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777 Captains to 380 again

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777 Captains to 380 again

Old 15th Sep 2014, 06:35
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Yeah, not the most coherent sentence I've ever written, Mullah, I'll try again!!

I'm saying that passing up the 380 if you would otherwise want to go to it in some kind of show of solidarity to the Airbus boys and girls is a bit futile, as if they don't get enough volunteers they'll just draft them in from the more junior 777 ranks.

It doesn't help you, it doesn't help the 330/340 guys, and it means a more junior 777 Captain will be forced onto the 380 when he doesn't want to go, so it's something of a self-defeating strategy.
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Old 15th Sep 2014, 19:40
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Was any 777 capt forced over Last bid? No, do you think it's going to be any different this time ? No

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Old 16th Sep 2014, 04:38
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They were planning forced transfers about a year ago, FB, but a change in the numbers meant they let 330/340 guys go instead.

I imagine they WILL probably get enough volunteers, but my point is is they don't, they'll draft, not open more positions up to the 330/340 pilots.
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Old 16th Sep 2014, 14:52
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it "seems" that there aren't enough 380 F/O's with the requirements to be upgraded so they have to move 60 (sixty) CPT's from 777 to 380.
For the above mentioned reason they will need more 777 captains (all from upgradings) and new joiners (hence more TRIs).
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Old 16th Sep 2014, 15:35
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Yeah, those 6-year A380 FOs with 4,000 hours of heavy Airbus time arenít ready for a 380 command, but the Boeing guys who upgraded at 4yrs and 2,500 hours T7 time are. Come on. Just align the 380 upgrade mins in line with the 777 and youíll have plenty of qualified FOs to nominate for command.
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Old 16th Sep 2014, 15:40
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I love it:

"They have to move" tractor drivers to the 380....
Some time ago we heard the whale astronauts gloat about how many of them failed or needed additional training (so be prepared ..!)

Anyway, nobody will be forced, there's no problem here:

Enough JD drivers who will apply (but would never admit!)
Enough FOs on the JD to upgrade (good for them!)
Enough LC-to-shiny-jet-wannabees in the pipeline to fill the ranks (ohh god ..!)
Enough just-upgraded-and-immediatly-wannabe-starred to distribute their infinite wisdom onto the main fleet (ohhhhhh god ..!)
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Old 16th Sep 2014, 17:27
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So I have 12000 Airbus time 9000 of which is wide body. I also have 2300 hours on the 380 with Emirates. Upgraded on the 330 with Emirates just short of 3 years ago and probably average 8-10 trips per month which generates minimal monthly hours due to all being turn arounds. Fly to India consistently at night with monsoon weather, or Africa or war zones. However I'm not suitable for a 380 upgrade!! But my Colleague who joined 777 on the same day and happens to have 3000 EK command time but not a single hour on any Airbus qualifies for a 380 transfer..

Somebody tell me what I'm missing??????
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Old 16th Sep 2014, 17:38
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Most probably missing the Middle East logic...
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Old 16th Sep 2014, 17:40
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It's all LOL, lack of logic.
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Old 17th Sep 2014, 19:34
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main fleet.... Yep Gloeybaby. The Main Fleet is indeed the Super Fleet... Keep your chins up!
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Old 18th Sep 2014, 23:01
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Having recently spoken to the appropriate department, I can tell you they require approx. 40 captains to transfer and have so far received over 100 applications

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Old 5th Oct 2014, 10:15
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its so funny they bitch but volunteer, just the junior guys keep bitching cos they won't get transferred anyway
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Old 5th Oct 2014, 12:00
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So funny indeed, going on the A380 is a mistake but some guys have just a TOOOOOO big ego I guess.
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Old 5th Oct 2014, 19:44
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Why is it a big mistake ? If all you want is a 777 rating then fine but have a look at the overall attrition . Go somewhere else now and don't waste your time here.
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Old 6th Oct 2014, 07:48
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Attrition ?? what are you talking about. Attrition rate in EK in below 1.5% apparently???

As for the 380, probably ok if you are doing your last 5 years in EK and have no plans to go somewhere else. Otherwise why would you go on the Super unless you have a size problem......
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Old 6th Oct 2014, 08:01
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The A380 is far from being a type rating that will not get you a job elsewhere. The whole Airbus family from from the A318 to the A380 are incredibly similar to operate hence the ability for MFF. If an A380 pilot wants to convert to the A320 the course is a matter of days.
There will be plenty of jobs advertised when the A350 comes along that will state "Airbus wide body experience required".
In my opinion the A380 is a far more useful type rating to have for these very reasons.
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Old 6th Oct 2014, 08:38
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Your opinion is not supported. Ask any of the the 380 chaps who have applied for the numerous 330 jobs in the far east. For all of them, currency on the 330 is essential, currency on the 380 is meaningless.
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Old 6th Oct 2014, 10:08
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So when the A350 gets delivered how are these companies going to get type rated people? The Chinese and Korean carries have strange rules and regulations including the medical which is far more detailed than the GCAA but I would have no interest in working for any of these I know enough people who have and would never go there if they had their time again..
I had an email from an agency 2 days ago wanting crew for an A340 operator and they were quite happy knowing I fly the 380 but have 6000 hours on the 330/340.
I am quite happy on the 380 the rosters are generally good with 3 or 4 trips a month that's not to say I like what is going on at the moment with the company.
I am not worried one little bit about not being current on a classic Airbus type.
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Old 6th Oct 2014, 10:55
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Emratty, just for your info, if you want to convert onto the A320 from the A380 you have to do a full course!!
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Old 6th Oct 2014, 16:10
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Palm, that's my point, attrition is low ie not many are leaving once they get a 777 rating so why is it a big mistake to go to the 380.
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