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RAAF Flight Screening Program (Merged)

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RAAF Flight Screening Program (Merged)

Old 27th May 2010, 12:45
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Are those DEO offers only?
When I was at flight screening for observers a few weeks back, I was told that ADFA observers wouldn't be notified till November/December anyway because there was still one more course to go through (mind you I was recommended)
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Old 28th May 2010, 00:14
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DEO Only

Sorry, Dean and I were talking about DEO only! I have no idea about ADFA or Observer distributions!

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Old 28th May 2010, 01:33
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No idea about observers. I know we're in a completely different selection pool from ADFA candidates, and that they are notified very late in the year. Looking at the schedule, I'd say they are notified in December and some in January.

Well guys, we've got a big wait ahead of us for Nov. Lets hope that one is moved forward too, and we get what we're after

Edit: For those wondering what happens at the end of FSP, there are three categories: first is you're recommended (good enough flying and officer scores), second is to do with your officer qualities and requires you to wait a period of time before you come back (a year, 18 months .ect), and the final one is not recommended (usually something to do with officer qualities, since you don't really "fail" the flight component). You can't ever re-apply if you're in the third category. Obviously it depends on your OSB as to whether you'll be welcome to have a shot at another officer position.

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Old 28th May 2010, 06:15
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Romper, have you been participating in any sports lately?

how do you keep fit with the job you had/have?

Sorry if these are strange questions, it's just very inspiring to see someone your age (not stating you are old, but the fact they prefer 27 max age) is great and gives me hope that if unsuccessful first time i can be patient and try again.

I have my assessment day in one week so just a bit anxious and 'strange thoughts' running through my head...haha

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Old 28th May 2010, 07:01
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Dont worry mate im not easily offended, particularly about my age! Im also happy to report i was not the oldest on my FSP!

No i dont play sports mate, but make a effort to keep healthy with running, walking etc etc and eating right... used to train weights aswell. I do it to keep my class 1 medical for civil aviation.

Good luck on your assesment day mate, just show them your motivated and you will be fine.

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Old 30th May 2010, 04:39
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Yeah, if you're getting told it's a bit of a wait between FSP and commencing OTS I wouldn't be too surprised. Over here at 2FTS we just had a brief on how overstaffed the RAAF currently is for pilots. It's that bad that we're even being offered transfers to the other services (even discharge post-wings if you're really keen to get out), not to mention they're looking at cancelling the next 2FTS course.

Pretty standard, really, the airlines haven't really been recruiting so there's a lot of senior guys who would normally have left but haven't. Just wait - by the time you guys finish 2FTS all you'll be hearing about is how few pilots we have because everybody left for Qantas all at the same time.

For reference, I went through in '08, when the airlines had just finished recruiting heavily. FSP August 2008, then OTS October '08, BFTS April '09, 2FTS Nov '09 and wings by September if I can stay away from scrub rides. Trainee leave between courses = 4 months of paid holidays in two years = pretty much a dream run, except that then we get a 12-24 month wait for conversion. You win some, you lose some...
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Old 30th May 2010, 05:30
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Thanks for the info - I've also heard they cancelled 2 BFTS courses this year. Apparently the RAAF didn't take on too many people from the FSP pool in the May distribution; I certainly didn't get a call!

I am hoping they take on a few more people in the November distribution. If I don't get a call then, do I have to sit the OSB again to remain in the pool for another 12 months?
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Old 30th May 2010, 09:25
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You'll sit in the pool for 12 months. If you don't receive an offer, your file is sent back to DFR in which case you have to apply again through them.

After finishing FSP around 54 weeks ago I received an Army offer, then was told I'm too tall. Before the recent Navy intake I was told I should probably definitely get a call for Navy, which never happened. About to apply again this week through DFR and hoping to sit another OSB sometime before the end of the year.

Hopefully the market picks up for the airlines and they start recruiting again before the end of the year...

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Old 30th May 2010, 10:30
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Hey Johnny.
I hear ya man. I'm in the same boat at the moment although I still have a few months left in the pool. Army was what I dreamed of but as you say, now too tall.
When you re-apply, do you have to sit all the tests again, or just OSB?
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Old 30th May 2010, 11:48
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Hey cj,

As I recall, it depends on how long the results from previous tests stay valid - just like the OSB result (12 months). If only the Flying Score had a shorter longevity than FOREVER and I could undertake FSP again!

I'll let you know what happens.
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Old 30th May 2010, 12:20
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I was told that the spec. testing is valid for three years [did mine this week].

In regards to my application, I have been told that they arnt sure if I can proceed on to Assessment day without a full citizenship [I am currently a Permanent Resident due for citizenship April next year]. Its been referred to the relevant official and informed that Ill receive a call regarding this in a week or so.

Im hoping this is just to get a confirmation before proceeding. Anyone done it this way before? i.e. complete the recruiting process with a residency.
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Old 31st May 2010, 15:49
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Hi all,

Quick question: Has anyone changed their secondary preferences after they passed pilot aptitude testing? I've put down Army pilot as a secondary but re-thinking it for another role in the RAAF as an ACO. Hesitant about it though as I'm not sure it would look good going into my assessment day (coming up soon).

Any insight is as always, much appreciated.

Cheers all.

PS: having read the last few posts of guys who've passed FSP (Romper and Ellioy), congratulation fellas , I sure do hope you have success when November comes around!
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Old 1st Jun 2010, 00:18
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Preference change

Hi Numbersguy,

You are able to change your preferences at any stage up until the recommended/not-recommended part of the OSB, you probably already knew this.

I changed my preferences during the OSB, which probably didn't look good and they did ask me several questions regarding the change. I was truthful with the board, so I felt it went as well as it could've.

I don't think a preference change to RAAF ACO (replacing Army pilot) would look that bad at all, especially at this early stage! Although the board may ask you why wouldn't consider being an Army pilot. As long as you can justify it, it should be fine!

That's my opinion anyway.

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Old 1st Jun 2010, 00:20
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I forgot to thank you for the congratulations!

Romper and myself are now sitting in a pool with Mud_Rat and a fair few other guys (and girls?)! Hurry up November!!!!

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Old 1st Jun 2010, 10:49
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In the meantime, I imagine PSA will be shuffling our files about and snickering about how many times "not enough right rudder" was reiterated in those dossiers before they finally 'off them to the services.

numbersguy: that's never an issue as long as your can explain why you have nominated the preferences that you did. If you've got pilot for all three services equal first, they'd still want to know why. As Elliot said, people can and do change their preferences at any time, they actually encourage you to re-evaluate your preferences at Tamworth to make sure you have what you want, almost everyone in my group changed them.
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Old 1st Jun 2010, 12:05
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Not trying to be too contentious here, but if you really want to be a pilot, consider carefully how you'll feel if you change your preferences and take the ACO path and then, a couple of years down the track, change your mind. There are means to remuster, but I wouldn't think it would be an easy thing to do, even if you were approved for release from your current duties, which might be hard to achieve.

This isn't to suggest that ACO isn't a legitimate and worthy career path, but you probably don't want to be a frustrated coodabeen pilot asking yourself why you didn't stick to your guns and go for your first choice.
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Old 1st Jun 2010, 12:34
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GSO (Pilot) VS RAAF pilot

Hey guys,

In the assessment day will they assess specifics around being pilot for the RAAF or the ARMY? or will they assess more around the initial training being either Duntroon or Officer Training School (Sale, Vic) and employment training for the two?

I'm keen on flying jets, however also keen on being in the army over the RAAF.
1st preference would be pilot for the RAAF flying the jets, my second preference would be pilot in the army.

Anyone with suggestions for the best way to tackle the assessment day...

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Old 1st Jun 2010, 14:01
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I was asked about military training at ADFA and then employment training afterwards. Know what you're potentially getting yourself in to; know where you will train, how long it will take, what you will learn and what is required on your behalf.

I had both RAAF and Army as my preferences and I was asked questions on the aircraft from both forces, all other questions were applicable to all of the forces (aside from the training questions).

In short, the best way I found to tackle assessment day is to know what you're going for and know why you want to do it. So, as has been said a thousand times, study the defence and RAAF websites and know what the job and the training entails.
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Old 2nd Jun 2010, 04:18
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Zulk, thanks for the reply.

In terms of aircrafts what type of questions did they ask you? Was it based around specifications of the aircrafts or more around what i will be flying based on my preference? I assume a basic understanding of what the aircrafts are used for? How much around the helicopters?

How did you go anyway? Well i hope.
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Old 2nd Jun 2010, 13:04
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I have just one quick question, at what point do I give them my school reports? If it's as early as the assessment day, when do they take them into account?


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