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Most on the B777 are too busy or too afraid to post.
B777 working max hours, in essence short of pilots!
Fear of saying anything to those above - perfect scenario for management.
New Capt’s hide there heads rather than say anything of great import if they see somethings wrong, they would rather fill in an ASR or whatever it’s now called about something they almost did!
No CDA now for fear of going high, get low is the way ahead!
DSVP and SVP Flt ops say little or nothing.
that’s the situation at EK NOW
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This probably hasn’t helped!
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Protesters have been identified, tracked and terminated.

Individual tracking was usually not necessary because there was a strong overlap between those who had warning letters, for example, for strategically using their sick days, and those who complained. Use of performance metrics meant that virtually all the complainers were eliminated in the first wave of terminations.

Nearly all of the remainder of those who were posting embarrassing facts on social media could be identified when they used their local internet accounts, which are controlled by the dictatorship. The labour-intensive process of correlating crew schedules with postings online was almost never required. Virtually everything could be automated, and those who were not terminated have been scared into silence.
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Absolutely no guarantee anyone is now safe . Increase 380 could equate to decrease 777 . Bean counters dream ! VP redundancies gets the big bonus .
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So nobody here uses VPN when signing in here? That should be one of the joining rules.
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well vpn is just a short term hide
as a ISP can capture the data packets and store them they can be decrypted later - vpn is only immediate safe and technically makes only sense when you have a time depending transaction - e.g. bank transaction - where parts of the transmission become invalid before you are able to decrypt it
in communication it does not make a difference because I can trace you days later once the job is done
therefore yes it’s possible to track someone for his comments weeks after you placed your statement
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Use a TOR browser with VPN if you wish to remain anonymous...
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WB1900 is correct, even TOR doesn't help. You will be posting with a username, unless you signup with a new account every day.

Your posting content/history is what links you to your post. Some of the older threads are now locked, so your history can't even be 'sanitised'. Likewise, your handle is another clue, as most of us use similar names on different forums.

Anyway, I’m reasonably certain that it wasn't anything on Prune that ever got me in to trouble!
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Originally Posted by WB1900 View Post
well vpn is just a short term hide
I can trace you days later once the job is done
Challenge accepted! Prove it. Find out my identity and post it on this thread.

No, a VPN is safe and an anonymous account cannot be traced. Companies want you to think they know who you are, but they don't. Works in their favor.

To decrypt a VPN with AES 256 encryption (industry standard encryption - the logged packets you refer to, assuming the ISP has them):
World's fastest supercomputer: 27,337,893,038,​406,611,194,​430,009,974,​922,940,323,​611,0 67,429,​756,962,487 years.
All the PCs on earth combined: 13,668,946,​519,203,305,​597,215,004,​987,461,470,​161,805,5 33,​714,878,481 years

I dunno about you, but guessing you're probably retired by then.
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Thread drift !
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I agree I the point itís impossible the way you mentioned but there is a but - you are referring to a brute force attack - which means you try to find the key by trying all possible keys
secondly the article you are referring compares computers based on FLOPs which means floating point operations per second which is the most useless way of targeting the problem
AES does not have floating pints in the calculation ist pure byte operation
while a floating point operation reserves an amount of bytes after the comma - which in this case is a waste of processing power. a specialized ALU (arithmetic logic unit - which probably have heard of in while reading of GPU ) has a large advantage on crytptography as it shift bytes parallel without having to spare space after the comma
nevertheless to say that an ISP or state internet surveillance unit does not go on brute force.
a hacker sniffing your network might have to, as he cannot record the whole conversation between a vpn server and your client
And even he could, he would need more calculation power than he possible can carry, to just decrypt the every single time changing handshake encryption of your vpn
and exactly there is the catch
the two vpn partner need to handshake and confirm the way the will encrypt in future, which implies they will exchange part of the keys to be on the same page
while the hacker will not have all required communication between two endpoint stored from a single catch, the ISP will, which tremendously reduces the effort of finding the encryption keys along the vpn
an ISP can store every single bit and byte a long way back which likely will allow him to catch the essentials to decrypt your Pakets in the long run. Usually you download a file from a vpn provider which gives you a certificate and other key information to uncover the protocol information during the handshake - this is the first piece of the puzzle.

the question is only is it worth to get the information of the individual

just a little one on the side if AES is impossible to hack the NSA would have given up a long time ago - but they didnít and the reason is simple, they are able to collect all the bits an pieces to finally decrypt your data pack

but you are right in the point for you and me it is impossible because of the calculation power required to start a Brute force attack
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Ericsmith I think you are missing the point.

You (or your account) is new here, you haven't said anything 'controversial'. Simply, it's not worth the effort...

If you have 100s of posts, each one may provide part of a clue to your identity - to someone in your organisation.

A VPN helps you connect & secure a connection. It doesn't mask your identity on a bulletin board forever.

Hence this thread, Muted, have all been hunted down?
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well worth or not sits only with the attacker
nevertheless people have been silenced by the pure fear over being hunted down following their posts on social media
personal I believe that posting on Facebook is more trouble than PPRuNe as anonymity also increases doubt over the source of information
but Certain companies are restless on increasing the fear on your own shadow
still I strongly believe if you want to hide on the internet first you need to understand the details of the the tools you use and secondly you actually can’t hide if in the same spot for a long time
It’s guaranteed that ME companies want spent more money on preserving their reputation than they want to spend in the motivation of employees so no bad comments are drifting out - and that’s a funny thing - in the long run paying of newspaper, social media, and other Organisations costs definitiv more than investing into motivation, but the devil on their shoulders tells them to frustrate, demotivate and spread fear in order to control you rather than making you having respect
managers down their must have small man Syndrom as they want to force you rather than making you do it
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One of the biggest mouths on here hasn't been active since June. Not sure exactly when he snuck out of EK but "f" was apparently just ahead of the boot up his arse due to the frequency of his anti-company posts on here and his shabby turnout on upgrade and in the Sim. Still, while not the sharpest tool, his redeeming feature was he called a spade a spade even if he did generally fire from the hip. Don, how's ya 'mate' doing back in The World?

Droop, they're in one of three categories:
Sacked and moved on
Cowed into submission by threat of the above/beaten by the ban
Grown out of it.
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"Muted", "Fear", all a question of awareness and been around for as long as I care to. Early days of this site, I fell about at one poster replying to another said;" I think I know who you are & I think I know where you live " ! We then all know about the unmentionable. Still the case. Joining my outfit, I was told to watch what I said (always a blabber) in the pubs & clubs. Better to be one of the invisible crowd. Couldn't help it though and after one spat, said to a colleague in the supermarket ;" I'm in trouble, can you get me into the RF ?............could still here him laughing long after getting into my car.........
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That hardly makes any sense whatsoever, Gordo. A case of gin and post? Or are the marbles rolling away?
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Mutters: Sobriety also required for reading. Peruse the previous posts & you might (not holding my breath) get the flavour as the discussion developed. As it is the season of goodwill, i'll try, just for you, to be less intellectual. Point is that, working in the ME requires one to be under radar rather than sticking your head up over the sand dunes. Voice criticism on media sites and criticising too pointedly elsewhere places you in the cross hairs for an early exit. Best to take the experience of the "unmentionables' and be "muted" and "afraid". Whole point of this thread.
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I recall an English guy about 17/18 years ago make a very casual off hand comment to a mate which was overheard by someone ( leave it a true that) , long story short , he was gone shortly after. Nice guy as well.
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