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Just a quick question about the ATC transfer from BAH to the UAE. The transfer normally takes place as any AUH arrival is requesting descent, BAH will give a handover with "tell the UAE we have no objection for descent" however when you checkin with the UAE, ask for lower and give the BAH instruction there is generally a delay for descent.

If we say there is no objection do you still have to check or wait until we are in the UAE airspace before you can give us lower?

I'm not having a go, its just a question, thanks for your answers.

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I have had an ATC Tower tour and ATC explained that there is an airway into DOH that runs beneath us at TOD from BAH, 160 dme from ADV, so no descent outside of this. BAH is only part of the pie as they said and if they have no objection, it on voids a piece of the pie!

Maybe Fox3snapshot can add more or correct me!
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What's the specific reason of the 13000ft restriction at Boxak inb from lets say BAH? Such a uneconomical/efficient restriction. But it propably serves a purpose.

Just curious...
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EYZ. The rules state that transfer of control does not happen until a specific distance prior to GITEX, which is invariably after you want descent (especially from higher levels). It is up to the receiving controller if he descends you- but he is taking on risk unless he rings up every single time for confirmation of release (which gets REALLY tedious, and adds workload). Some controllers stick rigidly to the rules and won't descend until the release point, some stick to the rules and ring up every time for every a/c, and some controllers will bend the rules and give you descent if you prompt them with the info that BAH has no restriction. It's one of those things that management turn a blind eye to until something goes wrong- and then they hang you. It seems they delight in writing really restrictive rules, hope that guys will actually bend them for efficiency, but then hang you whenever it goes wrong. Doesn't happen at your airline?
I am a fan of giving blanket descent- to say, FL310 for every AUH arrival. It's about 50/50 for controllers in AUH ACC who accept/reject the blanket clearance (which is forbidden in the rules, regardless of how sensible or efficient it is). Give a few controllers from each centre an hour together to re-write rules, and it would be a great outcome. *Not going to happen.

John21UK. Drop into the centre. It is much easier to explain when you are looking at the radar. All the level restrictions in the area are for traffic management. And it all needs looking at- it just keeps getting busier!
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Do any posts with any reference to AUH come under the ban about comments of a certain airline that may be (or maybe not) based near the AUH area.
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Maybe Fox3snapshot can add more or correct me!
fraid not.
Ol'e fox3 is serving time in the sin bin for daring to mention UAE's national carrier on here
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