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Qatar Salary

Old 5th Oct 2014, 10:05
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The pay rise is a reality, and the delta old salary versus new salary is being computed, Eid closure is the most probable reason for the slight delay.
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Although there are no numbers to be discussed yet, ANY extra money is welcome. But it's funny how things work in ME, they already changed your compensation, you are working for it but has no clue how much it is.... Let's just hope it's not a pay cut!lol
Best luck!
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I can't remember if it has been mentioned before, but do captains on the 320 get the same package/basic as wide body captains?
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There is no pay rise YET. There is a promise. And after being long enough in the industry we all know what promises are.

In last pay rise in 2011 we lost the confirmed annual ticket from QR network destination to our hometown. That can be a LOT of money for some of us

So let's see what we get and what we lose as there is nothing on paper YET.

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And with the salary increase before that one we lost overtime pay. Every "increase" we get is an increase for few and decrease for many.
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Old 6th Oct 2014, 18:39
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Interesting, but we still hold confirmed annual ticket righ?
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things to watch,.. just my 2 $c

There will be a modification in the end of service benefits isn't it. No word about whether it will be pos. or neg. ! So, what if it will be effective back dated and neg.,... A lot of 2$c will be lost by many, lets just hope not. Just to keep it in line with the win some lose some concept.
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Old 7th Oct 2014, 06:21
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Yes there is a confirmed annual leave ticket anywhere you want to go on the Qr system and will be upgraded if space available....depending where you live though it still adds up.
I have a family of 6 and need to do a minimum of 2 flights after arriving at a QR destination which is a minimum 2500$. This probably only affects a small group of people though.
I saw an add for Hainan airlines looking for 747 captains- $350 net after taxes and commuting contract I think. Hopefully If the Ebola crisis or any other crisis doesn't get out of control, this minor pilot shortage will put some pressure on them to improve.....or is that just wishful thinking!

Despite some of the negative opinions that I have read on here; I personally have had a very good and positive experience at QR. Every place in the world has issues and inflation, However Doha is now the most expensive city in Middle East and has the highest inflation, so every year is going to be a pay cut. I think they (management) are trying to address this but like any corporation it will be hard to sell this idea to the bean counters.
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Old 8th Oct 2014, 03:01
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Salary increase? Good job QR
And the new package deal will include ID90 for life for employee 7 year and above since part of One Wolrd
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Old 11th Oct 2014, 09:24
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All very quite on the front...???
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We will know tomorrow, if the hour rate is changed on the Crew Allowance Report.
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Old 12th Oct 2014, 07:01
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same rate
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And still we wait for any info. Let's hope the new package is worth the wait and not simply a bit of tinkering.

We live in hope, but people are getting impatient now.

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Guys, your new chief said, in front of 400 concerned people, that change is gonna come soon....how impatient can you be not to wait at least until the next month payslip or annoucement ??...
Everyone saw the so called stolen pictures from the inside...and COO said the same as on those pictures, new package effective 1st september....so it's done !!! Just smoke shisha and relax it will come...one day

I would focus more on going to the next meeting to bring him into attention issues regarding the sims, the deadheading hours, tickets for others than family and other undiscussed matters so far after one meeting...meeting all of us with our COO will not happen every 3 months...

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My company email is not working at the moment.

Any news on the pay increase etc?

I believe the last pilot forum on the 20th suggested we should receive details in the next couple of days.

We can live in hope!!!!


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Everyone happy? Received the CEO email in your inboxes?

Merry christmas and cheer up guys, smile a bit more the life will smile at you
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any good news For the ones who has intention to join?

Thanks in advance
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COO won't Last a year as Usual and where'S the pay slip with the new salary? .House allowance increase? New company accomodation? NOT!!!! Maybe december LOL!I can't understand why people Still trust this outfit. :ugh FEAR of Little Catamite culture! .What a about the OFF days out of DOHA .LOL Crazy company!

Qatar Airways wants you please Join the 5 star dream
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A positive attitude defenitely helps.
It always worked for me as it does to my best Friends.
We joined at different times but neither of us as so far had anything worst than would have happened in any other airline.
But in Qatar airways all commitments have been kept, roster is quite good and requests are most of the time approved.
What I can see is that those complaining from the very start are the ones who get the least of everything.

We knew an increase was coming as it is now officially announced but nonetheless someone is still very very unhappy.
Look out of the window to what aviation world is today and enjoy what you have and make the most out of it.

Qatar airways .... not perfect, but who is? If you don't like it and it even makes you frustrated just go and search for a better abode and leave your flight deck seat to others.

Come on, smile and be happy waiting for your newly designed pay check
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fish No management posts please

See a few management posts on here.

Same old story, its always talking about how bad other airlines are.

5% increase to cover 4 years since last increase. Over that time my rent gone from 8500 to 15000.

5 star joke.
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