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JammedStab 30th Dec 2017 13:48

What EK incidents resuted in firing
I am disturbed to hear that guys from the recent JFK A380 incident have been fired instead of extra training. It seems excessive. I can understand if intentionally doing something that breaks the rules or if one damages the aircraft but this is not the case here.

I am curious what other incidents(with details of what happened) resulted in someone getting fired?

Bonway 30th Dec 2017 14:01

I'd be very surprised if they were actually fired. Being a UAE operation, they were probably pressured into resigning. That way the Company is not liable for any of their debts accumulated as a result of visa sponsorship.

Airbubba 30th Dec 2017 14:04

Originally Posted by JammedStab (Post 10005425)
I am curious what other incidents(with details of what happened) resulted in someone getting fired?

You mean like Melbourne, Dubai, and Mauritius and Moscow?

donpizmeov 30th Dec 2017 16:09

You are wrong Re the MRU crew Bubba.

Airbubba 30th Dec 2017 18:48

Thanks for the correction, I'm glad to be wrong about those guys. :ok:

The idea of sacking crews to increase operational vigilance might not have the desired effect. As SOPS puts it:

Originally Posted by SOPS (Post 10003368)
I can see crews so busy trying to comply with procedures so the don't end up sacked, that instead of doing what they are meant to be doing, flying the aircraft, they end up making a mistake because they are so worried about making a mistake...you can see where Im going with this...

In fact, I wonder if the poor guys on 207 fell to the above scenario, so busy trying to follow a procedure, so worried by the fear factor ( or as I called it..the constant Background Radiation), that the fear of NOT following the procedure, led them to NOT flying the aircraft..with the result.

The place is a complete train wreck...

nakbin330 30th Dec 2017 21:20


Dropp the Pilot 30th Dec 2017 23:04

Taking selfies in CMB

Dropp the Pilot 30th Dec 2017 23:08

As a curiously timely example, one chap was fired for having an argument with customs about how much wine he could bring with him when returning to DXB from his layover. This was at the TBF before the TBF before the bouncy castle.

It may also hold the land speed record. If I recall correctly he was fired before crew transport dropped him at his residence that very evening.

SOPS 31st Dec 2017 02:20

I would say, basically, depending who you upset and how much wasta they have...almost anything has the potential to get you sacked..imho.

fliion 31st Dec 2017 02:44

Itís the Final Warnings from operational incidents that is also a real concern.

Multiple cases of guys been issued these and deciding itís too risky to chance losing the Prov fund with another incident - so up and leave.

There are too many of these & the thread would be overloaded. Itís human error to make mistakes, but here is punishable by a deflating flawed mgt policy of punitive measures. The Co is effectively saying - we donít want you here & the letter is the impetus for said victim to start interviewing.

The Augment firing (notwithstanding the appeal) is a real kick in the bollocz to all of the EK pilots who go out and for the vast majority do a great job. There is no reference in the B-FCTM (380 not sure) for an operational role from CM3 & 4 - yet now that seat is been held to an operational standard even though the GCAA is being deceived for FTL reasons, that said Augmenters are not on duty

This is absolutely a new and deflating low - and the effects are tangible amongst the boys & girls on-line.

sealear 31st Dec 2017 02:56

I agree re the augmenting role, and as someone who does a lot of ULR I find it extremely disturbing.

What happened in CMB with the selfies? With all the Instagram accounts these days it will hardly be surprising I'm sure.

Visual Procedures 31st Dec 2017 03:32

Pre insta, when the tigers were flying around and tensions were tighter..

A320 Skipper 31st Dec 2017 03:32

Is it really that easy to get fired in EK guys?
Was the pilot from the MAN app really fired for that video on Youtube? Also, can someone please be so kind to explain that is a final warning letter?

givemewings 31st Dec 2017 04:57

Ironic now that they actively encourage the selfies... so long as you're one of their chosen ones of course.

Plenty of staff in various departments fired for doing what their own "social media stars" do every day :rolleyes:

As usual, inconsistency at its finest. Either pics on board are OK or they're not.

donpizmeov 31st Dec 2017 07:53

There was the famous sandwich incident.

SOPS 31st Dec 2017 08:33

The list is long and distinguished.

Bonway 31st Dec 2017 08:44

Does EK actually fire them, or do they do as another company nearby does and put them in a position where they have to leave? A recent departure implied that his company was complicit in the death of a pilot inflight (not to mention other crew deaths over the past few years) and found himself having to get out of the country very fast.

my salami 31st Dec 2017 13:24

Originally Posted by sluggums (Post 10006385)
No one gets fired, they, ahem... 'leave'.

Any by the way, the company cannot touch your provident fund that you've contractually earned. It's not theirs to take. Regardless of why you're leaving/dismissed. They play on people's ignorance of the rules.

Not really... You're only entitled to get your contribution back.


BANANASBANANAS 31st Dec 2017 17:31

Whatever the finer points on Prov Fund entitlement are, a review of recent policy changes and (over)reaction to incidents forces me to conclude that Emirates is now actively trying to drive expats out without suffering the loss of company face that would come from it making pilots redundant. Being sacked or being 'resigned' or even genuine resignations are so much easier for the EK PR team to spin. If you resign over the age of 50 are you still considered to be 'retired' by EK HR? That was one of the gems they tried when they were last trying to hide the real numbers.

Why the company would choose to behave like this is open to a certain amount of debate but none of the likely reasons bode well for expats still here.

gearlever 31st Dec 2017 17:41

Any locals up front on EK-207?

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