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Joining Qatar Airways after Covid

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Joining Qatar Airways after Covid

Old 7th Sep 2021, 19:16
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No wonder! The CSD is Indian. All of them lick their supervisors’ asses and screw their colleagues. This is a way to go half step ahead in their career. In another flight somewhere in Africa, another Indian male flight attendant reported the rest of the crew for the same reason. Man! This insane! Now, their names and pictures, are in the social media and everyone knows….The second guy, even went to the office to complain that people are bulling him 🤣
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Old 10th Sep 2021, 21:10
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I am not sure if you are joking regarding EBT or are you serious? EBT in QR is completely missed concept, just a show off like most of the other things. I am not sure how it was before "EBT programme", but there are some proper EBTs out there and the one in QR can't even be defined as one
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Old 13th Sep 2021, 17:44
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An eye opener for all coming back or are still living in a dreamland!

Kudos to the @Lost Goat for writing an incredible article that has not only stated the facts but brought out the many issues this company needs to rectify immediately for their own good. The management has the mentality that if one pilot leaves there are hundreds waiting to join until they also realize the truth and leave, continuing a vicious cycle losing qualified personnel as well as cost. But for a company that will never break even and has unlimited funding its matter of no concern.

Having spend so many years in this airline the unfortunate reality sinks in that at what cost of personal gratification that you managed to stay in the airline, was it for :
- A stable career ? Please nothing is stable here and the moment you lose the job/retire , you are kicked out of the country like a dog.
- Career Progression? Sorry not allowed. Ask the hundreds of SFOs who have been waiting for years.
- A good family life? If you want your family to endure the desert heat getting used to having two official seasons, summer and winter ( Temperature never goes below 15). Also for the kids to grow up in a rabble of buildings and all their outings are in a shopping mall and be in a community of having to grow up with local kids who are born with a golden spoon in their mouths and brought up by maids who have no respect for other human beings. They live in materialistic world and it would be surprising to see one without any or multiple electronic devices at any point.
- An attractive salary? Well the lost goat covered this part, its no longer attractive neither stable.
- Experience from a well recognized airline? - After this article hits the media circle I do not think anyone would think even the slightest in the same way as before.
- Safest Airline Awards? If a major sporting event can be bought how easy is it to get an award especially when the person in charge is head of IATA.
- New Aircrafts? If you have a fleet of brand new aircrafts issues barely happen
- Lifestyle? With the amount of flying and dead heading that one endures is only a matter of time before your body and mind breaks down.

For an airline that could have been managed and run as the best in the world , they have failed miserably and yet keeps continuing to do so. It starts with the basics start treating your employees like they mean something and not just digits, and a small change like that could mean a lot more and even win their loyalty. Its surprising how they still function as a well oiled machine except for the fact all of the parts are on an impending doom.

The message has to spread so that it reaches someone sensible within the organization so that they can start making changes for their own good and for a future as an Airline.
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 15:49
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Speaking from experience Defiant003? What is your current status with them ?
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 17:42
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It appears Qatar poached the Director of Crew Resources from United. Paul Carlson. Hope our loss is your gain. Not sure how he is going to handle the incompetence that appears rampant over there.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 11:34
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This place needs a fundamental philosophical change (not gonna happen no matter who is hired) in order to be able to move forward without having to put out a fire every day within operations... There were even reliable people in the Authority to refer issues to, but they have been replaced (or ran away as fast as they could when they saw coming) by loyal locals who are now apparently in cahoots with the airline covering their FTL abuses... Oh a new ACN came out today, now the PIC is not the PIC while he's passed out in the bunk...
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 13:43
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The guy in the bunk is therefore absolved of responsibility when he is in the bunk. That is a positive point.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 14:06
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As this is a QR thread your statement is false.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 14:52
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I “doubt” this is a positive. I’m sure the only reason he is no longer PIC is so he can’t log or count the hours towards his monthly and yearly limits.
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Old 15th Sep 2021, 21:41
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That's precisely it.
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Old 16th Sep 2021, 08:49
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Fatigued Goat Rider

I read it several times and tried to find where it was written that he is not PIC anymore when resting , couldn’t find it illuminate me please , the only thing I saw is what to log what is counted for FTL and what is payed
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Old 16th Sep 2021, 11:33
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As someone who refused at DEC job at QR a long time ago (2009), I can say the description you’ve so eloquently written also applies to where I am flying now (I can mention it). One exception, the Cabin Crew here are generally really good. I sympathise for anyone at Goat Airways and to others in the ME. The mentality here will never change. Hope those that want to can escape soon.
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Old 16th Sep 2021, 16:52
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Well, if you are not logging the whole flight as the PIC (which is only one designated pilot per sector), then who is the PIC while you are in the bunk?
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Old 16th Sep 2021, 22:44
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Got to love your optimism! This is pprune and you are using a hidden username. Until such time as others come out and use their real names then MAYBE something will happen but even that is doubtful. Lot more important stuff going on in the world and the general public wouldn't have much sympathy.
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Old 16th Sep 2021, 23:41
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...whoever the office wants to blame when the things go south.
The rule can be interpretated as the office wants to. Can also be bended in any direction.
If the outcome is not desirable yet, can be changed any time by the the CAA at company disposal.

And the new rule is applicable from yesterday onwards....until further changes.
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