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Airmanship of the Year Award; Captain of Saudi 554 RUH-DXB 19 Oct

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Airmanship of the Year Award; Captain of Saudi 554 RUH-DXB 19 Oct

Old 23rd Oct 2012, 12:31
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Airmanship of the Year Award; Captain of Saudi 554 RUH-DXB 19 Oct

Observed in front of us as we awaited taxi at RUH on the 19th;

Foreign aircraft completing a 135deg pushback from the gate under air traffic instruction.

Captain Ahmed in his Saudi Airlines A330 obviously impatient, as the aircraft under push partially blocks the taxiway he wants to turn into. So instead of waiting, Captain A moves his nose into a ridiculously close position to the foreign aircraft's nose, and begins to turn. From our position abeam to this incident, it looked like Capt Ahmed was about to swing his wingtip through the cockpit of the 777 under push.

The Capt of the other aircraft made a broadcast asking the 330 to slow down or stop...in a rather urgent tone.

Air Traffic got involved, asking the Saudi Airlines 330 about the incident.

Capt Ahmed's response on the ground frequency; "He should respect this country"....twice!!

Capt Ahmed; for this fine example of airmanship, you are awarded the Moron of the Year Award.

You are a credit to your airline and your nation.
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Old 23rd Oct 2012, 19:53
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Is that the first time you ever flew into RUH ??
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Old 23rd Oct 2012, 20:31
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He thought, he was ridding a camel!
Old 24th Oct 2012, 06:02
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Yeps Ops normal in RUH, I'm there at least once a month, best way to deal with it is to tell the tug to stop the push, and let ground sort it out, as for respecting the country,
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 07:36
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in most airlines the term "SCD" would mean "subject to Captain's Disretion"

we've learned a long time ago in this part of the world, i meant

"Saudi Can Do"

Just be patient. it too will pass
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 18:16
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The Magic Kingdom. I dread any trip to that place.
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Old 27th Oct 2012, 15:09
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I am surprised to read about his as I quite enjoy going across Saudi or into Saudi airports. Pretty much to most stress free flying available in the ME for as much as I have seen.

Like the Kuwaitis, CC complain that the PAX can be rude. But compared to most passengers in the region, many show a lot if interest in the flight deck and often want photos and to chat.

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Old 27th Oct 2012, 17:32
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The last judicial beheading in England was in the year 1817... The last judicial beheading in the Kingdom that was RECORDED and posted on LiveLeak was 25/6/12. (Eh ...not pretty)

So c'mon guys be patient with the local Capt...after all for being almost two centuries behind ...that's not THAT bad.

; >

ps..the humor is tongue in cheek...the reality is profoundly disturbing

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Old 29th Oct 2012, 16:59
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Capt. Ahmed

That is why the EU wants to ban Saudi Airlines from flying into Europe. The amount of incidents, ATC reports and violations would have stopped other airlines from the Europeans skies. However, the fear of retaliation, including the purchase of more Airbus airplanes, puts the petrodollars ahead of safety.

Skyteam has already received complaints about smoking on board by cabin and cockpit crew-members and will take action about this to this member that joined only 5 months ago. Saudis are unruly here, there and everywhere. Tribal thinking, tribal behavior and tribal acting.
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Old 30th Oct 2012, 12:25
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Meanwhile Air France runs Skyteam' s safety level to the ground.
double standard?
They are smoking onboard, Oh No !!!

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Old 1st Nov 2012, 08:32
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It's KAOS during HAJ

ATC controllers have some serious problems during the HAJ, too many arrivals and departures to manage.
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 10:37
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the truck

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Old 1st Nov 2012, 11:46
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What a stupid idiot that Saudi captain
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 15:48
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Celebratory gunfire at Saudi wedding cuts cable, 23 electrocuted - Yahoo! News

I rest my case.
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Old 1st Nov 2012, 18:52
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we lauched (B777) off 30R DXB and a Saudi A330 insisted that he needed 3 min after us as were heavy ATC were having a fit
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Old 2nd Nov 2012, 18:01
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"He should respect this country"....
Did he explain what, exactly, there is to respect about the "kingdom"??? Not a thing as far as I've ever seen.
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Old 2nd Nov 2012, 20:23
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"Now let me get this straight, the Arabs get the oil and we have to cut off the ends of our what???!!!!"
- Moses to G-d, Mount Sinai, 3500 years ago.
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