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RAAF Flight Screening Program (Merged)

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RAAF Flight Screening Program (Merged)

Old 8th Jul 2016, 09:16
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Hi Machzero,

Congratulations on your high recommendation. Are you able to give us a little bit of insight as to what it was that separated yourself to the people that got a lower recommendation. I know you wont be able to go into too much detail bit anything will be very much appreciated. Cheers
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Old 10th Jul 2016, 04:19
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Got an offer

G'day everyone.
This post has been a few weeks coming but I have been flat out with current work. After attending FSP back in May and receiving a high recommendation, I have received my letter of offer on the 20th of June for the August course and am enlisting on the 29th of July, along with two others from my FSP course.

Thanks again everyone for your help and advice from previous posts and I look forward to reading many of you being succesful with the January intake.

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Old 11th Jul 2016, 00:15
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Thanks mate!
It's hard for me to say because I didn't feel that I was doing better than anyone else. In terms of the flying; I found out in my OSB that they feel I have a natural flying ability and 'good hands and feet' which I think helped a lot with the flying side of things. With the OSB and Officer side, it sounds cliche but just be yourself, because that's the person they want to give a job. I spoke to a lot of the BFTS students while I was in Tamworth and just observing how they interact, it isn't hard to tell that there is definitely a 'mould' that everyone fits (everyone is pretty like minded in terms of personalities, humour etc). I definitely think that is a large part of what they screen for in Tamworth, whether you fit that mould or not. If you've gotten to FSP it means you've been doing everything right so far. Keep that up and be yourself because they like what they see.

Last bit of advice: work your ass off. You will reap the rewards in your OSB when you hear the Board President say 'Congratulations, we're going to highly recommend you'.

Congratulations Wazza! That's seriously awesome news mate. What service? You must be absolutely stoked with that result. Can't wait to get an offer myself.

All the best,
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Old 11th Jul 2016, 00:32
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Congrats guys, you must be stoked! Pretty sound advice machzero, thanks.

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Old 11th Jul 2016, 05:24
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Thanks Machzero, I am over the moon. The offer was with the RAAF, so heading down to freeze my nuts off down at east sale.
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 05:42
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Adding to what machzero said:

With regards to personalities they're looking for I can't really answer the specifics of it but you'll notice it when you're there. Those of us who weren't low recommended seemed similar in many ways but different in others, same as quite a few of the BFTS guys I spoke to, so while machzero is right there is a mould to some degree there is some play for differences.

The two weeks does allow them a pretty good insight into who you are, especially under stress so it's hard to fake who you are to meet some idea of what they're looking for, you'll revert to type at some point and it will be picked up. Obviously you have to take with a grain of salt whatever anyone says after their result but one lad did come out and mentioned something we'd all picked up on was brought up by the board. Given the amount of time in the group interviews and the board they'd definitely managed to pick it up well before that. So like they said make sure you are yourself, they're going to find it anyway. There really isn't much to do once you're there, you've either done what you need to for personal development or you've not, try not to worry about that just take the time to enjoy it.

It took me 3 years but I finally got a recommendation.
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 13:44
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Hi guys,

First time poster here and I congratulate those who received recommendations and thank you for being willing to serve your country.

I think this warranted a new post.

So after passing the YOU day, failing specialist testing, then failing the YOU then going to Uni graduating I resat my YOU day and smashed it. I then sat specialist testing but failed gauge reading. After highlighting the officer attributes I got given a waiver and am through to assessment day. The waiver was conditional on me obtaining recency with my PPL, the logic being if you can fly a plane that is evidence you can read gauges.

My questions are.
1. How do you think a waiver effects my application
2. How do I prepare to smash this assessment day.

I know there are post about assessment day but situation is a bit specific.
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Old 17th Jul 2016, 21:34
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Hi harrybass - congrats on your progress thus far. I would say, if you're though so far, you're through and your "waiver" should not affect your progress. If they're considering you with obtaining your recency on PPL (which the ADF normally don't care about) then they think you're a good candidate who had a "brain fart" when it came to their "gauge test". So, put it in the past and move ahead!! I have no idea what the assessment day entails, it was too long ago... Best of luck!
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Old 18th Jul 2016, 00:37
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recency on PPL (which the ADF normally don't care about)
Very ancient history now, Joe but back in 1977 the Selection Board told me that if I demonstrated my ability to study by doing my PPL Theory subjects, they'd accept me for the following DE course. (I was four years out of school at that point.)

(Fortunately for one of the guys currently going through 2OCU, I took a different path. If I'd taken up the Board's offer, I'd have never met his mother. )
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Old 18th Jul 2016, 07:32
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Yes, should have been a little clearer in my comment - the ADF is always interested in you demonstrating an interest and showing motivation - such as pursuing your PPL. However, what I was referring to was the fact that in this case, they appear to be overruling one of their standard tests on the basis of a candidate's PPL recency, something I hadn't heard of before. Which tends to happen more and more now...
All the best to your offspring at 2OCU - that's an amazing achievement!!
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Old 18th Jul 2016, 08:14
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He must have had great instructors.
I could never teach him anything.
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Old 20th Jul 2016, 14:34
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I was just so shocked that I managed to get through. The initial lady who told me I failed gauge reading repeatedly told me that I was unable to go through. I then asked to speak to the head psychologist making the decisions. He must have seen my determination and given me the waiver.

I have 2 degree, a science and an arts degree. Science degree is in Biochem and psychology and arts is in English. Heaps of leadership experience, Mcdonald's crew training, Air Force Cadets, current leadership position at work. I suppose He valued this more than the few marks I was off in gauge reading.

He also said that the fact I did not have second or third preferences was a motivational risk. He said applicants should want to join as an officer no matter what. Officer first, pilot second.

My last flight with my ppl in command was Anzac day, so recency is not even a real issue.

It may seem cheesy but how do you answer "why do you want to join the ADF?" without sound super patriotic or super cliche?
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Old 21st Jul 2016, 04:32
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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know when the next lot of RAAF distributions are for letter of offers? august/september?

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Old 22nd Jul 2016, 04:41
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I spoke to FSP admin awhile back so i'm not sure if this info is current however, at the time they intended to do a distribution in September & Novemeber.

I haven't spoken to them recently though.
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Old 22nd Jul 2016, 09:19
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He said applicants should want to join as an officer no matter what. Officer first, pilot second.
Yeah, they do tend to say that... It's true from a recruiting point of view, but, once you've started Pilots' Course, doesn't matter a hoot! The way to get around it is this:
Your primary motivation is to fly an ADF aircraft (fighters first, then whatever tactical aircraft next) and you are thrilled that this will present you the opportunity to also be an Officer in the ADF. But, your primary motivation is to fly ADF AIRCRAFT.

Anyone post the recruiting centres (eg staff at FSP) will be on-board with this. Remember, the ADF is currently looking for aircrew to fly fighters, tactical and strategic transport aircraft and maritime patrol aircraft - don't tell them you've got a real passion to fly the pollies around in a BBJ (even if you do!).

It may seem cheesy but how do you answer "why do you want to join the ADF?" without sound super patriotic or super cliche?
I understand the conundrum - I found this difficult to answer many years ago and had the same concerns as you. I would put it back to your primary goal being to fly ADF aircraft:
"The ADF offers the opportunity to fly advanced aircraft in an ever-changing, challenging and tactical environment. The teamwork involved, the cameradie that will foster and the opportunities to lead others sets aviation in the ADF apart from aviation in the civilian world. And, you get to do all of this whilst providing a service to the nation."

Good luck!
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Old 5th Aug 2016, 02:02
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Tamworth Flight Screening

Hi everyone, I'm a new poster here and I'm departing to Tamworth Flight Screening in 3 weeks (21st August, 2016 - DEO).

I'm just looking to pick up and tips / areas of study / personal anecdotes that might assist me in my dream to becoming an F/A-18 / E/A-18G / F-35 Pilot (and give me a chuckle too!).

I'm barely 18 years old, finished my HSC last year and got an ATAR of 79.55 (no bonus points included - elligbile for +5 at some universities and +3 at others that don't support local / isolated schools). While I'll admit its not exactly a great score, there were many factors that contributed to this - primarily, a family tragedy (my sister died - twice - and then came back but with serious disability) and social obligations (gf had depression, spent alot of time with her instead of studying). I did pursue mathematics seriously and managed to get some decent scores in that respect however other subjects suffered to neglect.

I'm not trying to gain sympathy and I don't regret anything from high school, if anything, it strengthened my resolve to success in military aviation.

At this point in time I've passed all the tests first go and I'm getting pretty nervous about flight screening. As a note, I have zero previous flying experience.

The main, singularly most important question I have for this thread is - what can I do to increase my chances of passing flight screening and the officer selection board.

Here is some of the stuff I have done so far:

Study Section (Relatively in-depth):
-Fixed-wing Aircraft Structure
-Powerplant (engine + propeller for prop-driven aeroplanes)
-Landing Gear
-Newtons laws (already did these at high school but general brush-up)
-Flight theory and the flight envelope
-Axes of flight
-Primary and secondary flight controls
-Flight instruments
-Basic flight maneuvers
-Climbs, turns, descents, power & pitch
-Rotary wing aircraft
-Airport and runway information

I know it may be a bit over the top but I want to know as much as I possibly can and hence make-up for gaps in my knowledge and skills (such as actually flying an aeroplane) that other candidates will surely have. I've also been adjusting my personal wake-up time to 0500 and have been exercising. I've also purchased a Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) book and plan on going through that too when it arrives.

I'm thinking of scheduling a visit with RAAF Base Richmond (closest base - also has the C-130 too so I could check that out hopefully).

Is there anything else I can do / things YOU might have done to get through this next section?

TL;DR Any tips / Advice to help me pass Tamworth Flight Screening?

Thanks Guys (and gals), I really appreciate anything you might have to share. If your going to TFS on the 21st of August feel free to PM me and we can share ideas / exchange some notes. (lame joke incoming) It would be cool to get in touch with somebody before lift-off!

Thanks again,

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Old 5th Aug 2016, 11:33
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Education Requirements

Hi all,

First post but I have been following the thread for a while. Thanks to all for the helpful information.

I am about to start my application process so apologies that this isn't related to flight screening. Does anyone from Queensland knows if Maths A is classed as "Tertiary entrance level, not modified"? It is definitely tertiary entrance level but I don't know what 'not modified' means. I haven't been able to get a confirmation from ADF recruitment.

I expect I'll be in touch throughout the process so I look forward to speaking and possibly meeting some of you.

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Old 8th Aug 2016, 04:45
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Hey Toriki,

Congrats on getting the call for flight screening. Just out of curiosity, when did you complete your assessment day? I'm currently waiting on the call for flight screening and just wanted to know what the wait time is like. Cheers
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Old 9th Aug 2016, 07:10
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Hey gents.

Congratulations to everyone making FSP and being recommended. Hard work pays off

Just wanted to ask a quick question about one of the forms we fill out as applicants. The pilot selection form completed at DFR at the YOU Session or Assessment day regarding the preferences amongst all the services.

I believe the options were "I would not accept an offer from this service", "I would consider an offer from this service" and "I would immediately accept an offer from this service".

Can anyone shed any light on the implications of our responses to these? I imagine if they need candidates quickly for a certain service they choose the ones who have indicated that they would immediately accept, however I believe that would deny you any sort of choice amongst competing offers.

Any opinions on this from those in the know?

To those that are curious about the process, I had my Assessment Day roughly 4 months ago and was only medically cleared 3 weeks ago. It's a waiting game to be sure.

Cheers and beers!
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Old 9th Aug 2016, 10:34
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Its important to do a hell of a lot of research into each service and figure out exactly what you want fly for a living if given the opportunity.

What you put down on that sheet is just to give the defence interviewer at assessment day a service to primarily focus on during questioning.

You are able to change where you rank each preference all the way up until your sitting in front of the board. Therefore, you can change without incident even when your on FSP.

Whilst on FSP you have the opportunity to rank each service from 1-5. If you put a service as 1-3 you will NOT get an offer - even if you are an ACE. 4-5 you will get a look in.

The way the board explained it was that your overall score on FSP is combined with your perfs for an individual service. That combined score is then put into the pool for distribution.

So you do need to ask yourself. Do I want to fly for the ADF or just fly for an individual service.

Sorry for the long response. Hope it helps.

Only a couple of courses left for the year. Coming up to crunch time now.
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