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can You believe I called Hr aerovista and they confirmed they are recruiting Pilots!
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For which airline?
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Red face

So we have a NEW poster saying it is not a scam...."can You believe I called Hr aerovista and they confirmed they are recruiting Pilots!"

Just read the opening page on the internet of the real https://www.aerovista.aero/
"ATTENTION! -----> There is a fraudulent email being sent out from a gmail account, claiming to be from Aerovista regarding employment opportunities. This email is being sent from different names and domains claiming to be our HR department. If you receive such emails, please disregard them immediately and do not click or open any links to keep your personal information safe. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this scam."
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Are you sure you called the right number @ Flavio Melcop.
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Looks like another version of the aerovista one,

[email protected]

INSAT AERO is currently have a requirement for sales, marketing executives or representatives, aircraft engineers, Pilots and other position related to aviation industry who have an understanding of the commercial aviation industry. We are looking for individuals who feel they can enhance our dedicated team of professionals in various regions throughout the world.

Interested applicants, should simply send answers to above questions alongside update CV through Email.

Full Name?
What position are you applying?
What is your expected monthly salary?
What is your nationality?

Due to continued growth and expansion we are now looking for an experienced expatriates to join our team immediately.

Andres Mika
Hr Director
Dubai,United Arab Emirates
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Originally Posted by EFB123 View Post
Clearly a scam. Email was sent from a Gmail account. Never trust a business that sends an offer that sounds too good to be true which is coming from a @gmail.com address.

I also wonder how they got all our email addresses, I definitely never shared mine with them!
You can always check if your email address has been leaked via a data breach here: https://haveibeenpwned.com
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Thanks mate.
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I got a Contract sample copy from Aerovista back in December 2020, with a start date January 2021.
This came from a g.mail Account ! ( I believe this was a scam!( When I phoned the offices no one answered etc.
Does anyone know more about this !
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Hi I received the same info today about Isat Aero. I havent even mentioned my e.mail
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A variation on the insat from above. Maybe they pay well??

Also a different address [email protected]

Dear Applicant,

The INSAT-AERO company was founded back in 1993.In those difficult
nineties for the country ,we were one of the few who professionally engaged
in private business aviation in Dubai ,organizing business

Your profile matches our Employment Recruitment @ INSAT AERO
Kindly answer the Questions below along with an updated copy of your CV/Resume

1. Full Name:
2. Kindly send your CV
3. Three Positions you Target with us?
4. Expected Monthly Salary in USD?

Best Regard
Andres Mika (HR Director - INSAT AERO - DUBAI)
Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Last edited by Rie; 24th Mar 2021 at 06:55. Reason: added the email address of the well paying, non scam job
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does anybody know about this company!
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Great opportunity for those that got the lay off
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Caution -scam
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For sure,

I just got another one from another email address: [email protected],

Dear Applicant,

We have reviewed your CV as posted on cv database and we have shortlisted you for an interview @ INSAT AERO AVIATION COMPANY DUBAI UAE

Please confirm your availability by sending your updated CV/Resume for further screening and verification,

1.Full Name......
2.Three Positions you Target with us?.....
3.Expected Salary in USD........
4.Contact of Current or previous Employer (Optional)

Andres Mika
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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hi guys
just received an offer job letter for CpT position contract for 2 years and they ask me to contact a travel agency AL YOUCEF for my work permit, it’s pretty weird which I didn’t I did ask a zoom session for next step and also a link for company web site

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If its like the Aerovista (Highly likely scam) they will ask you to pay up front for your work permit.

Why would you have to go to a travel agent by yourself to get a work permit? below is part of some
BS letter from someone claiming to be aerovista march 2020ish.

The Employee is requested to contact the below office, which is responsible for the
processing of his or her Valid UAE Work Residence Permit / Visa and then should forward
it to the INFINITY TRAVEL LLC for Verification and confirmation.
INFINITY TRAVEL LLC will guide you with all the necessary requirements / fees to assist
you procured your residence work permit / visa, Any expenses incurred shall be refunded
to the Employee after 5 working days of concluding all Immigration Process.
You have to make contact with the address given below for directives and assistance on
the acquisition and procurement of their valid residence Visa and work permits papers

Please note that it remains our official policy that all Employees will incur
the expenses for their Residence/Work Permits processing as a proof of
their seriousness and commitment to join our working team.
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How they want payment ? Bitcoin or Western ?
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Big scam. Pay attention to the syntax and vocabulary; far from an official, serious letter. Note the emphasis on “expenses,” “fees,” “work visas,”etc.
To the best of my knowledge, no serious company in the UAE will ask you to obtain a work/residence visa on your own.
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More about Insat aero scam email here,


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