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EK Pay review

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EK Pay review

Old 16th Jun 2014, 16:05
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My maid got a bigger pay raise this year!
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 16:36
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Before you guys get your knickers in a knot, its a crap deal here but I would rather be here eating biscuits and cheese than being in Oz, dined on caviar and lobster then facing the chop (or a slap in the face called demotion) at QF. Always understand that there are always others worse off than we are. Bitching on PPRuNe may help vent but doesn't change anything.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 16:50
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But we are not in Aus are we?
We are in Dubai with low wages and runaway inflation. The pay needed to go up to compete w other Widebody airlines and it didn't even come close to keeping up with inflation.
This is insulting but we deserve everything we get with the attitude we carry.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 17:08
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Oh bravo PPRuNe, placing an advert for emirates recruitment at the bottom of this particular post, fantastic sense of humour!

Can someone please answer me this-

Alan - why are we consistently having pay reviews that are leaving us with less disposable income each year? What have we done to deserve this while the company makes huge profits year upon year?

Tim - you told us we would be looked after financially, you lied to us. What did we do to deserve this?

Do management at Emirates appreciate the correlation between employee morale/motivation and customer service? No wonder more and more passengers are complaining about the decline in service, you're treating the front line with no respect.

Personally, I have no children in school, I live in company accommodation and I understand the 3% step is contractual. I have therefore been given a 7aed an hour payrise- which is not backdated as previously implied.

Please explain your reasonings to us, at least show us that basic level of respect.

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Old 16th Jun 2014, 17:31
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I was planning go to work tonight, but pushed two and now watching World Cup all night. There's my hard work and support.

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Old 16th Jun 2014, 17:32
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Croc Dundee, not having a go, but you forget to mention one thing.....

The Guys and Gals in Oz have something we could never dream of: Protection.

They may face demotion, or even worse the arse, but QF will have to pay them for it, so at worst they will get a nice redundancy payment, on top of their Superannuation, they'll get paid for leave and sick leave that they haven't used, (yes, it accrues!!!), and they will get to remain in a country where they are not left hung out to dry, medically, with schooling etc etc etc etc etc, and etc! They have "Contracts" that their Employer must abide to also. Imagine.

If I got a call tomorrow from my previous employer to go fly the Maggot around the sunburned country as an F/O, I'm pretty sure I'd be packing my bags, and would have to run to keep up with the missus to hail a cab to the Airport!!

Unfortunately, in this industry, that won't happen, as once you leave a "good" Airline, it's rare that they will have you back. Don't forget seniority also. We made a sacrifice to come here. Somehow it seems that instead of some reward for it, we are getting punished more and more.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 17:38
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Way to stick it to the company.

Congratulations on stiffing a fellow pilot. Enjoy the oikball and I do hope you choke on your chips.

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Old 16th Jun 2014, 17:52
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Tight pants.

I think u mean congratulations on a couple extra days off this month, and thank u...don't mind if I do. We all get a go being the safety valve on reserve. C'est la vie!

I'll enjoy my evening. Just to be safe I'll be sure not to eat any FRIES...mate.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 17:55
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Pressing 2, the most selfish thing you can do. You're not screwing the company over, you screwing your colleague over. Why would Emirates care? They just call someone off standby.

What goes around comes around.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 18:10
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I got pulled out every stby my last reserve month. Pardon me for thinking of little 'ol me. Smh.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 18:16
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I was called out every assigned reserve period for my last 3 reserve months. What's your point.

You didn't screw the company...you screwed a colleague it's as simple as that.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 18:18
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Hear hear, TS and HD!

Selfishness breeds selfishness, Whairdhugo.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 18:29
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Unbelievable stuff from TCAS. Living up to his name. Inflation in Dubai according to Bloomberg is 3%. So the contractual rise covers that. That's TC's statement covered about us being protected. Still nowhere near enough though. A 5dhs rise for FO's is nowt short of insulting. I feel for the guys who just joined, getting shackled into what probably looks good on paper, but after a few years starts to stink like the metro in August. I can see a fair few resignations in the next few weeks and months.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 18:35
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Well then Whairdhugo, whilst you sat down to watch the football the point appears to have flown over your head.

You've informed us that you've gone sick out of a (misguided) protest against Emirates management. Do you realise that these managers won't even know you've taken this action? They genuinely couldn't care less.

As mentioned above, all you've really achieved is demonstrating to us that you lack professionalism and respect. Funny that, you expect respect from your employees but then show none to your colleagues.

You should hope that the pilot who was called off standby was Portuguese and you've saved him from watching that game.

The rest of us should hope that you change your attitude and this 'press 2' mentality can stop spreading.


Ps. Fart master please explain how this could possibly 'help pressure be brought to bear'? Especially at a time when there's countless pilots on standby, especially First Officers.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 18:36
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You are complaining about selflessness when Emirates hires DECs?
EK is the most selflessness airline there is. I got mine now everyone else can go piss up a rope.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 19:28
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Well Harry, you seem to have an opinion on everything, what do you suggest...?
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 20:01
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I suggest we stop taking our frustrations out on each other. I hope that answers your question.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 20:07
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No solution but to vote with your feet

There is no way out guys apart from leaving.
This is a very very clear sign of what "they" think of us.
This was the last year they had to show us that we are worth something and they had this one chance to put the pay up to show the world they were the best airline e to work for and instead have let everyone know what clear message is to be sent.
The good days of EK are well over.
The ship is sinking.
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 21:36
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The fact that those upstairs took a month to wind us up for a firm kick in the teeth is staggering.

The word is well and truly out to "newbies" thinking about coming to the pit.

Mrs Alwayz has had enough, so in line with the adage "happy wife, happy life" we are not going to sit any longer, but to make a measured judgment and then stick with whatever conclusion we come up with.

Frankly I am staggered by the slap in the face. As for the new briefcase, well it good to see that senior management have a firm grasp of the important aspects of man management.

Lala land.......................
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 22:21
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this is what happens when you go always go into discretion out of DXB as a standard procedure or flying SFO-YEG-DXB 25 hours duty
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