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Just so you know what to do if...advice by the police.

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Just so you know what to do if...advice by the police.

Old 27th Aug 2014, 05:14
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Just so you know what to do if...advice by the police.

Sorry gents but I could not let this gem of information go by for those in the Knoteetingham arenas. Just to make sure everyone remains safe, the police have advised people how to handle a failure of their Cruise Control stuck in the ON mode. I love the order of priority to control the defect. Apologies for not being directly avaition related but it is worth the chuckle and know what's going through some other road users minds in our area of operation.

In the event of a cruise control malfunction:

1) Keep calm and make sure your seat belt is on

2) Put on the hazard lights

3) Call 999

So you still have not tried to tackle the runaway car yet while 1 handedly driving to make a phone call and put your seatbelt on.

4) Put the gear on Neutral (N), then turn off the engine

Ok, so you now turn off the engine and your power steering and brakes will fail to operate and you lose complete control!

(there was no step 5 given, the mystery continues)

6) If that fails, push on the brakes firmly and steadily until the car eventually stops

But you now realise the brakes wont work, why is that?

7) If the previous method also fails, slowly pull up the handbrake while firmly holding the steering wheel

Well, firmly holding the steering wheel is as good as anything as you have now lost complete control of your vehicle.

8) If that also fails, change the gear setting from Neutral (N) to Drive (D) repeatedly

The link to the article in a well known local paper from earlier this year is HERE
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Old 27th Aug 2014, 05:20
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My god, they breathe and walk amongst us.

Hard to believe some jerk was paid to write that.
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Old 27th Aug 2014, 05:45
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I tried all that, it's rubbish.....the cruise control still doesn't come on, all I get is an error caption.

Did they say anything about taking the car to a repair garage?
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Old 27th Aug 2014, 14:48
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I move over when they zoom up to be 10cm behind me.
Not worth playing games with them
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Old 27th Aug 2014, 15:17
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Silly me - I'd assumed all those blacked-out Land Cruisers bullying everyone out of the way on SZR were driven by idiots who couldn't be trusted with a camel, never mind a 3 tonne tank.

I now realise they're not idiots at all - they've just got their cruise control jammed on at 130kph.

All is well.
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Old 27th Aug 2014, 17:45
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This thread could be good!

Abu Dhabi wife stabs 'cheating husband' with kitchen knife over affair | The National

Lt Col Jomaa Al Kaabi, head of psychological crimes unit at Abu Dhabi CID, warned married men who are planning to cheat on their wives to avoid keeping any sharp kitchen utensils.
There you have it. Before you cheat, empty the kitchen lads!
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Old 27th Aug 2014, 19:55
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Now i know why my woman wanted ceramic knives for our anniversary
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Old 28th Aug 2014, 09:25
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Jack, as you are clearly struggling to understand car issues (for those with no sense of humour, I am being sarcastic!!) please read on to find out some more relevant information on filling up your car with fuel:

Guess how many Dubai residents rather pay than fill own petrol
UAE residents are used to fuel station attendants topping up our cars, and it’s not something that we’d like to see changing anytime soon
By Shuchita Kapur
Published Thursday, August 28, 2014
Whether it’s help at home or the many attendants outside, filling our grocery bags or our car tanks, UAE residents can claim to be better pampered than their counterparts in most other countries.

Even as most countries in the world have done away with the luxury of someone else topping up your car’s fuel tank, UAE residents are used to it, and it’s not something that we’d like to see changing anytime soon.

This was confirmed by the results of an online poll run by Emirates 24|7, which reveals that just 8 per cent of respondents would willingly pay a fee or a charge for an attendant to top up their car’s fuel tanks.

A recent story by this website stated that Dubai’s fuel retailers Enoc/Eppco have been seeking their customers’ feedback on whether or not they’d be willing to pay a service charge for fuel dispensation, and how much. Read: Will you pay Dh50 for not filling your own fuel?

Almost 9 out of 10 respondents (86 per cent), however, said they won’t pay a fee to get their fuel tanks filled up. Of the majority cost conscious drivers in the country, 53 per cent said they would do it themselves and not pay.

A quarter (24 per cent) said they’d use only those petrol pumps that do not offer self-service while almost 1 out of 10 respondents (9 per cent) said they don’t drive a car in UAE, staying out the hassle to pump or pay.

The remaining 6 per cent who voiced their opinion said they’d cough up the charge but only because they do not know how to operate a pump. For such respondents, here’s a quick guide.

How to fill your car tank

# 1 Drive in and park your car with the gas tank facing the gas pump.

#2 Turn off your car engine and open the fuel cap. Read the instructions on the pump. It could tell you to insert your form of payment. Sometimes, you may need to pay the attendant inside the station and not at the machine.

#3 Then, choose your grade of fuel. Make sure you’re filling the right fuel – do not confuse petrol with diesel. Dubai has two grades of petrol: Special (95 octane) and Super (98 octane), with the latter being more refined and, therefore, more expensive.

#4 Insert the nozzle into your car’s tank and start pumping on slow mode. Remember to turn your head away so as to not breathe in the fumes.

#5 You can either stop at a certain price or continue until it automatically shuts off, which means that the fuel tank is now full. Do not try to pump fuel after that – it may overflow.

#6 Pull out the fuel dispensing pipe/nozzle and place it back. Close your car’s fuel cap. You’re good to go

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Old 28th Aug 2014, 11:54
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This was the response in a Gulf News article to the suicide of a Sri Lankan man in Sharjah, earlier this month.

The official warned the public, especially workers, to stop thinking about ending their lives, stressing that it is a criminal act in addition to being against the teachings of Islam. He urged people to be patient and to seek advice from religious scholars whenever they have problems.
You couldn't make it up!
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Old 28th Aug 2014, 12:53
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don't scare me. This would mean I have to put my cigarette away when I fill up the truck. And do you know how long it takes to fill up a 100 ltr tank in this heat ?

Don't wake up sleeping dogs and propose European service
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Old 4th Sep 2014, 21:09
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Just to put your minds at ease, cars have power assisted steering, not power steering - semantics, but the difference is that you don't lose control when the PAS is off, it is just heavier as there is a direct mechanical link (dump trucks, fork lifts and so on use hydraulic steering with no direct link, so are not fail safe). Likewise brakes, whether it be through vacuum operated servo boosters or electrically powered brakes. Parking brakes, however, are a potential problem, now that premium brands are using electronic rather than mechanical systems. Most require the switch to be operated for several seconds before they will function with the vehicle in motion, but with the ignition off, who knows? But, pretty stupid advice all the same.
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Old 4th Sep 2014, 23:26
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Try that on a Rolls Shadow or Spirit and you are in for an exciting time.
Citroen CX and XM even more exciting.....
2 tons of car with a dead engine needs Hercules to turn the wheel IF the pessure accumulators are in good condition and the engine ran long enough to fully charge it/them you have a finite number of pedal-presses before you have no braking at all.....the Rolls parking brake is foot-operated.it is not an effective stopper at all...the Citroen one, when adjusted correctly, will hold effectively but if braking ,the miniscule pads will overheat and fade PDQ

If a Cruise control manages to defeat all it's fail-safe defaults, aim to the sideof the road,control speed with the ignition switch until safely parked.
Hey! didn't Great War era aircraft have their enginescontrolled like that?
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Old 6th Sep 2014, 14:17
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Better still, just don't buy a car with such lack of redundancy and the need for so much powered assistance. Uh-oh, that sounds almost like an AvB debate!
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