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The Announcement May 9th

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

The Announcement May 9th

Old 9th May 2013, 14:18
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So we work our ass off, don't get overtime as the threshold is too high and now no profit share......note to self.....don't work so hard, make roster adjustments!
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Old 9th May 2013, 14:22
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Or how about even a couple of SRCs for each employee as token of our appreciation...

Space available would have cost them nothing.

I mean NOTHING really defies belief.


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Old 9th May 2013, 14:24
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6 month mark - 2.1 billion
12 month mark - 3.1 billion

Wtf ??? 80% load factor.
Something is not truthful here.
By the time you add in the contributions to Dubai Inc.'s debt payoff and also all the new infrastructure it was always going to make a huge knock on the declared profit.

As someone else pointed out - Emirates is the only machine around here making money, it's simple maths that they will be the source for at least part of the huge debt solution, even if it's not declared that way.

And I also agree that this IS the way it will be for the foreseeable future until one day demand exceeds supply again and EK struggles to attract enough experienced staff.... and with the state of aviation it will be a long time before more attractive options elsewhere are on the table for employees to consider.

Jus' Sayin'...
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Old 9th May 2013, 14:37
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SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!!! That's what rules and nothing else!!!
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Old 9th May 2013, 15:03
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The company has missed a massive PR trick here. Sure they missed the target but they could have really saved the day by paying a token amount out of the cash kitty which is $7bn. It doesn't take the brains of a sim engineer to work out what two weeks x an average salary x 45,000 staff would cost and its a a very low hundred million or so. In the scheme of the cash pile that wouldn't have much impact yet the effect on morale would have been massive and the PR very good for the company.

I think most people knew it would be a tough year and we all dug in hard working ourselves into the ground thinking that based on the past years we wouldn't have two years of no profit share. I think the two year shock is what's hit home more than the fact its a zero this year.

All rapidly growing companies hit peak, mature then decline its basic economics, same as companies like Microsoft and Apple. They get huge then fall of the cliff and have to reinvent the wheel again and again to regain share. To do this they need focussed, motivated staff. Emirates probably gives more job security than others but that doesn't always motivate no matter where your from.

Us flight deck crew, the CC and even the office boys and girls have been pushed to the limits for commitment but it sure can't keep going forever when its not rewarded.

I think they could have done something really positive here in a negative situation but missed the opportunity big time
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Old 9th May 2013, 15:35
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Well at least we now know how much we are worth to this money making beast
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Old 9th May 2013, 15:37
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You should know by now guys, in the ME>

Its all about the profit!
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Old 9th May 2013, 15:41
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Oh and by the way, fly safe, make sure you take enough fuel!
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Old 9th May 2013, 15:51
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It's a very poor show. We know we're just being used to help line the pockets of others, I said from the start there would be no bonus. Bums on seats is all they care about, get used to it!!!!!
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Old 9th May 2013, 15:52
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Greed, arrogance and utter contempt. The traits of a modern management team. I used to believe in the EK vision but you have finally lost me. Well done. I'm so glad I live away from my country, family and friends to fund football teams, cricket teams, race teams, failed projects, people who can't pay off they're personal loans and all the other numerous souless ventures that pollute our planet with their BS immoral behaviour. Aligning yourself with them says so much about what you consider important. Truly shameful but unsurprising.
I'm taking tomorrow off.
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Old 9th May 2013, 15:56
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I said from the start and I was right, nothing but a thanks.
Just be here for yourself, not them.
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Old 9th May 2013, 16:17
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'It Takes a World' - whatever that means, was this years theme.

Maybe it's about the world of BS contained in the email.
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Old 9th May 2013, 17:27
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Angry Disgusting

An utter disgrace after spending hundreds of millions on sponsorships...unfortunately you find many of my ex-colleagues on the A380 discussion still parsing and loving the place. Feed them and they will come.

Last edited by 777_Scotty; 9th May 2013 at 18:09.
Old 9th May 2013, 18:37
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What took so long Seaman? Like you said you have been here awhile and you are just now disenchanted. What took you so long to realize you work for a scum airline?
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Old 9th May 2013, 18:55
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Danger runway closure

I've heard some disturbing rumours about what their planning in the wolfs layer for staff during the 3 month runway closure....if half of it is true...profit share is probably the least of your worries.

I say u because i'm out of here..very happy for it.

Really hope things improve for you all...a good bunch of guys working their tits of for a bunch of chimps. Good luck
Old 9th May 2013, 20:22
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Well at least the fear factor is gone, warning letter threatening no profit share - Like that is going to work after today.

EK, you have lost the goodwill of a lot of staff today and that may be your downfall.
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Old 9th May 2013, 20:33
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They lost the goodwill last year, this is a repeat of 2011/12 and the same will happen 2013/14 and my thinking is 2014/15 as well. To me profit share will not happen again.

Anyone who has been here for a few years should not be surprised by this.
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Old 9th May 2013, 20:45
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“Profit share or Bonus, whatever you prefer to call these two animals will be whatever is decided by those who govern most aspects of your life. Nonetheless don’t search for rhyme, reason or any measure of fair play. That is a fool’s errand.”

I made this comment last month. I wasn’t necessarily predicting no profit sharing (I actually did expect at least a token), but rather cautioning against searching for rationale behind whatever may evolve.

Yet judging by some comments, we search for justification, reasonableness, explanation, or simply a human touch and find little. And this is because the system of the profit sharing and indeed the whole corporate reward system today has no redeeming features or rational other than pure unadulterated, breathtaking greed and arrogance.

Profit Sharing is extraordinarily simple in concept. Make a profit and some of it will be shared with those who made it possible, even if the lion’s share goes to the shareholder. That means any profit, not that beyond a non-specific, baseless line drawn by pure conjecture. After all if some cataclysmic event occurs in the next financial year the company may be extremely grateful to make a profit at all. And that could be with the full co-operation of every employee to power and work through the hardship that occurred. Would that not warrant some reward?

There is a sense of entitlement in the 1% that controls the majority of the world’s wealth. Indeed I imagine if they bothered to read the sentiment aired on this forum after today’s disappointment some would be extremely indignant. I can only imagine the comments in board rooms:

“We pay them a good salary how can they be so ungrateful?”
“We missed the profit target. What aren’t they getting?
“They are lucky they have a job. Look at the unemployment”
“They are much better off here than they would be in another airline”
“We put up the risk, why do they think they are entitled to any reward?”
“It’s a supply and demand world. What are they going to do about it? Leave?”
And as I have commented on before: “If they don’t like it they are always free to go elsewhere”

There are so many fundamental flaws in all of this that it would take pages to systematically tear down these arguments and conclusively prove them wrong. I would have to go into more esoteric rational and philosophies that it would be beyond the scope of a forum but nonetheless uphold basic facts, truths and age tested outcomes.

So let’s distill this down to what it ultimately represents. Greed, exploitation, manipulation and a worldwide system that is finally devoid of any humanitarian ethos.

It’s easy to make a profit in good times, harder in bad times. The size of the profit bears no resemblance to the effort; it depends largely on the climate. Therefore the fairest solution would be to reward all and any profits. Stakeholders are every bit as important as shareholders. Business 101 says it’s not wise to belittle them. Only the arrogant would ignore this.

The extremes of corporate greed with regard to exploitation have only recently been so vividly demonstrated in Bangladesh. We are not there yet by any stretch (though some in the company may not be far off) but the trajectory is not good. Besides where is the demarcation line? The ethos of profits at all costs suggests we must indeed explore its boundaries for managers to fulfill their directive.

Should we be surprised? No. After the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, corporations gave out massive bonuses while putting millions out of jobs and houses. Lives were expended to give individuals obscene and unnecessary amounts. And the individuals actually believed it was their entitlement.

Yet we accept it, feeling we have little choice. We are revolted but feel we cannot force change. Our minds are twisted to accept the justifications given for the system we find ourselves part of. So much so that many of us parrot its mantra’s and “truths” without sparing it a second thought. Some of us even fall captive to the illusion that maybe there is a minute chance we may join the 1%, so supporting and climbing the system is the way to go.

How sad are we, hoping for a few crumbs from the table that is groaning with plenty. Like dogs waiting for scraps that may fall.

We should have expected more. For example: 50% of all profits will be shared with the employees that made this happen. That would be logical, fair and can you imagine living in a world where all companies took a similar stance?

Should we dare to demand a world of plenty, without wars, poverty, despair, unemployment, starving children and shattered lives?

Forget 2, 4, 8 or 12 weeks – With all those billions made, I expect more.
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Old 9th May 2013, 20:58
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Amen Pixy, we should all expect more
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Old 9th May 2013, 20:59
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"Only the arrogant would ignore this."

Think you hit the nail on the head there.
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