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THY 20% increase 777/330 for 70h per month

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THY 20% increase 777/330 for 70h per month

Old 7th Apr 2015, 17:30
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THY 20% increase 777/330 for 70h per month

Seems THY just increased their salary by 20% on the 70 hr per month roster.

Along with a roadshow in Dubai.

Would this tempt the EK guys or not?

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Old 7th Apr 2015, 19:04
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Yes, agree it seems pretty low to me?

And then you have to worry about home taxes too in many cases.

All these airlines need to get with the programme.

The bench mark salary for heavy jet captain on a contract needs to be around 18k to match the Chinese offers out there and ME carriers to some extent when you add in the perks. But if you need a job mates of mine seem to think its ok.

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Old 8th Apr 2015, 08:45
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Yep,if they want to recruit from the pool of pilots in the Asia area,they will have to do better than 11000 usd
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Old 8th Apr 2015, 09:14
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Remember too that this is at todays exchange rate. With such a volatile currency you need to be compensated accordingly, either with a high salary, or exchange protection. I see neither.

Just like most of the other airlines, I don't see them doing anything to meet the market. What I do see, is requirements dropping to get the numbers they need to fly big shiny jets.

The 2000 Lira accommodation allowance is not enough for anything bigger than a 1 bedroom apt in a crappy building. This allowance was the same as 6 years ago when the Lira was substantially stronger. Any rent contract here increases by 10% per annum, but the allowance doesn't.

Long haul is a good gig, but do not come here for money or job security!
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Old 8th Apr 2015, 10:17
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Why do you think the company wants to attract ex EK guys? Let's be honest where are all the sandpit pilots going to go tax free apart from SE Asia? Saving money? Yes why not, Turkey is not nearly as expensive as Qatar or Doha and even after all costs it's not difficult to save. Many of the European 777 guys live in their home countries and come day before flight.
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Old 8th Apr 2015, 12:48
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11000$ for 70 hours
Vs how much for 95 (which is 35% more flying).

To that, you can effectively commute - Get a life - (Cannot be said the same at EK).

More is better but you have to compare apples with apples.
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Old 8th Apr 2015, 17:41
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The bench mark salary for heavy jet captain on a contract needs to be around 18k to match the Chinese offers out there and ME carriers to some extent when you add in the perks. But if you need a job mates of mine seem to think its ok.
Remove half of it in tax, reduce the amount by a large portion since it's just a lie until you sign the contract (written in chinese btw) and add the cockroaches in the nice hotels, also that the FO that doesn't speak a word of english and even has his QRH written in Chinese. You are now comparing apples with apples.
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Old 9th Apr 2015, 05:47
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Your right the bench mark in China for a widebody Capt does seem to be 18K.
Which seemingly pales in comparison to what is on offer for narrow body Capts (500hr PIC) on a 737/320, with far superior commuting contracts IE month on / month off, if you can't avail yourself of the limited overseas based options.

However hold on, Hainan has improved their terms and I suspect Beijing Capital when they get their 330s will offer an industry leading package.
China Eastern have 20 777s coming, plus who knows what else is in the pipeline.

As LongReach allude to in their ME recruitment flyer, there are going to be some interesting developments over the next 18-24months in Asia, more so China, as the Chinese carriers expand their ambitions.
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Old 9th Apr 2015, 06:37
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If an airline is offering the right package then the applicants will come to them and not the other way round, as we are now seeing with TK coming to Dubai. Draw your own conclusions.
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Old 9th Apr 2015, 09:04
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Hear what your saying, but even the legacy carriers attend job fairs in the US.
Seem to recall that even among the list of Top ten companies to work for in UK/USA etc, they all still advertise and attend campus events to recruit and actively headhunt.
So I wouldn't suggest just offering a good package means a firm (airline in this case) can rest on their laurels and not go in search of talent.

IMHO what is more important, are what are the actions of the company (airline for this discussion) to retain the talent they have recruited, rather than constantly allow inflation to ravage their salary, seek to extract every single ounce of productivity (to the detriment of said talents QOL and ultimately safety), while imposing arbitrary rules and procedures, designed to stroke the ego of the latest narcissist (oops manager) installed in the corner office. (Wherever in the world, said airline is located).
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Old 9th Apr 2015, 09:07
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Yes , draw your own conclusions
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Old 9th Apr 2015, 11:07
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That's really way below market rates, they'll struggle to get guys from the ME!
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Old 10th Apr 2015, 11:15
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I disagree that TK will have trouble getting guys from the ME.

I do agree that the pay is not where it should be BUT… at some point to the ME pilots, money is not the issue. They will say enough is enough with the 92 hours a month, lack of reasonable vacation and time off between trips to fully recover etc

My guess is the TK Road show in Dubai will be standing room only. But I could be wrong too.

Old 10th Apr 2015, 15:49
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If the number one priority in a life is money, to the detriment of your health, sanity and family life, I pity such an existence.

I've personally resigned from 2 very well paying jobs, simply because my mind and body told me this wasn't going to work. First time was because I'd stayed enough time as an expat away from family and friends. The job and the company was great, but my gut told me it was time to go home. I didn't have a job to go home to, but left none the less. Through the network I landed a new job within a few months of moving home, with more responsibility, better pay and prospects, than the previous one. Trouble was, my boss was an idiot, the company was run by fools who had a collective track record of multiple failures, yet carried an air of grossly misplaced superiority. Senior management were, to a man, a bunch of megalomaniac [email protected] I gave it my best, as I do have a very deeply rooted sense of obligation, but eventually my body told me this was going to end bad.

So, I resigned my position, and in the process had to make several 'downgrades' to my lifestyle, including moving into a smaller place and discard the poseur wheels.

I'm still back home, and through the network landed another job. This time I'm working for a great guy, with a great team of people, doing something I truly love. I'm also making less than 75% of my previous salary, but there's no happiness to be found in buying expensive, and largely unnecessary, things when you can't sleep at night, have no social life and wish your boss and the company would just go away forever.

If any of the above reads even remotely true for someone trapped in well-paying job that's driving them nuts, deep down you know there's only one solution. And trust you me, a Mazda 3 will get you just as well to the shopping as a Range Rover will. Even better, it will likely do so in a place where every other fellow road user is a not certifiable madman, with an overinflated ego fuelled by a V8 hauling 2.5 tons of air-conditioned metal.
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Old 10th Apr 2015, 16:04
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You missed your calling as a Psychologist!! I think you completely nailed it for many an EK pilot these days. Money is pretty good but at what cost?

The rosters are killing us slowly and it's time to move on….

Old 10th Apr 2015, 18:16
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NO, the THY pilots have not had their salary improved by 20% or whatever. Maybe in 2 months? In 2 years?
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Old 10th Apr 2015, 18:49
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Call me paranoid if you like but has anyone else noticed that most people posting negative thoughts about other airlines we might be thinking about joining have only made one or two total posts?
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Old 11th Apr 2015, 04:07
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Originally Posted by Bus Driver Man View Post
I was renting a brand new, fully furnished, 1 bedroom apartment for 1600 TL.
4 Swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, super market, hair dresser, etc. included.

The opther option is that THY pays for the hotel in Istanbul. Most of the captains I've met there took the hotel option, since they were only a few days in Istanbul.
In Halkaly..aka Halkatraz. sorry but that does not qualify as Istanbul or as anything more than an esthetically questionable array of dormitories built on a dump ( that is what the place was and you can still smell it) As said if you don't want to feel like an outcast in an unfriendly area, if you have a minimum of sense of esthetic and want to enjoy the positive side of not being in the desert ( but with a free villa or apartment) your balance is in the range of 3500 / 6000 TL for 1+1 to 2+1 and it will increase 8/9 % per year. The hotel..well..you will have to move out of your room every single flight ..go figure...

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Old 11th Apr 2015, 06:46
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In Halkaly..aka Halkatraz
Spot on bob777. There are apartments that go for that amount in Halkali. For those of you not familiar with the area, it is an isolated third world dump. You cannot go outside the compound without a car. The area is a filthy s###hole.

I was renting a brand new, fully furnished, 1 bedroom apartment for 1600 TL.
Think about that for a second. You can rent a 1 Bedroom apartment in a very very poor location for 1600 lira. Plus with inflation in Turkey, landlords typically want 10% increase. So not long before the 2000 Lira only just pays for that too.

As an example, a 3 Bedroom apartment in Halkali was 1300 Lira only 2 1/2 years ago. Now its more than that for a 1 bedroom!! INFLATION IS HUGE!

Conclusion = Allowance is not enough.

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Old 11th Apr 2015, 07:46
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@ twentyyears toolate

What about the leave allotment , how many days a year ? Is it correct that you will/can get winter -12 days and summer -8 without days before or after?
And is it correct that they (can)give you a flight at 01:00 the night your annual leave ends?
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