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Etihad Recruitment Process

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Recruitment Process

Old 30th May 2011, 23:30
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Thumbs up Etihad Recruitment Process

Dear all,

I would really appreciate it, if I can get some information on what to expect on the day.

I have searched some other related posts but most of them were out of date.

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Old 31st May 2011, 12:45
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Do you know if the same goes for type rated 777 pilot is there a specific technical test on the 777?

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Old 31st May 2011, 18:38
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Hello Starskate,

Thanks for the insight!

Kind rgds
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 15:37
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Sorry to hear you fell at the first hurdle. Hope you did not fail the English test through spelling? In the context you were using waist should be waste and looses should be loses!! Perhaps you have been in the US too long.

As you are I believe current on the A320 then no excuse for failing the tech part if you did your homework beforehand so where do you think you failed to impress and not get further than day 1?
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 18:17
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Millerscourt it's got to be said you are a complete and utter

It beggars belief the arrogance of some people!

Starskate, ignore people like this you information and willingness to provide such are what these forums are for. Hopefully someone can benefit from it, I'm sure they will
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Old 7th Jun 2011, 14:43
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A quick question, after you have selected a date for interview, how long prior to your departure date do they contact you regarding to your travel plan, accommodation and such and via which means (e-mail? phone?). Thanks!
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Old 13th Jun 2011, 12:51
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I have the same question!!!!!!!Anybody please
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Old 13th Jun 2011, 13:14
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Are you guys COMPLETE morons? Have you read the Whistleblower thread? Pilots are their own worst enemies, and that's what companies rely on.
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Old 14th Jun 2011, 03:40
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To anyone who wish to move countries or join a new company, do your homework not only for the interview but also include the company and country you wish to move to. This is the common mistake for first time expats. Imagine yourself and your family in the place you are moving to AFTER the gloss and the honeymoon period wears off.

We are all mostly aware that the middle east does not provide the same level of protection (legal or otherwise) as elsewhere but it does provide opportunities.

Opportunities aside, if the events in the whistle blower thread is true, then I am flabbergasted. This is the harshest example of corporate strongarm tactic I have ever read.

I don't know what sort of treatment pilots receive within EY, so I won't comment here but if I was looking to join EY or any company, I would be doing a lot of reading about it and life in the country in the PPRuNe threads and elsewhere (expat websites also help). Sure, there are a few who blow their share of hot steam but there are also a lot of posters whose posts may reflect the truth. Do our homework please.
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Old 14th Jun 2011, 06:47
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They contact you shortly before your interview so don't worry about that bit. Accomodation will probably be at the Park Inn at Yas Island. None of the hotels are very busy at the moment so it'll probably be that one. It's pretty nice there.

It's all via email and you'll be emailed your tickets. Don't worry, it all gets sorted in the end.

With regards to Fellowship I would agree completely. There's lots of good and bad points. I've had a couple of blips along the way but overall I've found them to be friendly and able to offer you wiggle room.
The 777 fleet is good and most of the guys on it nice chaps although roster imbalances continue to be a problem. The airbus guys work very hard (but no more than some euro charter outfits) but only you can decide if life out here will suit you and at the end of the day home is home.

Good luck
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Old 15th Jun 2011, 14:33
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Thank you guys for the warning and information, much appreciated!
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Old 11th Aug 2011, 15:43
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Etihad interview

hello dear pilots

my quastion , Is there an ATPL knowledeg test in the interview with Etihad or its just FCOM1 as starskate saied

many thanks to all of you
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Old 22nd Aug 2011, 08:44
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Guys how long does it take after completing selection process successfully to being hired?
I was told you would not know you were successful until you received a contract. Have you received one?
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Old 22nd Aug 2011, 11:15
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No FCOM 1 now mate!
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Old 23rd Aug 2011, 08:04
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No FCOM 1?What you mean?The techical test is not from FCOM 1?
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Old 23rd Aug 2011, 08:16
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There should be a more thorough English test that is for sure!
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Old 17th Nov 2011, 06:30
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Dear Sir

I am an Expat pilot and i am considering to join Ethiad next month. But i have no info concerning the selection process, the real minimum hiring requirements(apart from those that indicated on their-Etihad web site). I would really appreciate if anyone who had an interview experience lately can provide me with some details of it.
any change or same information
please email me ([email protected])

Thanks in advance
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Old 18th Nov 2011, 08:55
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Applying for a position at Teahid.
I have not completed the application yet and the Application Summary page shows that there are going to be test type questions when filing the application.
Can anybody who has passed through filing the application give me some feedback regarding the questions?
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Old 19th Nov 2011, 23:06
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Smile Interview Prep Course

Hi guys ,

Sorry if this is a repeat question , has anyone used a interview prep agency for the interview and exam??? If so can you pass along any tips or websites that would be good to use . Please PM me ! Thanks
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Old 21st Nov 2011, 21:14
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Try this one,

Registration page.

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