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RAAF Flight Screening Programme

Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.

RAAF Flight Screening Programme

Old 2nd Jul 2010, 00:17
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Cheers for the responses guys, sounds like there is some good advice in there - will hopefully be up as much as possible in the next few months. It gives me a little more motivation to be stuck in my office all day as well knowing that I need those sweet $ bills for flying on the weekend!

That's great news about the Army height requirements cj0203! It seems like that issue has affected the majority of people here. Will have to check my specs when I get home but I'm almost certain that I'm 96cm... Ah well, Army was my 2nd preference in any case - can't win them all.


That seems like the way to go - The guys at the flying school I'm going to said they would put me in a decathlon as well after a few hours in something a little tamer. I got my letter today as well but from what I've picked up on here it seems as if they let you know 3 or 4 weeks out which is a little more considerate for us full-timers - here's hoping we get a spot mate!
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Old 2nd Jul 2010, 05:05
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Well i hope that having no flying experience will not impact on me too badly...Im leaving for Tamworth tomorrow!
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Old 2nd Jul 2010, 05:57
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Rotor 11

No, you should be fine on that front, lots of guys go through FSP with no hours. Look at it this way, you won't have any habits(bad or good) to unlearn!

Enjoy, but pack your woolies- -3 in the mornings!!!

Some days I miss the CT4, others when it's F'ing freezing, maybe not.
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Old 2nd Jul 2010, 06:24
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Good luck Rotor, at least it'll be warmer there in Tamworth than it is here!
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Old 3rd Jul 2010, 20:37
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Hi everyone, this is my first post on here so here it goes.

I'm currently applying for RAAF pilot (ADFA), and unsure as to whether you are obligated for any ROSO if you fail pilot's course, assuming you go through ADFA. I'm looking at the Bachelor of Aviation, the pilot specific degree, if that makes any difference.

I've heard that you can fail pilot's course based purely on officer qualities alone. I realise that you are an officer first and pilot second in the RAAF, but just seems a bit harsh to fail someone based on that alone. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, for those guys who've been to flight screening, does it give a real 'feel' of the typical air force environment. Being in year 12 with about 40 hours under my belt I know that I want to be a pilot, but still tossing up between the civil or military. I just want to understand the full nature of the miltary pilot's lifestyle (the pressures, secondary duties etc.) before I agree to anything (assuming I get that far).

And thanks to everyone who has posted on this thread, I've been plugging away through it and the info here is invaluble well better than anything I'd get @ DFR.
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Old 4th Jul 2010, 06:24
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Hey Vandelay Industries,

I was in the exact same boat as you when I was in year 11. What i recommend you do is get in contact with a few people who have made it all the way through both worlds (civillian and military). Thats exactly what I did, and have been doing the last few years, and it has really helped me make that decision (which happens to be persuing the military). The insight of others is really helpful, and this thread is full of it, but remember at the end of the day its your decision and don't let people tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

What ever you decide to do stick to it 100%!
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Old 4th Jul 2010, 07:27
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Cheers Nick for your advice
I've spoken to plenty of guys in civil aviation and I'm pretty sure of sussed most of it out, but the military is a lot more insular and harder get to info on. I'll stick at it and shouldn't be too difficult to find at least one guy who has been through thre system.
Good luck in persuing your career
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Old 4th Jul 2010, 17:41
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Just a word of caution to those encouraging those without hours to fly as much as possible. There is a delineation of around 20 hours as to whether you will be placed in the Basic or Advanced course at Flight screening. This could make a big difference when it comes to assessing your scores post flight and to whom you are in competition with.

To all of those reporting that they had received a letter from the PSA regarding their dossier, I too got my letter last week. I've actually had quite a decent experience with DFR. I started my application in April/May and although I've had to make a few enquiring calls when it came to some medical stuff I have found both the medical and DFR staff to be quite helpful and promt in returning calls/emails. There are always good eggs in any bunch and it is just a matter of asking the right questions to the right people.
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Old 4th Jul 2010, 20:23
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The good thing about the advanced course is you get more time in the CAP 10! got to love those spins and aeros
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Old 4th Jul 2010, 21:56
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I've heard that you can fail pilot's course based purely on officer qualities alone. I realise that you are an officer first and pilot second in the RAAF, but just seems a bit harsh to fail someone based on that alone. Can anyone confirm this?
Yes, you can. However it rarely happens. Even more rarely if Daddy's a 2-star!
Good officer qualities isn't that hard really. Most of it is commonsense and discipline. Considering today's ADF pilots are flying multi-million dollar airframes in complex environments, is it really "harsh" to ask that they do as they're told? If you are motivated, OQs won't be a problem.
but still tossing up between the civil or military.
Which brings me back to that word "motivation" again. If you were, there would be no decision. Go fly airlines mate.......
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Old 5th Jul 2010, 03:38
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Oooo..do tell!
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Old 5th Jul 2010, 09:54
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I loved the CAP-10, except the seat didn't agree with me too well. The aircraft spins well in the air and on the ground!
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Old 11th Jul 2010, 12:40
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Response to Vandelay.........

Captain Sand Dune,
Perhaps you shouldn’t be so harsh on Vandelay. Someone who is still in high school, coming to this forum and asking people for information about a career that he is interested shouldn’t be branded as lack of motivation.
He is showing maturity and commonsense by trying to make an informed decision, hell I was “umming and ahhing” all the way up to signing on the dotted line and then some. It’s over a decade of your life, take the time to make the right decision.
And in terms of being kicked out for Officer Qualities, has happened in the past, is happening now and will continue to happen. Boys will be boys, just don’t get caught. For another one of your questions, if you go to ADFA and subsequently fail pilots course you do generally still owe the time back from your degree, however with the excess of pilots at the moment in the RAAF it can happen that you may just leave, but that is here and now and is on a case by case basis, in 4 years when you would likely finish your degree and start pilot’s course the RAAF could be screaming for people and in that case doubtful you would be able to leave, they shuffle you into another specialisation.
And lastly, flight screening doesn’t really provide too much insight into military life, it does however give you a good understanding of how BFTS will run. There will be plenty of guys from all 3 services which can fill you in on what it’s like to go to ADFA and be in the military.
Make up your own mind and take your time, after all it’s a big decision.
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Old 13th Jul 2010, 15:24
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CJ203 - Is that true in regards to the sitting height for Army Pilot being raised to 95cm? Did you hear this directly from DFR? It still says 92cm on their website
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Old 14th Jul 2010, 06:42
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mate I was told in my medical assessment a couple of weeks ago that it's being reviewed to 95cm. Still helps me none!
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Old 14th Jul 2010, 08:02
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Yes, I was told this by DFR medical and it was confirmed by PSA. Those like me who were made medically unfit should be getting letters confirming the new height change soon.
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Old 22nd Jul 2010, 13:44
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hey all,
I stumbled upon PPRuNe and this thread a few months ago and what a goldmine it has been. I am like many others here and am partway through the recruiting process for DEO pilot RAAF, with my assessment day being the 3rd of August. I can sympathise with others who have been through the medical appeal process, as it was 8 months between the YOU session and successfully appealing the class 4 medical.

Was just wondering if anyone had any insights for the assessment day apart from the dfr line of "there will be a medical, a phsychological interview, and an interview in front of a board.be prepared" have heard hints of an essay or writing task... ?

I have been studying up on the ins and outs of the raaf, force elements, wings, sqn's, a/c types & capabilities, leaders, ranks, bases, the training path, career progression, secondary duties, recent combat operations of ADF in general etc. also reading up on the notes given by dfr and preparing answers to expected questions "what if you fail pilots course what will you do?, what leadership qualities do you have/ examples. just trying to have all bases covered.
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Old 23rd Jul 2010, 00:23
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Hi aus111c! Well done on passing the spec testing, I have heard a lot of people saying it's one of the hardest things during the recruitment process. As to your question about the essay: I had to write an essay first thing on my assessment day and the questions asked were 'why do you want to be a pilot, list some leadership positions held, what are your strenghts and weaknesses'. The questions are pretty much straight forward but what I found tricky was to write it all down during the timeframe given (if I remember correctly it was about 10 mins).
So just make sure you focus on your key points and keep it relevant! Hope this helps and good luck for the 3rd of August!!!


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Old 24th Jul 2010, 08:08
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Thankyou LaRoux.
The spec testing was difficult, as I didnt know the specifics of the testing, but I enjoyed it, and was glad to pass as I thought I hadnt done too well in some aspects. I had a simple approach when they were testing motor skills with the joysticks and they changed the orientation of the screen, i just turned my head to suit it, would have looked strange but it worked. .
Thanks for the info on assessment day, im trying to be as prepared as I possibly can, I want to really impress them.
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Old 28th Jul 2010, 07:04
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Hey Sashisruski

Goodluck first of all.

1. I hope it wouldn't be silly as thats what im planning to do, currently doing Ba Music, and I will dropout the moment I am accepted into the RAAF.

2. Im not an expert but from reading here and elsewhere if you have above 20 hours going into FSP you are judged differently to someone who has 20hrs or less. however ADFBFTS and 2FTS do not take this into account.

hope that helps.
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