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Chances for EK

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Chances for EK

Old 7th Nov 2016, 02:18
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Chances for EK

Hi guys. This would be my first post on this forum. I'm an ATR72 pilot from Malaysia and has met with the requirements for FO in EK. My question is how likely is it for me as a turboprop pilot to get into Emirates considering I'll be going up against the big boys with jet hours during the selection process. Has anyone with prop experience ever made it into Emirates? Thanks and I'm very aware of all the negativity about EK but it's better than what I'm getting here back home so no complaints.
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Old 7th Nov 2016, 03:06
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Originally Posted by koji188 View Post
I'm very aware of all the negativity about EK but it's better than what I'm getting here back home so no complaints.
People like you are what is wrong with the industry and why it's getting worse. EK will love you. Idiot
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Old 7th Nov 2016, 03:49
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Maybe you are whats wrong in this industry

Complete no need for your comment. If its a better deal for him thats great.

The reason why it is getting worse is because of the economy and these massive companies pushing terms and conditions further down the toilet. Its a world wide issue.

Maybe you should go work in Malaysia and see how you like it

To answer the original question. Yes people with turbo prop time get into EK. you can probably fly better than most of us here. Mostly i have heard good things from the trainers regarding turbo prop guys.
Do your research, its not all rosy. But if it works for you then go for it. Lots of guys like it in EK for their personal reasons. You generally dont see happy people posting here because they have better things to be doing

All the best
Good luck
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Old 7th Nov 2016, 04:16
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Ignore Speedbird, he's your typical Pilot that feels hard done by with EK. It's not your fault EK can't recruit anymore. Nothing wrong with TP time. Some of the jet time pilots have some questionable "jet" time in their logbooks and have not passed where as some TP pilots have done very well.

Recommend you do your homework so you are not surprised if you get the job.

Good luck
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Old 7th Nov 2016, 04:37
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Speedbird, absoutely no need for that comment, even though we all know you would stay at your shitty TP job in Malaysia and never take the better opportunity. And yes, I agree with other posters, sometimes we are our worst enemies. Sad. And that's the real reason why the profession is so devaluated nowadays.

Koji, my advice is that you prepare well and that you know what you are really getting into nowadays. EK is not what it used to be, which is putting off a lot of applicants, there is a reason for that and even though it will be a career progression for you there might be other that suit you better too.

I think EK selection process is very fair and comprehensive, (i can't believe I'm praising EK for something nowadays but it is true) which means that if you are good and you perform well in the simulator and other assessments, your experience level will not dictate whether you get the job or not.

Make sure your English is very good if you are not a native speaker and make sure you have good handling / scan skills - i am sure you do if you been flying a TP for a while. Best luck.
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Old 7th Nov 2016, 09:07
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Chaps, put yourself in speedbirdhopefuls shoes. You spend all of your dad's money buying your first job. After three years years you tell everyone that you have been selected to go to a warm beach paradise to be fly their 777s. Tax free, maids, limos to work, high life for eternity. You arrive to find you have to work hard to exist. The jets just don't shine like they did in the brochure.
Of course all this is caused by some ATR FO in Malaysia.
Koji, good luck with your application. EK is different to other airlines. Everyone who gets an interview has the job until you talk your way out of it. Relax, do your best, and it should be OK if you can fly the SIM.
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Old 7th Nov 2016, 12:43
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Chances for EK?

Very high
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Old 8th Nov 2016, 03:34
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EK are no longer going to hire TP applicants. As from last week apparently.
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Old 8th Nov 2016, 03:40
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I'm sure they still have enough jet applicants.
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