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QR Talent Pool

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

QR Talent Pool

Old 20th Jul 2013, 22:30
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Ciao Frenzo,
I'm Alex, I had interview in june like you, and the rest is the same, but after update of my last experience no news....I'm sorry for that.
The last rumors reported that they will decide in september about FO NTR caming from heavy aircraft like B767 in the talent pool. Good luck.
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Old 21st Jul 2013, 10:46
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Yep.....email off fad talent saying I'm too old now for fast track 2nd officer.

Yes it's true....I'm 41.5 now....... Been in talent pool since Aug 2012.......

4,000 hrs mostly co-pilot turboprop....now flying 45 tonne jet....(250hrs at the mo) ...

Told me to apply when I meet hrs for first officer.

Bit frustrating. I passed the age limit some time ago and only now they tell me I'm too old.

It's as if they're going through the pool n trying to get rid of as many as poss.
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Old 21st Jul 2013, 13:47
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Frenzo, I am so sorry for you! I am a NTR F/O pretty much in the same situation as you (except the last email). What can be the problem about you? Age Limit? How old are you? Thank you very much and good luck.
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Old 21st Jul 2013, 16:47
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Guys.....look at the world around you......things have shifted.

They are looking for ONLY type rated and current pilots now.
The market is different from when you started your application.
You are no longer competitive in the current market condition.

Be smart and don't waste your time on them.
They are not wasting their time on you for sure !!!!.
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Old 22nd Jul 2013, 08:14
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It appears they are continuing to reduce the numbers in the Talent Pool. They started with SO's and now the NTR FO's.

Taking type rated applicants has merit, but not everyone wants to move to the middle east, especially if you're an FO who is not far away from a command in your current job.

Sooner or later the number of type rated applicants will reduce to the levels where QA will have to take NTR applicants if they wish to crew the aircraft they have on order.

Just my opinion.
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Old 22nd Jul 2013, 09:31
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Shame they are doing this, but, and i hate saying this, but you were all told of this outcome many months ago.

Its fine to wait for a job that guarenteed, its not fine to "expect" a job, especially here/qr as they dont care, they are not organised and view you as a higher paid slave and if you like to equate yourself to being a whimpering pilot slave with qr as the only option, then your placing all your eggs in one basket, so to say and setting yourself up for disappointment.

I would be all looking for any other opportunity while u wait.

In terms of hiring, the contracts are crap for fasttrack so's. applications have dropped substantially, and QR is trying to create an illusion of "competitiveness/hard-to-get-in" by not calling people and demanding higher hiring req's such as jet time and type ratings etc.

Until the a/c deliveries are constant and they have competent training managers that wont screw things up then they can afford to screw the hold file around.
They have more money than common sense and no ethics mostly.
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Old 30th Jul 2013, 00:32
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QR Talent Pool

Guys just want to let you know that QR is still interviewing SECOND OFFICERS, cant believe that, they keep some waiting for 2 years and they interview more... My brain is blocked..

Any news/rumours about the sept update ??? Apparently they'll call some NTSOs and NTFOs ,Good luck to everyone

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Old 30th Jul 2013, 08:01
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QR Talent Pool

Hi Global 01
Are you sure about the next sept update will be fine for some of us in the pool ?
From what i heard, for the 2013 they are ok and they will start with some slot available next year...
Always Good luck all
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Old 31st Jul 2013, 01:13
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QR Talent Pool


How can i be sure ? Well am not but i hope its true. The management told us no vacancies till next year but i always hear ppl getting offer etc ( ppl i know ) plus QR is still interviewing pilots including second officers so they should call all of us eventually....Everyone is tired of the same update every couple of month, hope next one is GOOD NEWS, if not, that means nothing for at least 6 or 7 months...

Mieux vaut tard que jamais, So we wait :-)

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Old 31st Jul 2013, 18:24
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it depends on you ,I know people that did the interview in FEB 2013 and join in April 2013.If they need you ,you will be hired right a way .

good luck
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Old 31st Jul 2013, 18:52
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Hope the next update will bring a bit of hope for us... but day by day the future looks darker...

In any case good luck to all those waiting.
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Old 9th Dec 2013, 08:51
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Has any SO waiting in the pool being recruited recently??
It looks like they are taking lot of pilots these days but don't hear anything about SO's though
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Old 10th Dec 2013, 06:37
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I have not heard anything as well but I heard that they are recruiting lot of A320 rated guys but still not enough to cover up, many planes arriving and looks like new airport will be online soon, it's already open for cargo flights.
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Old 11th Dec 2013, 10:45
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Heey Sgt-Pilot i am i the talent pool as well for SO, when did you do your interview??
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Old 12th Dec 2013, 10:53
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I am one of the FTSO, and I am in the pool since FEB 2012.
The last update received wrote that no (FT)SO are required for 2013/2014.
I hope this changes.
Apparently the new airport opens around July 2014. I guess this would speed up the recruitment, as they will be able to receive the required aircrafts.
Any info is welcome about talent pool guys/girls.
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Old 15th Dec 2013, 08:46
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Hey titto Interview in Nov2012 NTSO. What about you?
There seems to be a big pool of SO's at this stage!
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