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Gutersloh, Mid 70s

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Gutersloh, Mid 70s

Old 23rd Feb 2010, 05:35
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All directions started with "Turn left at the BP lights" if my memory serves me well.
Foggy 230 89 - 92
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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 12:34
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I have only just come across this thread.

After 3 years as a corporal on 230 Squadron at Odiham I went out to Gutersloh in December 1980 as a newly promoted sergeant rigger. One month before I went on my final (10th) trip to Belize. After 8 months at Gut I was posted to the station and on to Harriers. I must have known Shy Torque and Tiger Mate from Odiham/Gutersloh. Terrific posting. I lived out in Park Strasse, down town Gut, and then in Harswinkel.

Going back to the original post; 735 Radar Bombing Unit was at Gut when I was there 80-83. My mate, the late Flt Sgt George Moses, was on 735 as a Chf Tech.

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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 16:05
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Just seen this thread. I remember well 19 Sqn in the days of the Pink Panther. We were fined by the bachelor club if we went to bed on a Friday night. Op initiation was a yard of ice cold Carlsberg Hof in Goerings room followed by the inevitable barf down the clock face. Lightnings ruled the skies over Germany (no F15/16s then). Wonderful Days.
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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 17:38
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A popular weekend trip on tankers back in the 70's was out from Marham Friday morning, RAFG towline with Lightnings then land Gutersloh. Very boozy weekend in the various locations already mentioned (thanks for the pics of Goering's room btw) then another RAFG towline on Monday and recover Marham. Great fun, and the guys on 19 and 92 were very entertaining hosts.

A couple of things about the RAFG towline - we had to switch the H2S radar to full scan as we got in range of the East German frontier as in theory the reds got twitchy if we sector scanned into the East. Always thought it was a load of nonsense myself, but what did I know? The other thing was that unlike most towlines, the RAFG was entirely over land. Sod's law then that one of our aircraft chose this trip to shed a hose, which came scything down into the suburbs of Bremen. Some of the older residents must have suddenly had thought they'd stepped back 30 years, but fortunately no-one was hurt and only a few garden fences were demolished.
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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 17:51
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Somewhere in my archives I have a photo of the very first Mk 2 Victor to come out for the weekend to Gut - complete with crew with obligatory cold "charlies" in hand!
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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 17:58
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I remember them- first of very many over the weekend! Cheers

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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 20:12
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Had a ball on 18, finally got out there after being rudely interrupted by our south american cousins. would not have missed it for the world (even the old wessex guys insisting it wasn't like this on the old 18) although most of it was a blur!!
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Old 24th Feb 2010, 12:19
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We were fined by the bachelor club if we went to bed on a Friday night.
... shouldn't that be: if we went to our own bed on a Friday night.......
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Old 24th Feb 2010, 21:15
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But it was you that shouted at him:
"I dont know what you are wearing Steve, but it needs ironing"
when he was standing stark boll*ck naked in our barn.
God! What a sight!
Yes, it was.

Were you in the C Flt barn where a certain beefer (GC) appeared to be terrified of rats after one was spotted running across the straw? We spent much of the night doing "rat squeaking" shifts, while others threw things and swore at imaginary rats, just for his benefit.

How I miss the banter!

P.S. Bark once for yes, twice for no.
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Old 25th Feb 2010, 08:58
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C Flt Barn

It was'nt just GC who was phobic about rats in the barn, I remember sweaters retiring to a raised platform and covering himself in straw. With everyone asleep, we were suddenly woken by his screams as he realised he was the C Flt Pied Piper and the platform was infested with the little blighters! I did'nt laugh......honest.
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Old 25th Feb 2010, 19:41
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From ancientsoul's site:

My old man and some floozy. Good times!
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Old 6th Apr 2010, 01:58
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Previously mentioned in a post... Kevin Mason Lightning driver who banged out on finals...

Where is he now or anyone have a contact email for him?

Im an ex student of his, would love to catch up.

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Old 6th Apr 2010, 18:06
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Several things spring to mind. On the Harrier changeover from Lightning (I think) the staish had dictated that people stopped taking the piss (more to come).

Quite soon after that, little stickers arrived and adorned where the pee hits the urinal - they said "Come back Lightnings, all is forgiven" (or close). Hilarious, apparently the derision was affecting the sensitive young mens' morale.

My other memory is the schnellie outside the camp gate (when we stayed on base) for currywurst and pomme frites. Smashing.

We often stayed in the O' Mess annexe, right down the end where Harriers used to practise VL - thanks guys
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Old 6th Apr 2010, 20:20
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Tankertrashnav, 19 and 92, are you sure you were at the right airbase?
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Old 6th Apr 2010, 20:25
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Slightly off beam does any one remember SAC Milligan from ATC circa 1972/3 ? Welsh wizard with a snooker que!! (surely warrants a reply) Mods boot me in to WATN if req.

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Old 7th Apr 2010, 00:27
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I haven't read through all the posts regarding this, but the unit in question was 735 Signals Unit. I was on 721 Signals Unit at Spadeadam 1983-1985.

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Old 22nd Apr 2010, 21:50
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GUT fatalities

Along with Paul Adams (he was only 25, I didn't realise) go also SUN, and John Carver (USN), I had to face John's wife upon return from LOS...not pleasant.
I attended Dave's funeral.

Nick Gilchrist's get-out at Ascaffenburg remains in the memory as he landed, true to IV(AC) tradition, on the bier tent. I met Nick a few years ago in the CX City bar HKG.

When I start to remember all of the names and faces that were HF in the eighties,
Pete Harris, M3 (Murdo), Syd Morris, Pete Collins, Martin Cliffe, Terry Parker, Steve Hawkins, Andy Suddards, Chris Worne... et al (apologies to those names I have forgotten, but who's faces will always be remembered by me) I did both IV(AC) and 3(F) tours (GR3) -it was a wonderful time in my life.

best regards,
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Old 23rd Apr 2010, 19:27
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Handysnaks, I concur with TTN, 19 & 92 sqns were certainly at Guetersloh when I was on 18,( the real rotary 18 with Wessex); they moved down to the Clutch area when the Harriers arrived circa '75. I seem to remember one of the sqns having an Airfix model of a Harrier set on a perch in a cage.
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Old 15th May 2010, 09:17
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I spent two great tours at BFPO47 77/79 and 80/84 and made life long friends. Lost my left ear and a good mate in a prang outside the camp gates on my second stint. Many nights spent drinking wobbly down the rugby club or in town at the piano bar. Anyone out there know the whereabouts of Andy Queen? Strange bloke, always had a toothbrush in his flying jacket and a long Dr Who style scarf around his neck.
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Old 20th May 2010, 20:04
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There's an ATC site for the Gut Login | Facebook

I did 83-86 in Blue square Blankers and 90 until closure in Ummeln, Bielefeld. Still 4 RAF controllers in the tower out there for the odd brown job chopper, a very big let down from the days of the busiest ATC unit in the RAF.
The pictures reminded me of 1 Sqn going 'on deployment', to Gutersloh while we were in the field (snigger).

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