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Emirates Application Aircraft Type-Variant

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates Application Aircraft Type-Variant

Old 27th Aug 2014, 20:10
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Emirates Application Aircraft Type-Variant

Stuck at this point on the emirates application. Arcraft Type-Variant

Nothing i put in allows me to move to the next page?

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Old 27th Aug 2014, 21:04
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Bin the whole application. You will thanks us later.
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Old 28th Aug 2014, 15:03
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Thanks that is really helpful.
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Old 28th Aug 2014, 15:20
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sheiken around
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He's not kidding...spare yourself years of grief !!

All that glistens isn't gold !!!
Old 28th Aug 2014, 16:29
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Use Internet Explorer version 7
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Old 29th Aug 2014, 15:24
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Nope that didn't do it.
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Old 29th Aug 2014, 19:08
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I can assure you that the frustration you are feeling at something as simple as a website not working correctly is pretty much the same sensation you will feel working at Emirates and living in Dubai, except multiply it by about infinity, times as many years as you stay there.

Get used to the feeling. It is an infinitesimal representation of what you will experience if you manage to get past that hurdle and countless others. Buy hey yeah, shiny jets tax free rides to work blah blah blah.

The other two comments were trying to do you a favour. Really.
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Old 30th Aug 2014, 10:48
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I agree with the please don't do it comments. Am not normally one for posting, and try not to be negative but the EK boat sailed about three years ago. It's going to be a long, long time for command and everything in front of the cockpit door is basically budget. Think about the unmentionable airline up the road!
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Old 30th Aug 2014, 21:07
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you did say "thoughts?" at the end of your question....

Actually, you got off pretty easy...many before have been gutted.

welcome aboard.
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Old 31st Aug 2014, 03:46
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Don't post very offen but all the other Threads on this airline should be giving you the hint. If you enjoy your lifestyle and more you health, cancel the application and stay away.....

Last edited by RUB 1 OUT; 3rd Sep 2014 at 05:14.
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Old 31st Aug 2014, 06:28
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Understand that the EK website runs on about 7 different programs all patched together. It works OK when you are at headquarters, where every computer there is set up for it. However, when you are trying to access it from home, you need to go through 3 different applications just to get to your required training module. If one of them has been updated and your current browser settings are not compatible you need to call the IT department to get it sorted. I would firstly recommend not applying here as several people have already warned you!! If you are however unemployed and this is your only option, call EK ask for the IT department and they will get you sorted.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 22:35
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I'm confused at what point in this thread was there a question about EK or the the lifestyle?

There wasn't a question about it nor did I want everyone's personal feelings/input.

All I was looking for was a simple answer to an issue with the website that I'm having. Not looking for everyone's opinion on the job, application, ek, or the middleast.

So please if you can't answer the question then don't post.

Mods, please delete the posts that aren't dealing with the question. Thanks.
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Old 2nd Sep 2014, 23:18
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Then what would these guys do for fun???
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 08:10
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I thought that the original poster simply asked for "thoughts?"
The responders replied with their thoughts. If they are not what the OP wanted, perhaps they need to be more specific?
The fact that they have given their time to reply to a thread that will offer them no benefit speaks volumes.
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 09:10
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I thought reading and understanding a text or a question was a requirement to join EK.

Obviously I was wrong.
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 13:41
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Dear Confused

I am beginning to understand why you are having problem filling out the app. Let me suggest Calling EK asking for the IT department, and let them walk you through how to configure your computer. They should have it sorted for you in 20 min. Moderator please administer appropriate beatings.
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Old 3rd Sep 2014, 14:22
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Obviously the original "Thoughts" comment is for any thoughts on how to make the app work.

Typical internet tough guys. Sigh.
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Old 4th Sep 2014, 04:32
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Believe it means base airplane then variant. Eg. B737 then -300/400/500/600/700/800 as variants just as an example...or A320/319/321 etc...
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Old 14th Sep 2015, 11:51
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you must type ''Other-Aircraft''
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