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Originally Posted by Pointer View Post
Our profit share has just been confirmed!!!

4 crew Turnarounds....

(Edited for accurate emoticon)
Well, it´s being done already and I think I prefer that to a layover in Kiev at the moment...
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Oh lospilotos; where is your sense of adventure ?

And be careful what you prefer, before you know it.. It will be common practice. That and the 1000 hrs a year (deadhead does not count).. Don't think we will have much time on the ground with family nd friends.
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Well according to Sir Tim things are looking up this year:

Emirates looking at new sukuk - Emirates 24/7

Any one's guess what this could mean but I reckon we will get a payout..
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“But not just limited to this, we will also look at other operating vessels such as renting out airplanes as you rent out a house.”
We're going to rent out an aeroplane like a Dubai house? Will we suddenly up the rent 20% at late notice and charge a 5% fuel surcharge only for overseas airplane renters.

I've gotta get a piece of this business.

Can I put a slightly embellished model version of my planes in a glass case in a shopping mall and employ supposedly qualified blonde bimbos to advise potential customers?

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Will he be giving a free Lambo (or was it an R8?) to the anyone renting an aeroplane during DSF/DSS?! Or will he just put photos of a different aeroplane up in the classifieds and tell people that it's basically the same thing?
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Vienna turnaround on the A380 is coming
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Ten years ago Moscow was a turnaround on the 330 and it's one destination I wish still was! I have not heard the Vienna rumour but as far as I know we are not being allowed to operate the 380 into Vienna due to Lufthansa/Austrian objecting. A turn would be feasible in the summer with 4 crew however during the winter it would have to revert to a layover.
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Do CC get rest on Kiev TA?
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Flii - they are meant to. According to an MCC I spoke to the other day apparently Mgmt think they do however it seems as if they do not and unless the F/D state they are due a rest upon briefing - Pursers really don't give it.
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I believe Vienna t/a is a crewmour that did the rounds after some bright spark spotted it in the timetable for end of April... that being a one off op out, deadhead back deal prior to the flight reductions. Someone ran with it to FB and it went from there... so I don't think it'll be a t/a just yet...

Kiev crew are knackered, and none that I know got any rest

(according to the Book crew should get 30mins on a LHR- YEAH. RIGHT)
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Snoop Reliable source....

Informed by a trader in Dragon mart. They have received an order for around 3500 blankets, blow up pillows and seat cushions. Seems we will be getting more than a note book this year for a bonus

Reminds me, I must got get my note book from under the wobbly table leg in Fibbers
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just saw VIE turnaround in may, think it was the 25th or 26th
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Nairobi and Athens were made turn arounds due to events at those destinations, they were never made lay-overs again (except the late NBO). I have fears that VIE will be lost as a layover except in the winter months with the possible delays (Perhaps/ Maybe)
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VIE A380 is a one day event to celebrate 10 years of Emirates VIE-DXB Service . No Panic
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I'm sure these turn arounds will only be applicable when there is a single runway operation in DXB, otherwise it doesn't make any commercial sense.

Why block off 4 seats (round trip) and lose that revenue, that's twice as costly as a night stop, especially to premium destinations like VIE!
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so the 'ulr' ta's are on the cards.

Anyone consider the real consequences. Besides being tired as hell operating back (because don't be fooled into thinking you won't be tired, especially when there is wx (enroute or other) or some other considerations, you wont be switching off on your 'rest') - the 'rest' crew on the return sector will no longer be on FDP, and so will have a seriously reduced home rest before the next duty.

as was mentioned, be careful about what you wish for.

If this is just left to be on a Kiev or other, we all know our friendly roster guys will make it the norm.

And to top it off, it will become a 'rest' in a 2 class (yes, no crc) - as recently happened in an augment CPT. serving 42 pax instead of 8 makes a huge diff in the noise level and the amount of time the bright cabin lighting is left on, besides the fact that the seat doesn't fully recline, and is too small to substitute as a bed (for me and many others). All in all absolutely no rest obtained.

safety above all else - oh no wait that is profit-(not to be)share(d)...
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Just in case anyone thinks we will actually get a profit "share" this year.

Emirates defends no staff bonus, despite huge profit - Transport - ArabianBusiness.com
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For info that artical is a year old, but expecting the same thing this year.
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the other airline received 4 weeks I heard
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short flights long nights
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Yes, the airline that can't be spoken about, got 4 weeks.
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