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No poach .....No more...

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

No poach .....No more...

Old 19th Mar 2015, 21:10
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No poach .....No more...

I'm told that the no poach agreement that stopped us from going to another of the ME3 is gone.

Makes me wonder who would stay and who would go considering upgrade times and working conditions. If free movement is truly possible now between the 3, what slave driver would be the best option?

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Old 19th Mar 2015, 21:14
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You may have to substantiate this tasty little tidbit before the discussion can proceed further.

Who "told" you this, pray tell? Maybe I'm crazy, but sometimes things are posted on PPRuNe that are less than factually correct...*gasp*
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Old 19th Mar 2015, 21:20
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I was shocked to hear this too!! This is a rumour network but I did hear this from a reliable source who was informed by cleaners who were cleaning the top floor long drop

Seriously, don't shoot the messenger. I'm just putting out there what I've been told. Don't forget it's a dog eat dog world out there. I'm sure all the ME 3 are looking for guys and will happily snap up any unhappy jock looking for another GIG. That's the reason that I thought there could be some truth in this " tidbit "


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Old 19th Mar 2015, 21:29
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Yes good point but I wouldn't be surprised if it is true.
Straight from the Townsville refueller, he reckons that with Saudia now in the market needing just as many as EK; EY & QR and QR with their new A320 start-up too. All the while Turkish delight and Ethiopian drag more in also. Apparently no one turned up at the Air India roadshow recently and then there's the new startups and expansion of Asian airlines...
Would not be surprised if airlines now adopt the "Every man for himself" attitude in recruitment.
Where are all the pilots going to come from though?
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Old 20th Mar 2015, 00:57
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I heard that India will be the new source for pilots...But it's not confirmed though.
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Old 20th Mar 2015, 02:56
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Azzuri that would be good news, just been dusting off my licence, no need to get a fake ATPL now, I a m sure my present one will do!

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Old 20th Mar 2015, 05:40
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Really? It appears that the shortage is already in India....

Azurri, Are you sure there is a huge supply? Anti-poaching legislation looks to be on the horizon even in India according to news.com.au from 12 March 2015.

IT’S one of the biggest airlines in India, so when it opened its doors for a series of job interviews last week it expected a flood of applicants.

However, the recruitment drive ended in “deep embarrassment” for Air India when nobody showed up, according to the local news website Hindustan Times.

Held over two days in Hyderabad, the fourth biggest city in India, officials were seeking to fill 197 open commander (captain) and first officer positions.

The airline had even flown in a panel of senior officials and experts for the special event.

So what went wrong?

An unnamed airline official told the Hindustan Times that it was the first time the airline had organised walk-in interviews and the event was “mismanaged”.

“The board members were lodged in five-star hotels, and not a single person turned up,” the staff member said. “Ideally, applications should have been invited online and panellists flown in only if there were applicants.”

Another crew member said: “It’s a statement on the state of affairs at Air India that a once-sought-after job failed to attract a single applicant.”

The airline has been dealing with a lack of crew since last year, which has caused flight delays and cancellations. It was also left red-faced in January when it forgot to schedule pilots on a flight and was forced to ground it.

The situation is so dire that the Indian government has announced plans for “anti-poaching” rules which would bar airlines from stealing crew and pilots from each another.

Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mahesh Sharma told the Indian Express that the poaching of staff “results in crippling shortage of trained manpower for airlines” — such as in Air India’s case.

The airline has only managed to stay afloat with help from the government under a bailout program granting them a package of $6 billion in April 2012.
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Old 20th Mar 2015, 07:34
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This is communism if it’s true, No one should tell anyone who to work for.
If airline A pays less then Airline B, who has the right to say that one can’t move to Airline B..
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Old 20th Mar 2015, 11:19
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Not second hand info, but first hand info.....

I was there. In fact I asked the question re. poaching and specifically if our esteemed colleagues an hour south of Dubai and EK have any reciprocal anti-poaching measures in force. Interesting, the current Boeing CP said 'yes', but was then instantly corrected by the HR lady present who confirmed actually, no. No such anti poaching measures in force between EK and EY. This week....
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Old 20th Mar 2015, 11:59
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This anti poaching thing is "not official"…. probably can't be even in this part of the world. Rather, it's an "unwritten policy" between the ME3. But I'm pretty certain it IS in effect!

That's how it was explained to me.

From a number of years ago...

Old 20th Mar 2015, 12:01
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Heard a similar report over here on the dark side at FZ, with it even going so far as to suggest that FZ folk whom might be keen to go over to EK, but whom are hamstrung in that desire due to still being subject to some level of 'bond' by FZ, would have any outstanding bond 'paid off' by EK, albeit that the amount 'paid off' (to FZ) would then be added to the bond that would be imposed upon their arrival within EK.

Now if any of that's true, it suggests that EK are getting desperate and, seemingly, are now quite prepared to stamp all over their younger FZ brother.

That said, it'd make good sense for EK do that (i.e. pay off bonds) wherein the recruitment process & quality of recruits are likely to be very similar between EK & FZ, and that EK then gets an in-situ candidate (i.e. someone whom is already here, living & settled in Dubai), and that this scheme would bond the heck out of them (so it's not so easy for them to run away when the penny drops that it's all "same shit, different airline").
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Old 20th Mar 2015, 12:13
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Within the big 6, let's say, poaching is allowed in the sense that if you have an acceptable letter of release from a big six employer then this big 6 company will employ you. I was surprised too but this is a fact, poaching is allowed within the middle east provided your employer gives you the paperwork you need.

Currently 13% expansion per year in the middle east, that means double in 5 years, which means an additional 10,000 pilots by my calculation(super rough). Asia including china double in 10 years, so M.E. is still where the real growth is.
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Old 20th Mar 2015, 12:13
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Exusaf , I take it you are at EY and also know pilots at EK.
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Old 21st Mar 2015, 03:40
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Masters of our own destiny

I am quite happy at QR as are most (but not all) of the people I work with. There are issues that are annoying, but not enough to make most unhappy; more "mildly displeased". Each of us comes from a different background and has different objectives. One's personal situation bears greatly on satisfaction. CAVEAT: Pilot satisfaction DOES vary greatly by fleet.

We are the masters of our own destiny and nothing makes a stronger statement than moving on from an unhappy situation. Pilots are (generally) intelligent, conscientious individuals. We are able to balance benefit and reward and if the scales slip in a negative direction either change the environment or move on.

Life is too short to exist in an intolerable position. There are inherent difficulties working with any of the ME carriers. They can be overcome with some planning and thought as to exactly WHAT is required to make one's life positive and proceeding accordingly.

Grass is greener does not apply in the desert.

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Old 21st Mar 2015, 08:23
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Anti poaching agreement truly in force as I was told by EY that I would have to resign and leave EK for minimum of 3 months (ban) even before I can attend an EY interview.
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Old 21st Mar 2015, 09:04
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nothing wrong with a 3 month vacation
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Old 21st Mar 2015, 09:22
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Well hold on there a sec GoreT, 3 months away from EK would mean almost (or over) 300hrs missing from the Crocs logbook...

(Sarcasm for free)

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Old 21st Mar 2015, 09:56
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Hey Croc

I was told the same thing from the big one south of Dubai.
3 months minimum waiting period after resignation.
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