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BAYMAC Huge hike in Rates

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BAYMAC Huge hike in Rates

Old 12th May 2016, 13:30
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BAYMAC Huge hike in Rates

Just had the annual renewal through from Baymac for
next year. I cover Myself, wife and 2 kids, Its gone from $3000 to $4587, which is frankly a ridiculous increase. (I have not made any claims)
They are saying its due to big medical increases in U.S medical costs etc.
Can anyone tell what is the annual cost with AETNA for a family? I cant find any info on this. Thanks.
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Old 12th May 2016, 15:46
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I guess your children are over the age of 11. That is the biggest change. Children up to age 19 used to be free but now you pay the student rate after age 11.

My big concern is the trend/precedent that this sets. It could very quickly turn a reasonably priced, aircrew friendly healthcare plan into a very expensive and uncompetitive product.
I would suggest to Baymac that we have the option of removing medical cover in USA (for those that are unlikely to need it) and that an appropriate discount be offered.

We will not be renewing otherwise.
Old 12th May 2016, 17:34
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I'm of the same opinion, just want to to get some info on whats happening out there.
One of my kids is over 11....
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Old 12th May 2016, 20:50
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I'm still paying 3k for two adults and for global coverage, it's a fair deal. BTW, BAYMAC are simply the group administrator that allows us to acquire the coverage and they don't set the premiums, Clements do. Price a similar policy as an individual and you'll be shocked at the cost, if you can even find coverage.

I don't have coverage for children so can't comment on that.
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Old 12th May 2016, 23:20
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Yes, it has gone up considerably. And this is probably NOT what you want to hear, but that is actually a very good cost if you have any type of a very serious medical condition that requires care in the USA. First thing the EK medical coordinator will ask you if you have a serious medical condition is "what type of other insurance do you have". If you aren't covered by other insurance, you very well could be confined to care the UAE...or your other choice is spending a HUGE amount of your own money to receive the PROPER medical care for extreme medical situations. Unfortunately, I know this all to well. And no...we had no forewarning of the impending medical mess-up/situation that occurred in Dubai. You never think it will happen to you...until it does.
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Old 13th May 2016, 01:39
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There are high quality hospitals outside of USA.

Europe, Australia to name two.

Thailand and Malaysia are also now excellent centres for health tourism and have extremely good private health care infrastructure.

So, for those of us (the vast majority I suspect) who feel that they do not need expensive USA cover, I think the option of a geographical restriction with an appropriate drop in premium is a reasonable proposition to put to Baymac - if they wish to keep our business.

As an aside, the USA pharmaceutical industry is reported as having the largest lobbying budget in the world and the higher BAYMAC premiums for USA do not, imho, reflect on any better health care in USA. Rather, they reflect on the huge profits that companies in USA make out of the healthcare industry.

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Old 13th May 2016, 05:02
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I was by no means implying that there isn't quality health care in other countries, and I am not trying to say or justify that the USA health costs aren't ridiculous.

In our particular situation we needed a very specialized doctor at a center of excellence and we only had EK insurance. The choice of where to seek medical care can be a very difficult choice if one stands to permanently lose a flight medical and more importantly a serious permanent loss of quality of life. Until you are in that situation...please don't throw darts. I can tell you this though...you will probably want the best care no matter what country that may be in and with a doctor who will be held accountable in all ways, especially if the reason you're in a current bad condition is from a medical mess up.

Obviously, it is one's choice to seek medical care where ever they choose. I was just trying to give a heads up. I stand to be corrected, but if you are not an American, isn't the Baymac rate lower? Same with APC Aetna possibly...just choose the option to not have care in the USA.

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Old 13th May 2016, 08:42
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The only darts thrown are at BAYMAC / Healthcare Insurance in USA which I think we all acknowledge as being ridiculously expensive.

If AETNA offers geographical exclusions and BAYMAC does not, then BAYMAC is probably about to lose a lot of business.
Old 13th May 2016, 10:27
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....offers a USA exclusion which cuts the premium by about 50%. For trips to the States you can phone them and they charge a reasonable premium to provide cover during your visit.
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Old 17th May 2016, 09:27
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Smile Baymac

I had a few claims with Baymac and got my money very quickly. I think this is because the policy is Lloyds of London and Lloyds pays. I agree that Baymac should get Clements to offer everyone Non-US cover which is available for regular international insurance plans. I wouldn’t compare Baymac to Aetna as Aetna has a lot of hidden exclusions and I hear pilots get caught between EK and Aetna when neither of them want to pay. I agree that Baymac is more of a member service provider but they should try to get Clements to offer a lower alternative or look at other options from other insurance companies. I also don't have any children covered so no comment on that.
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