Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.


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Hi Mutt,
Things must have really changed since I retired in 09. You mentioned the MD-11 being grounded, I know about the Khartoum one, what's up with the others?

I think I know you jumbocpt, around the Aspen area maybe? I'm close by in FTC.

Anyway, hoping all the best to the one's still in Jed and the ones who have left. It was a great gig in my time.
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The MD11 was always treated like a TCN, so using leased aircraft became more cost effective and reliable. The Khartoum aircraft was returned to flying status, it was ferried back to Jeddah and Boeing came to visit. Cargo operates about 12-14 aircraft, nearly all B747's 200/400/8F. Rumor control says that they have a couple of 777F on the way.
Financially its a better gig since you left, but the training environment has gone down hill.
Happy retirement
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Originally Posted by mutt View Post
Financially its a better gig since you left, but the training environment has gone down hill.
What about days off in a row for commuting
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Hi Mutt, can you throw any light on the training for typed 777 captains, failure rates, etc?

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Saudi Arabian Airlines (Walk-in Interview)

Did anyone do a walk-in interview at their headquarter in Jeddah? I would like to apply for the position of cabin crew. I am a Filipino, with dependent visa. Please help me if you have an idea. Thank you!
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annizahkamid: If you're currently in Jeddah then I suggest that you go to Saudia Flight operations and ask. I don't really know much about the flight attendant side of things but I am pretty sure that you'll find somebody there who could help you with your application.
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Smile Saudia flight attendant inquiry

Salam anyone here who has an idea on what to expect when you're about to attend training does a female crew need to wear a buisness attire or Abaya when about to attend trainings at jeddah thanks in advance
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Saudia categories of aircraft

The careers page of Saudia defines weight categories B,C,D. Could somebody enlighten me if a category A exists and what is the weight of the aircraft in that category?
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To anybody in the know ref Saudi Arabian -
I'm rated on one of their current fleet - would a type conversion be a possibility onto a different type either on joining? (or subsequently?)

Have spent time in KSA previously so a move there, for me, wouldn't be the 'interesting' experience it would be for some.

safe flying

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They will give you one until you get your uniform.

category A
Yes it does, as does A1.. but the airline doesn't operate these types.

ould a type conversion be a possibility onto a different type either on joining? (or subsequently?)
Yes and No.... if you have the time for larger equipment go for it... after joining your next fleet will be as per seniority.
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Any speculation about the future of the A330 fleet?
What typically happens to the pilots when their fleet is reduced/eliminated?
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The A330 just got here Rumours are great, but sometimes its better to wait until facts come out. 777 deliveries continue, 787 next year, nothing about 330.

Crews depending on age will transition to another equipment. 747 Classic /MD11 guys went to the A330/777/744.
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Hey, can anyone share any information about the working conditions, crm, management, housing, leaves, etc. with regards to Saudia airlines? Please it would be of great help.
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info about saudi tech exam

Gents, I have got an interview coming up soon for SV. I would appreciate if some one give me a details info about the tech written exam.
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Saudia application


A quick question. Today i got a mail of Saudi recruitment with a link to download an application form. I had to send it to an email adres with the extension .saudiairlines.com.

My question is: is this fake or not? Because i thought they only recruited via their website?

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I have received the same.

I have send my application in the website last year.

Lets see
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It is legit, that is the airline address.
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Hi guys

I have applied through their web site and I had given a user name starting with SVF....., then I filled out the application form, and have asked me to register on one of their vacancy, I choose B777 FO, immediately the automatic response came as it stated thank you for your interest in joining Saudi Airlines.
Now almost one month past and no contact or any update of whatsoever from them.
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Apparently at the latest interviews in Cairo, they interviewed 50 people and accepted NONE. Its just as well that they are not suffering from a pilot shortage
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Cairo interviews to skirt the issue of Saudi Visa. I did the interview 10 years ago- no sim ride and job offer in 8 minutes of interview after basic exam. @ pilots and HR on the other side of the table rifling questions- then "Halas!"-A job offer. Odd.
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