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EK crewing levels coming home to roost?

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK crewing levels coming home to roost?

Old 9th Jan 2015, 17:18
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EK crewing levels coming home to roost?


No more flight deck swaps that involve Days off
Unrostered double turns for CC
Overtime threshold lifted for Feb
Plus many more signs of a rapidly impending crewing crisis

It would appear things are about to get a lot worse around here!
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 17:28
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Easy fix, fatigue report followed by days off
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 17:38
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short flights long nights
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Good bye, have a lovely life. ( directed at management not the people who choose to stay)
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 18:05
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Double Turns were forced upon an unsuspecting cockpit crew as well the other day I have been told…. and if refused, would have to come see JA! So looks like it's not just cabin crew….

It just keeps getting better and better……..

How in the world will this airline hire up to 450 pilots for this year??? And more…. how many applicants will they have to interview to get that 450???
Old 9th Jan 2015, 18:10
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short flights long nights
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I just can't wait.
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 20:02
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"Show me the money"... and I mean a lot more money.
Their whole package simply doesnt compare anymore with what's on offer globally now, even with a few of their neighbors.
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 20:07
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One of the GR2 crew on a trip a couple of weeks ago arrived at HQ a few minutes late after initially leaving her ID at home. As there were no airport standby crew remaining, she was allowed to operate and avoided an absent!
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Old 9th Jan 2015, 20:45
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Please excuse me for not sharing your emotive displeasure at a 'double sector' but there is only one question to ask. Was the duty requested of the flight crew within the prescribed FDL's? If it was, they are not in a position to refuse it, simple as. If it falls outside of the FDM, then discretion is with the commander, not JA!

I'm not saying that we're not short of crews, but lets be mature enough to decide what battles to fight. If you are a Captain out there, grow up and grow some. And not necessarily in that order!

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Old 10th Jan 2015, 03:46
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Reminds me of a story I heard about one of our captains calling the duty pilot one evening over something trivial. The duty pilot happened to be an Irish DFO. He apparently asked said captain to have a good look around the flight deck and if he saw someone with 4 bars on his shoulder get him to make a decision!

True or not I certainly could imagine it coming from said DFO. Made me laugh either way.
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 04:15
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By the way it is THEIR decision --you have simply forewarned that you will not go into discretion so if they still want you to go that is THEIR risk. Just make that very clear.
Put it in writing to the manager on duty, and request confirmation of same of acknowledgment from the MOD via scanned copy with his/her signature. You have your options should they refuse.
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 07:04
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Can't disagree much with what you say but...

Lets think this thru a bit, shall we:

Would you get an increase in flight pay for this?
Would you get overtime pay for this if you had 91:30 up to that point?
Would you be then removed from a future trip that month to remain under 92?
Would you get the increased overtime pay plus that flight pay as well?

I was just passing along what I heard….

Old 10th Jan 2015, 07:32
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Someone give some reasons for going into discretion out of DXB. There are plenty of mgmt. pilots that could take up the slack. These issues don't just crop up usually. Remember, it's Captain's Discretion, not Management's.
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 12:13
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Expect phone calls from scheduling on days off....hope you give them the correct answer!
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 12:41
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Have they called anyone on days off recently? I don't care how much they offer the answer is NO. I've gone "the extra mile" for quite some time.

Also, I flew with a Ryan air guy the other week that was happy here, and he didn't know of any other Ryan air guys headed back. I just wonder if there is any truth to the rumor.

Cap, don't worry about Harry. He's either high on life or drunk on the company kool aid. He's very happy at EK (or is a management troll). He has some decent posts but is still a puppet for EK. It's good to play Devils advocate some times but he is the kind of guy that would happily accept a double duty(as long as it fits within the FTLs). It's guys like him (and others) that are why our quality of life is under constant attack and the terms and conditions are dwindling.
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 14:59
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No, I'm not a management troll.
No, I'm not drunk on the Company Kool aid. In fact, far from it.

Yes, I am high on life. (Financially secure, healthy and happy family, safe environment, nice house, great friends)
Yes, I'm generally happy here in Emirates. (see above)

And yes, I would do a double sector if it was required and was safe and legal. For two reasons. Firstly, I would have a hard time justifying not doing it. When you sign in, you're signing in for the full FDP. It's little different to having a tech problem then being delayed 4-5 hours. Secondly, believe it or not, FDM's and management do appreciate gestures such as this and I may one day need a favour in return. I speak from experience and assure you that I have indeed been assisted in the past.....on several occasions. That's why I try offer a balanced argument. In 12 years, I've extended into discretion 3 times and refused once. I heard nothing further on that occasion. I didn't just extend for the companies sake, but for the 350 people sat behind me.

Oh, and a final no. I will not work on a day off. So you can be rest assured it's NOT people like me who are responsible for your dwindling T&C's!

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Old 10th Jan 2015, 15:40
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I'm pretty sure management used to appreciate gestures such as the one outlined by Harry but EK was a different company then. I think the chances of getting favours returned now are pretty small. Heck they won't let us do legal swaps most of the time!
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 16:08
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sheiken around
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I got a call for a "favour" a few days ago....was happy to tell them a resounding "NO" - and don't ask again.

Happy New Year to All !!!
Old 10th Jan 2015, 16:35
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Expect phone calls from scheduling on days off....hope you give them the correct answer!
Never mind giving them the right answer, just don't answer the phone when they call you on a day off!
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 17:09
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We've had quite a few Emirates guys to interview for DEC at easyJet recently. Available bases of Gatwick, Amsterdam, Naples, Lisbon, Porto.

Mainly citing accomodation issues as the reason to leave.
Were these guys ex-A320 Captains working as FOs on the 380? Or current 330/340 Captains with 320 ratings on the Licence.

EasyJet will only interview you with a 320 rating at the moment. Gatwick unlikely as most of the places going to Monarch trainers. Other bases great if its where you want to live.
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Old 10th Jan 2015, 20:38
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I'm sure the Ryanair F/O's are only happy because they still can't believe they are getting fed and watered!
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