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Emirates Airlines Joining

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Emirates Airlines Joining

Old 15th Jun 2014, 17:36
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Emirates Airlines Joining


I just wanted anyone's opinion and/or feedback on whether one should make the move to Emirates airlines since I have been recruited successfully ? In particular I would love the opinion of guys already in EK !

I am currently PIC On A320 with 2000 hours PIC on type and almost 5000 hours total time. After having completed the EK selection process I am being selected for the A330 fleet. I am also aware the fleet could change by the time one actually joins, so no idea whether it will be A380, B777 or A330/340. Of course the entire package in the form of tax free salary, company accommodation, education allowances and so on are attractive. I have also considered the move to Dubai and am comfortable with adjusting with the lifestyle as it is similar to where I come from.

The toughest decision for me yet has been to consider leaving my command and I'm not sure what is the command upgrade scene in EK going forward.

Is the move wise ?

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Old 15th Jun 2014, 17:44
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the lunatic fringe
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Far more serious, and unforgivable, is that you have posted in the wrong section...
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Old 15th Jun 2014, 18:10
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short flights long nights
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Read the ME section re upgrades.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 02:01
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You have "almost" 5000 TT, and 2000 A320 command??!!

They sure do things differently in India ...
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 03:11
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And Englishe Level 6 too no doubt.........
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 04:10
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By all means please come join the 330 fleet…everyone knows it is by far the best fleet to be on. Interesting layovers and many turn trips available. In fact, the 330 fleet has the most trips to India. So should you be lonesome for home…you'll get to go there A LOT!
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 05:06
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What if you Have plenty of Boeing time and no Airbus time but want the A380. Seems like a reasonable thing doesn't it.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 06:21
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This is obviously a very important decision for you and you should consider all of the potential implications before making a decision.

Regarding quality of life on the 330. It's not great at the moment with limited layovers and lots of night turnaround flights. As you said, things can change but planning for the worst case helps in managing expectations. It is possible that you could be stuck on the 330 until the end which is supposed to be around 2017. Then you'll probably be sent to to the A380 fleet, which is a great place to be. However, at the moment you need 2500 on type to be eligible for a 380 command. We are talking potentially many years before you get back to the left seat based on the path outlined.

EK isn't a terrible company to work for. It's gotten a lot worse recently and probably will decline further in the future. But there are definitely worse places to work out there. The bottom line is that your decision to stay or join EK is a personal one and nobody can make that decision for you. If you're happy where you are and your airline is stable with good career prospects then perhaps you should stay. If the opposite is true and you don't mind dealing with some of the possibilities I've mentioned above, then by all means come.

Good luck in your choice whichever way it goes. Just make sure that your decision is made with your eyes wide open so that the regrets will be minimized down the road.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 07:06
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Always ask yourself the question.."where will that put me in 10 years"...
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 07:14
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Yardman's comments are spot on.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 07:36
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Great thread, one question followed by 6 trolls spewing abuse then a decent answer. Here is the skinny on EK.

The package appears attractive from outside but Dubai is a very expensive city to live in. I joined a long time ago. At that time the allowances covered the costs of life reasonably well, since then they have all deteriorated. Working conditions have been changed and every time productivity has been increased it has not resulted in any improved remuneration. The changes are always hidden using subterfuge rather than manning up and telling the pilot group directly. Presently we are already over a month past the pay review date with no news.

Dubai though is a bigger factor, Ironbutt is spot on, don't just consider the career, consider the whole picture. Most expats feel a pull towards their family when they 'have' to leave the sandpit. From then on it can be a tedious place to live with your heart and loved ones elsewhere and insufficient options available to escape.

Bottom line: Conditions have never improved, command times have never got shorter but you will get a nice new pilot's bag on joining.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 09:06
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As mentioned above, EK is still one of the better deals around when you consider all factors.

Just on operational "gotcha", especially on the 330 and 777 fleets. If you are unlucky enough to lose 2 engines in flight, do not be fooled into thinking that your APU is already running: that high-pitched whine you are still hearing is your cockpit colleague still going on about his last pay review....
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 09:22
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Since you've already attended the selection process and have been assigned a course, it is a bit late for this thread.

It seems you've already made up your mind.

Coming from India, you will feel right at home in Dubai, although the costs of living are significantly higher and increasing rapidly. The company's admin structure, policies, bureaucracy and user interface are also very typical of the region and will be a frustration to only those coming from the West.

The A330 fleet is used mostly on Middle East turnarounds during the day, and India and Pakistan turnarounds during the night. Expect to fly around 600-700 hours a year, although with only 7-8 days off a month.

I would estimate that you could see the left seat again around the middle to late part of next decade.

Good luck with your decision.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 09:28
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with 5000hrs TT you will be one of the most inexperienced FO's in the company. 5000 just about gets you a PPL in EK. Expect 6 to 7 years to command and don't expect it to be on a 330 or 340.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 10:49
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Firstly you will not be very inexperienced in EK with your total hours. Our recruitment minima (as you know) are a lot lower than 5K total, so I would take that with a pinch of salt.

If you are on your own with no family then it could be worth it but to give up a 320 command and move the family over for a RHS 330 is (in my view at least) not worth it - all things considered. Especially if the company doesn't address the cost of living in Dubai and reward us accordingly. Bear in mind that you will be stuck on a F/Os salary for a good few years.

Don't move just for the sake of getting widebody time as the 330 will be doing flying that will probably be similar to what you are doing at the moment.

** Edited to say that based on the latest pay review that was just announced... the signs for the future don't look good. **

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Old 16th Jun 2014, 12:44
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You have "almost" 5000 TT, and 2000 A320 command??!!

They sure do things differently in India ...
And so do they in many other places such as europe...I and many more were one of them
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 18:04
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Never give up your command once you have it. I would suggest staying where you are for another 5 years or so, then gambling that EK are offering DEC positions again.
Old 17th Jun 2014, 11:46
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Joining Emirates right now is possibly one of the dumbest moves that you could make.

You have guys who have been here for years warning you about the situation here. You have announcements BY THE COMPANY YOU WANT TO WORK FOR that display their desperation to get people to remain here....ie increasing the bond to $45000/5 years.

Enjoy your command in India....there is nothing like going to work and flying with your favorite captain every day.

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Old 17th Jun 2014, 14:49
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Now that is funny.
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Old 17th Jun 2014, 15:03
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Yardman sums it best.It is a personal decision and all the best with that. Do not base your decision to move solely on the view of some of our "professional" pilot colleagues here.

Some pilots have moved to the ME from first world nations where having labour unions or minimum wage rules and complete freedom of expression are not given a second thought to. They made the decision to move purely on the widebody/time to command and the attractive brochure and interview process. When things haven't gone the way it was planned and the fizz dissipates from the fizzy babblech, frustration and angst seeps in.

You have lived in India and survived , got your command on the 320 possibly with a low cost carrier and 33 years old. Talk to relatives/friends who live there about life in Dubai and things your wife and kid(s)? needs like jobs,school, housing etc. Remember , it's their country so be prepared to follow their rules , making the move from India is much less a culture shock for you and your family than say someone from US/AUS/Europe .

If command comes again in 10 years as some have said , you will be 43 with a total time of 11000 hours and good narrow body and widebody experience , is that really that bad? EK isn't perfect but please show me a perfect airline to work for in India , I'm readying up my CV.
It's your decision to make that won't come very often and all the best

On a lighter note, here's an awesome video on our passengers haha


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