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QR Talent Pool

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

QR Talent Pool

Old 20th Feb 2013, 07:04
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Hi guys... at least we can see that they are calling people slowly... some good news as well for our long wait..

By the way... In December a guy that works with me got an email from Qatar to update his experience with a form to fill.... Iīm in the pool as well but I never got the form or the email... could be because he is high in the list of people that they will call soon??

Regards to all
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 09:21
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The 787 pilots who came from the 777 are being retrained on the 777, so until Boeing comes up with a fix I don't think many people going on the 777 will be getting a starting date.....
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Old 13th Mar 2013, 12:46
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Well Guys,

It's finally happened!

Interview Dec 2011!!!
Good news & subsequent offer letter in May 2012

Dumped into "talent" pool in July 2012

Absolutely no contact/updates what so ever since then until....

... an email yesterday from them notifying me of a November start date.

A320 non typed FO

Hope this helps to keep up hope for all of you who have been waiting a long time!

Last edited by Prospin; 13th Mar 2013 at 12:51.
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Old 13th Mar 2013, 23:48
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Congrats Prospin,
I got the same information yesterday, a start date of November 3rd 2013. Pretty much the deal as you;
non type rated A320 FO,
interviewed Feb 2012,
signed letter of offer May 2012,
Talent pool annonucement June 2012 then nothing for 8 months.
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Old 14th Mar 2013, 10:01
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Nice, I'm the 3rd as well!
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Old 14th Mar 2013, 10:39
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Pleased they are getting in touch with people. At least you have not been forgotten.
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Old 14th Mar 2013, 17:43
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Old 16th Mar 2013, 22:42
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Job Offer

Hi guys,

For info and to give you an idea on the timeframe, a frined of mine who passed the selection in January 2012 as NTFO (He was captain with +6000 Hr) got a starting date for december 2013... no kidding, it's an absolute joke, about two years to get flying again... He refuses as he got a job with Emirates with only 2 weeks of waiting time... One less on the holding pool list. Hope this help to see where you are standing in the queue if still there.

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Old 23rd Mar 2013, 20:36
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something to do with first officer/second officer?
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Old 23rd Mar 2013, 21:20
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A quick question. I did my interview in FEB 2013 incl sim but not the new aptitude bit. After the sim I have not heard from Qatar in any way shape or form. It's been nearly two months and don't know what their normal procedure is.

In the mean time I have just got another job in the Gulf as I can't risk losing that whilst waiting for Qatar as they may never come. Who knows...

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Old 24th Mar 2013, 00:07
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You would be a fool to reject a job that has given you a start date.
Waiting for QR is bad enough, let alone knowing you waited for QR only to not be called/contacted or when you join find out that its not the job they portray in the "information sessions" and the interview.
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Old 20th May 2013, 15:45
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Good or bad?

Today QR put a new recruitment event for rated FO (A320,330,340,B777).
Is it good or bad for all of us, non rated FO, waiting in the talent pool?

First Officer - Doha-Latest Pilot Jobs-Latest Pilot Jobs
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Old 6th Jun 2013, 12:45
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QR Talent Pool

Hello everybody... Someone is been called for NTR FO position? In the pool from more than 1y... Today Etihad open for NTR FO...
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Old 7th Jun 2013, 17:26
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Etihad open but when you try to apply they ask for people with rating on B737, 747, 757, A310 and some others, so itīs not that open... however when you read the minimums in the careers web it doesnīt mention but if you try to apply the step 3 is that...

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Old 16th Jun 2013, 10:05
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Pretty quiet lately, no?
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Old 16th Jun 2013, 14:24
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Too quiet, I wish we could have more info, but I know in the next months they are speeding up the training, and that has been said by the chief ground instructor to one of my best friends during a flight.

Anyway i see I still have to wait a bit more, but I have nothing better to do, so in my case i will wait.
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Old 16th Jun 2013, 15:05
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Dash-8/300 hours


I have Dash-8/300 hours, which is 19500 KG MTOW (Not 20,000 KG). Not sure if that qualifies!

"Minimum of 1,000 hours in one of the following categories; Multi crew, multi engine jet aircraft, or command turbo-prop above 20,000 kg MTOW or high performance military jet (Multi Crew Co-operation certificate required)".

Is there any non type rated pilot with Dash-8/300 hours who applied and accepted.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
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Old 16th Jun 2013, 20:20
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I know 2 guys that are flying the Dash 8 (F/O) that did the interview for FTSO past september, and they have flown the -300 lately but before they used to fly the small one in the bush.

They both failed in the personal interview, they didnīt even make it to the simulator, but they were called and they did the process, so I think this answer your question.
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Old 19th Jun 2013, 23:47
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No unfortunately it didn't.

Because I was referring to FO position not FTSO.

Thanks for the response, anyway.
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Old 19th Jul 2013, 22:45
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Interviewed June 2012, got email passed selection/welcome to talent pool email july03 2012, received every update ever since. and two weeks ago please update your hrs email which I sent then yesterday Received an email stating thank you for your patience in waiting on the talent pool but unfortunately they have withdrawn my application due to higher management decisions.

So WTF??? has any one else received something similar???
8,000+ hrs regionals Flying Pic.
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