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EK 380 F/O held back from command

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EK 380 F/O held back from command

Old 13th Sep 2012, 12:40
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EK 380 F/O held back from command

Can any one tell us when the 380 F/O's who were on command course at the beginning of the year and were held back will be getting the upgrade.
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 00:44
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I guess not..........
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 07:09
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Excuse my bluntness by why not direct this question to those that can answer you, ie fleet. I assume that you're one of those affected so asking that question on this forum seems bizzare considering the importance of it all.

Grow some balls man and ask those that control these issues, not here!
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 07:51
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Perhaps he does not trust the Fleet response and has seen others, with balls fully grown, get the said appendages kicked hard for daring to be so vocal as to enquire about one's career prospects.
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 10:59
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Isn't it amazing, you ask a simple question and there is always some smartazzz who feels he has to get rid of his frustration and reply with an aggressive post.

BMONEK you are obviously part of Fleet and possibly the reason I did not approach them, is due to the fact that if you can be so aggressive in and open forum, I shudder to think what your answer in private would have been, never mind the putting of a small note in my file (because you can) and all because you don't know your self, as the heavies do not think you high enough in the pecking order to be told.

So possibly while I go to grow some balls that you will approve of, I could possibly recommend an anger management course and also some p[lace where you could learn manners.
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 17:31
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There's no one here to give an answer because the only people who know are Fleet! If I was part of fleet, I'd be happy to inform you through the official channel, not on an open forum such as this.

If there are those here that seriously think spending a few minutes with their fleet superintendents asking straightforward questions which affect their career is 'rocking the boat', then may I suggest you're a long way off from command suitability. Are you the same people that never take the time to introduce yourself to the FDM's, or never ask a question at the wash ups or spend all day moaning in CRM recurrent classes but have never put a report in, other than the 'almost unstable' and speed was 252kts at 4900'? I know, it's easy to blame the Company but the truth is that people like this are not fit for command, here or anywhere else. They blame the Company culture but don't leave. Good or bad, it won't change. If you can't live with life outside the US, don't come. Go to work, do the job professionally, enjoy the flying and pick your battles.

Emirates is little different from most out there and while we do have some spineless gits in positions way too high for their ability, there are also those that have fought battles to keep several of our pilots in employment. JA has stepped in several times to support guys. I've just seen a friend go through hell with a personal illness and received nothing but full support from Fleet. He's now not flying but has been gainfully employed in another role that was found for him after over a year off work. But why mention the good news, that's not what you guys want to hear is it?

If more people spent time promoting the positive rather than the negative perception and paranoia that pervades this Company like a cancer, then perhaps more F/O's might start passing their command interviews and command courses.

As for the small note, obviously someone else needed to pass on a few home truths too.
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 18:38
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"If you can't live with life outside the US, don't come. Go to work, do the job professionally, enjoy the flying and pick your battles."

What the does this issue have to do with the USA? Give it a break man. The cultural biases amongst many of the pilots on this forum are so tiring.
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 19:02
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So true BYMONEK! Having seen a lot of guys who think they will get their upgrades, I can't agree more!
I do however would like to leave the USA thing out of the story. Doesn't matter much where they are from, there are EK pilots scared of their own shadows from all over the world...

Last edited by EK380; 14th Sep 2012 at 19:03.
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 21:09
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Well said BYMONEK.....................

When my - and some of my colleagues upgrades where cancelled at the last moment some years ago (AD days when the roster came out) we approached the famous ED to discuss (and bitch). We met with him and LL and the result was that the command course was back on a month later! No bad 'juju' on our files!

And as for some of the ASRs. PATHETIC
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Old 15th Sep 2012, 04:40
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Laker EK380 and others

Yes, agreed and apology in order. I try not to generalize but was guilty there. Feedback suggests that whilst many of our colleagues from the US settle well here, some find the cultural change too much. The non unionised environment and travelling distance, along with the silly restrictions in place for acclimatisation has a lot to do with it. It is often the wives, not the pilots, that struggle the most.

It is of course just as true for other Nationalities.
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Old 19th Sep 2012, 10:38
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fade to grey
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Bymon, you sound like management ?
Pilots always gripe, the world over. If keeping a low profile and not wanting to get too involved with the management stops you being 'command suitable' then I'd be guilty.

And what is this 'speak to fleet' crap ? It's not really english is it ? were you in the navy before ?
Old 19th Sep 2012, 11:31
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As if a A380 initial command course is a birth right
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Old 19th Sep 2012, 13:21
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Is anything a birth right?

Well put Bymonek.

The self inflicted paranoia of FO's approaching command is a reflection of their readiness (or lack of) for command. Yes, there are a lot of mistruths thrown around by a few trainers and line pilots alike which clouds rational thinking if you allow it. Part of any position of responsibility is to sort the wheat from the chaff and if you don't have the maturity to do so, then you aren't ready for the step up. If you can't phrase a perceived difficult question so as to not upset anyone, how will you deal with an FO/Purser/Engineer/Cabin Crew that is off on a tangent or will you chose to 'stay below the radar' again?

Message to FO's, grow some balls and stop running away from shadows.
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Old 19th Sep 2012, 17:38
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What is Fleet??? ah yes...its a puzzling inexplicable group, a team who often speak in riddles, contradictory and confusing in their dialog....no wait that's an Enigma...my mistake..its actually a circular arena, surrounded by tiers of seats and often covered by a tent...

Last edited by max AB; 19th Sep 2012 at 17:41.
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Old 21st Sep 2012, 17:14
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fade to grey

Ha ha.... how appropriate. No wonder you like to keep a low profile.

Anyway, try not to worry too much about the lingo as you must be new. 'Fleet' is a generic term used by about 99% of the EK pilots along with other terms such as 'training' and 'accomodation' and 'HR'. Non of these terms are for the sole use of ex naval employees although there are definate elements of semen within some departments.

You'll get the hang of it when you've been around a few months.


Apologies for spelling, that should read 'seamen'. My mistake!
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Old 23rd Sep 2012, 09:19
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380 guys

There were no guys in class in class at the beginning of the year. I know several guys in the first FO to Capt. 380 upgrade class, it is a class of 6 or 8 i don't remember, they will be starting in the next couple of months. Good Luck Guys!

Last edited by Taylor01; 23rd Sep 2012 at 09:21. Reason: additional info
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Old 23rd Sep 2012, 13:28
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harry the cod
your apologies for spelling should include accommodation with just one m and definite with an a
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Old 23rd Sep 2012, 16:12
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Ex A380 etc

That is what I said no a!!! Is English your first language? If not apologies if my comment was misunderstood by you because of that.
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