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Try that on a Rolls Shadow or Spirit and you are in for an exciting time.
Citroen CX and XM even more exciting.....
2 tons of car with a dead engine needs Hercules to turn the wheel IF the pessure accumulators are in good condition and the engine ran long enough to fully charge it/them you have a finite number of pedal-presses before you have no braking at all.....the Rolls parking brake is foot-operated.it is not an effective stopper at all...the Citroen one, when adjusted correctly, will hold effectively but if braking ,the miniscule pads will overheat and fade PDQ

If a Cruise control manages to defeat all it's fail-safe defaults, aim to the sideof the road,control speed with the ignition switch until safely parked.
Hey! didn't Great War era aircraft have their enginescontrolled like that?
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