understand they would be against it but honestly, in my opinion, I think you would be hard pressed to find many year 11/12 aged kids that hadn't at least done it once or twice. I fall under this category - I have drunk socially with friends 3 times and I am currently 16 I have always intended to go in to the psych interview and try explain this but I am thinking that while honestly is great it might not be best in this situation. Also in replying please don't tell me how bad it is or that it is illegal etc. It is a decision I have made. Think of when you were 16/17, did you really never drink once?

Thank You,
Rhinodriver (hopefully one day).
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Old 20th Sep 2010, 11:42
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Did any of you manage to get out to the Airshow at Williamtown over the weekend?

It was great getting up close and personal to a few of the jets, especially the Super Hornet. Seeing it in action was inspiring. It was also helpful to chat to a few of the pilots as well.

I was disappointed that the C-17 didn't do a display, but i was able to have a good walk around the inside, and managed to have a good chat with the pilot as well. Really an amazing aircraft.


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Old 20th Sep 2010, 12:34
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The squeaky wheel certainly does get the grease. I also found CPL Maher to be very helpful.

Managed to get a spot on the 9/10-23/10, anyone else heading down then?

Can't wait!

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Old 20th Sep 2010, 12:38
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Yeah I made the trip up there, got the sunburn to prove it haha.
I had a great day, but was also disappointed the C17 didn't go up...awesome to see the Rhino in action and the F111 farewell. Had a chat to an ex F111/Hawk instructor/current Rhino pilot. He summed up Flight screening as "monkey see, monkey do" which I found interesting. All in all, a long but great day. Nothing better to amp up the motivation.

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Old 21st Sep 2010, 03:35
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I was there. Had a good chat to 'rooster' the SQDLDR at 3 Sqdn, even got some things signed by him!

His advice was straight forward and obvious, but it works. To get in, he said, be school captain, get A's in physics and high level maths and a high grading HSC, play at least one sport and be team captain and get some gliding experience. Seems straight forwards, but that will tick all the boxes and you will be a top competitor.
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Old 21st Sep 2010, 05:59
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I was there. Had a good chat to 'rooster' the SQDLDR at 3 Sqdn, even got some things signed by him!

His advice was straight forward and obvious, but it works. To get in, he said, be school captain, get A's in physics and high level maths and a high grading HSC, play at least one sport and be team captain and get some gliding experience. Seems straight forwards, but that will tick all the boxes and you will be a top competitor.
Thanks for posting that info! Although you don't need A's in maths or physics. B's are sufficient.
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Old 21st Sep 2010, 07:02
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Quiet right BP, you don't need A's but, and there is always one, if its a toss up for the final spot between two appliacnts guess which one gets it.
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Old 21st Sep 2010, 23:46
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Hey NicKM91, oneflewnorth, Shonfield and anyone else who went to the airshow on the weekend, it was a great experience.

Did anyone else notice the C-130 on the saturday. It was tugged down the taxi way but then about an hour later it was tugged back. I thought hmmm, why would u tug an aircraft to the end of the runway unless u wanted to fly so something isnt right. Sure enough, on my return to the show for the sunday, it did take to the air. On that note, I too would have loved to see the Globemaster in action, oh well, cant have your cake and eat it too.

I also had a great chat to many pilots from different types (C-17, BBJ, Wedgetail, Hawk, Hornet, PC-9, CT4 instructor...Oh and the FireFighters) and at different stages in their career. To all these pilots and the organisers of the show...Thankyou, it was a priceless experience.
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Old 22nd Sep 2010, 06:16
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I did my pilot additional testing yesterday and thanks to all who helped me with some invaluable information. Myself and another guy had an unusual result were we both passed for pilot but not ATC or ACO.

1. Will this possibly affect my competitiveness at FSP?

2. Will it be a possible chance for an attempted grilling at assessment day or OSB?

3. Does anyone know how or how to submit a request for results of the testing as the people at the DFRC didnít know?

Thanks in advance,

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Old 22nd Sep 2010, 07:42
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I assume that it has something to do with not doing well in the maths components, just my guess.

1)Prob not, but it might be harder to get on FSP
2) Unlikely
3) something about sending a request to canberrra
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Old 22nd Sep 2010, 08:00
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I also rang up PSA and the corporal was very nice, said I am highly likely to get a spot on the remaining 3 DEO courses but more likely for course 43 or 44 (23rd october & 30th October start dates), was pretty ecstatic at that news even though it wasn't a definite. Those dates also dont clash with my uni exams so far which is lucky.

Time for a lot of preparation now.
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Old 23rd Sep 2010, 09:15
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Hey Aus,

Did you ring up PSA on the advice of your Case Manager/DFR?

I'm currently waiting to get on flight screening and when I asked my manager at Parramatta whether there was any way I could check how long til I heard I was told I would just have to wait for a call. However, I just came back from OSB for my 2nd pref (ACO) at Canberra, and there I met up with another guy who was also given PSAs number from his DFR and organised himself a spot after calling.

I talked to the Careers Counsellor at OSB about that and he hadn't heard about doing that and said he would be hesitant in skipping the system - so I'm just wondering if calling PSA is a legitimate step (it wouldn't surprise me if DFR gave me dodgy info ).

Can anyone provide advice?

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Old 23rd Sep 2010, 11:48
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Hey schoey

You should at some point receive a letter from PSA saying that your file has arrived their and you are in competition with the other applicants and so on, I rang up PSA the day after receiving that letter and they were able to give me more information on my competitiveness. Mine arrived about 6 weeks after my Assessment Day. I would recommend ringing your manager first so they can confirm your file has arrived their, then if it has I would ring PSA up. According to PSA there are 27 DEO spots left this year (3 courses of 9).

Best of Luck

Is there anyone on this forum who has been to flight screening recently and has any tips on what to expect in addition to what is throughout this thread?
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Old 24th Sep 2010, 03:37
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Hey Lesnak

Congrats on getting a place on FSP. Best of luck, I hope you do really well.

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Old 27th Sep 2010, 02:38
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Congrats on getting a spot at FSP lesnak!

I just did my pilot spec testing last week and now have my assessment day next week, so hopefully I'll be making my way up to Tamworth in the not too distant future too.

On another note, I'm brushing up on things for assessment day including things like leadership.

I remember reading a post (may or may not have been here) about the leadership style/philosophy used in the RAAF and ADF. Unfortunately I didn't copy down the link and haven't had any luck finding it again. Can anyone help me with a gentle nudge in the right direction?



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Old 27th Sep 2010, 06:32
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Mate, I've read somewhere that the RAAF uses the 'John Adair' model for action centred leadership or something to that effect for its junior officers. Google it and you'll find a fair few images of the rather famous three interlocking circles and if you're lucky, a few pages going into more detail.

Take that with a grain of salt though, as I think it was the AAFC forum I picked that one up from. Regardless, A) Someone who actually knows will hopefully drive-by and post, and B) There aren't too many gaping holes with the John Adair method anyway, if you decide to use that philosophy in any leadership exercises.

Also, I've got a .pdf lying around on my computer about Leadership in the ADF that I've picked up a while ago (when I googled ADF Leadership) which I've uploaded to my mediafire account if you'd like to give that a read as well.

RAAF Leadership.pdf
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Old 28th Sep 2010, 02:15
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G'day guys,

I'm thrilled to say that i also just received an invitation from Flight Lieutenant N Dawkins to attend flight screening from the 16/10-30/10. So Lesnak, I'll be meeting you up there, and check your pm's.

I hope a few more of you get calls soon!


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Old 28th Sep 2010, 10:35
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Just a few thoughts from someone who has been through all of this even if it was a while ago.

I am talking more about pilotís course here rather than flight screening.

Be open, be honest and do not worry about making a few mistakes along the way. Generally speaking they will think more of someone who tries and then learns from their mistakes than someone who is overly cautious all the time. ie admit your mistakes but try and minimise them. I have a friend who did not pass pilotís course and to this day still will not admit to, or does not understand the mistakes that got him scrubbed.

Fast jets are over rated and are not for everyone. It requires a different mentality and personality type to fly the different types. Remember that the current Chief of Defence Force is an RAAF Helicopter pilot and the current Chief of Air force is an ex Navy pilot. It just shows there is plenty of room for movement and places for the right people.

One of the biggest challenges you will find is not how difficult things are but the sheer amount of subjects that you are studying all at once. You need to juggle everything at once and get a reasonable pass in everything rather than distinctions in some things and then failing others. Working out when to simply tick the boxes and when to shine is one of the best things you can do to help yourself.

When you start pilotís course you need to realise that approximately 2/3 of those who start will not finish and that during your career there is a reasonable chance that someone you know will be killed in an aircraft accident. (Itís still safer than driving a car though)

Also a final thing to remember is that many people who have failed military pilotís course have gone on and had long and distinguished careers airline pilots, so if you donít make it then not all is lost.
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