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Rosters Today? + days off

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Rosters Today? + days off

Old 23rd Jul 2015, 09:22
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Rosters Today? + days off

Any bets on if it'll be out today, along with rostered hours and days off.
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Old 23rd Jul 2015, 09:44
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Since July is a 31 day month, I'll take your bet. The muppets won't have the rosters out a minute earlier than they have to. What is it, "...no less than seven clear days" or something like that? No less than.

Two more days, Mr. Monarch.
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Old 23rd Jul 2015, 14:22
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Hardly post on this place , but I just got to take it off my chest....

What the heck is happening with this rosters , less than 10% of satisfaction on a second to top month , but not only that , also 3 nasty flight nobody want to do this is getting unbelievable ....
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Old 23rd Jul 2015, 14:24
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This month's offerings are out now. Almost wish I had the weekend to live in blissful ignorance.......
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Old 23rd Jul 2015, 14:56
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Fack 5 - you were WRONG 😈
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Old 23rd Jul 2015, 18:18
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being a closet conspiracy theorist.....I believe the declining roster satisfaction is put in place to make us accept the new (and improved!) roster garbage program soon to served up our collective arses

just my slightly biased opinion
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 08:13
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21 days without 2 consecutive days off!! Contact crew control who inform me a rest day will be changed to a day off making my roster legal!! Guess who will be 5 minutes late on that flight! Rosters are a joke. 330 rosters at least!
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 11:14
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Nothing to moan for me.....
got vacation and from the 21. till month end i only fly 44 hours....

in 8 days half my productivity.... WOW I am such a company man....

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Old 24th Jul 2015, 12:40
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Fifth straight month of "productivity". So pleased we're not short of pilots
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 13:50
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97 hours and 8 days off.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 13:58
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Can't complain then, only 96 hours.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 14:05
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Excuse my ignorance but are you guys honestly flying in the high 90's figures?
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 14:15
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91 hours... I don't know why people complain about living in Dubai, it's now become an extended layover!
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 14:28
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theoretically I have over 100 but I will press 2, just trying to be a good example, if enough press 2 they would have to hire more or even better stop people leaving
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 14:36
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Are your hours including bunk time?
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 14:41
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Pretty much everyone on 380 and 777 working overtime.

I think we are all aware that EK pays overtime at a rate that is CHEAPER per hour than the hours we work below overtime threshold.

Thus, EK is not short of pilots, they have exactly the minimum amount they can get away with, (denying accrued leave to most of the flight deck crew against their contractual agreement) and working people at a cheaper rate than they would be if they were to hire more pilots and kept everyone below overtime threshold. Simple.

I never heard of any company or job that pays overtime at cheaper rates than the normal work hours. Unbelievable.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 15:08
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Before I answer your question, may I say how apt your name is for this thread!

Yes, we are indeed flying the hours mentioned here. I'm rostered for 96:40 block hours - not a single minute of those are in the bunk; every one is with the left seat of a Boeing 777 strapped to my backside.

Too Much?

Way Too Much.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 15:16
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Aussie Farmer is spot on. So called "overtime" which is more aptly named "productivity". There is no overtime. There is no incentive. No real overtime pay for your hard work. You slave away for a measly sum and they will happily work you into the ground while claiming to be short of crew. Press 2 as required.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 15:23
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short flights long nights
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Yes too much, guys have been flying 92 hours a month for years now. But it appears that is now going closer to the 100 mark. Add the fact that bunk time is factored, and there is no credit for ground or sim duties it can be much higher than that.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 16:11
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Only getting 2 days in a row off every 14 days and they're also using Vacation days to meet these requirements. I give up...
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