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I just heard from a wery reliable source about the bonus..

EK is going to "Bone" us for the next year!!

Ha ha, lighten up bitches and get going on that extra mile.

Yes I am 17 years old
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Nah, we'll get a profit share this year and pay rise. Target 4.255B, made 2.2B in first half, traditionally second half better than first.

Used to be in the no expectations can't be hurt camp. Now in the don't ask, don't get and have you seen the Meydan villas, if they don't give a pay rise no one will come camp!

10 weeks and 3+5%
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Lowstandard...what have you been svsdfghsdtq lately

This year like all the next ones, NO BONUS and 0.5% pay rise ( eventually) cause we have been working very hard, have we....
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Hairpin splitting hairs? I'll take a 10 week profit share or bonus!
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Call it a profit share, bonus, extra, whatever you want… …I just want to be paid accordingly..
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There will never, ever, ever be another bonus or profit share, call it what you will, for flight deck crew at EK. Get used to it.

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Don't forget certain 'people' get a bonus by making sure 'we' don't get a profit share.
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There is a big difference btetween profit share and bonus, just ask any VP.
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I flew with a SFS, who flew with a purser, who flew with a local Captain, who knows a secretary,...... Big Bonus this year.
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Motivation nowadays is at an all-time low.

I believe there will be a bonus, because is the cheapest way to pretend that they care about us.

Pay rise is much more expensive in the long term.

Just imagine the "80 day runway closure hell" without bonus, pay rise and utilities allowance change. I don't think they want to explore that option.
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Thumbs up Bonus update! Real facts

I am told by a real source 5 times last year's bonus!
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You are half right....it is not a bonus, but it is totally discretionary!!
Have a look on the portal under Employee Centre > Profit Share, and I think the same wording is used on page 2 of your contract.
Personally, I know it has been a good year, load factors have been unbelievable, and so I'm betting on 10 weeks but won't spend a cent until it appears in my account.....

Group Profit Share Scheme


The scheme will be known as the ‘Emirates Group Profit Share Scheme’ and will be based upon the annual profit results of the Emirates Group for a financial year. The scheme rules will be determined at the sole discretion of the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Group, and may be amended, varied, or suspended from year to year as appropriate.
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In the statement above, last words. "as appropriate". I would appreciate someone enlighten me as to what the conditions for appropriate are. It must be true that it is either a very big book of excuses or a fag packet document stating "because we dont care".
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creative accounting are the words...
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M Crit,

We all know what creative accounting is, but that still does not answer the question of what is considered to be "appropriate"?

Now that EK are buying their own aircraft and not leasing them (several a380s now have "Owned by Emirates") this does mean that the money is being reduced into operating costs alot more than times of old. The continued sponsorships from Grand Prix, cricket, Arsenal, sailing to mention a few has a very high hit on the "profit" margin the company makes.

A few quotes to end the post......

How it is:

When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses.

Does this sound familiar:

Greed's worst point is its ingratitude

And for those who can accept their fate:

It is not the man who has little, but he who desires more, that is poor.
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IATA: Middle East forecast to reach record profits in 2014 | CAPA - Centre for Aviation

Record profits for the ME Carriers ........ And you think profit share will occur !!! LOL people - no one in EK complains
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There is a reason why the Chinese pay so much... they can't get enough pilots. EK doesn't have that problem... so why should they pay any more than absolute minimum necessary to keep attrition at an acceptable level?

As long as there's a line of Europeans and OZ's trampling over each other to come here, there is absolutely no reason for anything to improve.
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Thanks Alan!
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Our profit share has just been confirmed!!!

4 crew Turnarounds....

(Edited for accurate emoticon)
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Seems the glow has worn off. Do y'all still announce yourselves as "THE Mrats 123" on the radio?
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