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flyboyike 14th Dec 2008 00:41

Any pprune members working there? Any inside info on hiring policy, minimums, equipment etc? I am a CRJ F/O a breath from being furloughed. Just weighing different options.

flyboyike 14th Dec 2008 02:59

I did, thank you. Their website seems pretty vague, I thought maybe someone had some specific up-to-date info.

coffindodger 14th Dec 2008 11:28

Why not make a quick telephone call to the local H.R. Office in Houston ???

flyboyike 14th Dec 2008 14:54

Originally Posted by mutt
Ike, check out - for the requirements.
(Wait at least 2 hours as SV.NET is scheduled to be down until 1400utc)

I did that and when I click on "more details" absolutely nothing happens. Additionally, on the website it only says that they're hiring for the 742 and the E190, while I keep hearing from various sources that they're hiring into other aircraft as well. Just wondering if anyone knew more exactly what's going on over there.

flyboyike 14th Dec 2008 15:39

Well, whaddaya know?! I'll give it a shot, perhaps they'll realize I'm hardly a longevity risk.

Krypton 15th Dec 2008 09:56

Saudi Employment
Hi all , I work for Saudia and almost retiring. Fom my personal point of view of a crewmember I CAN TELL YOU THIS: It's a petty good airline compared to others in he Middle East, but beware of misleading information ( I'm avoiding the word lie) presented by the company in its website and to hiring firms. One example of this is: If you apply for a certain advertised equipment, dont be surprised to end up on a different one, to some people this was advantageous to others unacceptable, but thats how they do it there. Seems like HR people dont speak to operations people. (Anyway they provide the training with no bond)

I guess they are hiring across the board all equipment and all postions since the latest CEO has started a policy of encouraging getting rid of high paid senior crew by not automatically renewing contracts ( as was before) and by encouraging early retirement.

Presently looking for 747-100, 747-300, 747-400 ,MD-11, 777, EJ-170 and very soon the new A-320 is arriving which will require a considerable number of crew ( Saudi Arabian Airlines orders $300M in engines | Aviation) , and a bit sooner the B-787 dreamliner is scheduled to join the fleet (Saudia in talks over Dreamliner - Transportation - ArabianBusiness.com). The present Airbus and MD-90 are being quickly gounded and disposed of.

Although the company is being partially privatized, its still under government control which alleviates some of the global financial problems and gives some sort of job security, but nevertheless you will still suffer the Middle East style management .

Seymour Skinner 19th Jan 2009 08:49

Hi Krypton,

Do you know if they accept applications from JAA licensed pilots rated on those types? I know most ME airlines will accept either FAA or JAA but the earlier posting stated FAA specifically.

By the way, the "More details" button doesn't work for me either.


europilot 19th Jan 2009 10:54


if an expat join as an FO is there a chance for an upgrade at SV???


Seymour Skinner 19th Jan 2009 14:57

A couple of questions...

What's the net monthly pay like for Captains? The pay listed above doesn't seem very impressive compared to other Middle East airlines so I assume there is more to it? Or is the pay for wide-bodies much higher?

Also, what are the requirements for DEC on the 747 (either 300 or 400)?

Is anyone working there happy for me to PM them?


eightbawl 20th Jan 2009 01:02

Krypton - the last time I was in Jeddah was nine days ago, and I already miss it.... I hope you're enjoying the winter weather there. Let me know if you want some recommendations about some excellent seafood restaurants.

flyboyike - Generally speaking, SV is a nice airline to fly for. It's not perfect, but I know a bunch of SV pilots and they always have words of praise about the airline's flight operations department.

I myself am a citizen of Jeddah. I'm currently studying Aviation Management at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. This major at UND includes flight training, which will help me to get recruited as a pilot in SV.

Why would I want to become a pilot in SV?

All things considered, there's more than one reason:

- They have a great safety record.
- All of the SV pilots that I know have had good things to say about SV's flight operations department.
- They have a nice salary.
- They have nice employee benefits.
- They are currently modernizing the fleet. This includes gradually phasing out the MD-90's, 747-100B's and 747-300's, and it also includes introducing new aircraft which are the A320's, A330-300's and 787-9's.
- They're based in my hometown, which is Jeddah.

These are the minimum requirements that they have for pilot recruitment that I know of. I don't know if they apply to foreigners, but they do apply to Saudi citizens:

- 320 hours total flight time, including 270 hours on single-engine aircraft and 50 hours on multi-engine aircraft.
- An FAA private pilot certificate, as well as an FAA commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating and a multi-engine rating.
- A high school certificate.
- An FAA first class medical certificate.
- English language proficiency.
- Successfully passing the recruitment interview.

As for Jeddah, well I've been to several cities in the middle east, and I could say with confidence that Jeddah is one of the best cities in this part of the world. The cost of living here, including the price of renting an apartment and the prices of groceries, are cheaper than some cities in the gulf like Dubai. It's not a perfect city, but its pros more than make up for its cons. There's an abundant choice of many different types of restaurants, including Indonesian, Filipino, Lebanese, and some of the finest seafood in this world. The city is very much used to foreigners, because there are immigrants from several countries. Also, if you're into scuba diving, then Jeddah is located on the eastern coast of the Red Sea, which has some of the finest dive sites in the world. I always do scuba diving in Jeddah with friends; to me, as an activity, it's one of the highlights of the city.

If you have any further inquiries about SV or Jeddah, then let me know.

SHAMAA 20th Jan 2009 18:49

flight attendent
hello mutt!
can you pl help with is,,,do you if saudia is recruiting in this moment flights attendents cause i did not see any offers in theire website
thank you very much!!

khawar rashid 23rd Jan 2009 08:34

i am working as fo B743 in PIA about 4000 hrs on type, any expat fo B747 classic working with saudia, rqst working condtions in saudia, and do u fly B743 also and how long they plan to use B747 classics as the contract is only on B747 classics, if saudia gets rid of classics then ur jobless, cuz i am planning to apply for this job thanks

Seymour Skinner 23rd Jan 2009 08:41


When you say that the 744 is only recruited for internally do you mean Saudi nationals only or anyone already in the company i.e. existing 743 pilots?

Also, do you have any idea when the eight new A330s are due to start arriving?

Fly4Fun 20th Apr 2009 11:49

Hi there,

I just check on the careers section the terms and conditions for A320 Captain, but no mention on the hourly rate pay. Is it the base pay divided by 70 hours?
Anyone caring to explain?

Many thanks in advance
Safe landings :ok:

Fly4Fun 20th Apr 2009 16:02

Thanks a lot mutt! That's what I tought!

Safe landings :ok:

StinkyMonkey 2nd May 2009 07:26

Did anyone manage to get any details on the A320 CA contract. The link on the website does not appear to work. I sent them an e-mail about it, but still no joy.


metro301 2nd May 2009 08:14

It doesn't work with Firefox, only IE, don't know why....

Saudi Arabian Airlines - Career

Salary SR (Saudi Riyals) :

Aircraft Category
Monthly Base Pay (in SR) Monthly Base Pay (in USD)

Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
A 22615 36282 6030 9675
B 22615 36282 6030 9675
C 24710 39645 6589 10572
D 27000 43320 7200 11552
1 USD = 3.75 SR

Guaranteed Monthly Flying Hours:
- A & B Category (G2, G3, G4, Falcon, Hawker, E-170 and MD-90): 65 Hours
- C Category (A-320 and A-321): 70 Hours
- D Category (B-747 Classic, B-744, MD-11, B-777, A-330 and B-787): 75 Hours

12.3 months salary each year (no income tax is presently applied in Saudi Arabia).

A one time payment of 20% of a month base pay on initial joining.

SR600 per month transportation allowance.

3% annual salary increase, until the maximum of the salary grade is reached.

10% of the hourly rate will be paid for each actual block hours as productivity allowance.

10% of the hourly rate for actual hours flown between 1700-0300 GMT as night flying allowance.

On Call Premium after legal rest at layover station, 15 minutes credit for every 6 hours of layover.

Overtime payment will be paid at the Hourly rate after the minimum guaranteed has been reached for the first 15 hours and at the rate of 1.5 Per Hour thereafter.

3 years contract, renewable.

Personal Accident Insurance (1.5 Year Basic Salary) up to a maximum of 802,000 SR.

Loss of License Insurance (1 Year Basic Salary) up to a maximum of 540,000 SR. (For American National a fixed sum of 168,000 SR).

Layover Expense from block-out to block-in at the layover station: - Domestic : 20 SR per hour, International : 25 SR per hour.

One Additional Crew Member (ACM) ticket on Saudia network each month

Length of Service Award, paid on successfully completing employment:-
From 1 to 5 years a half months base pay for each year of completed service, 75% of the total sum amount will be paid if the years of service is less than 10 years and the full amount will be paid if the years of service exceeds 10 years.

Free cargo shipment of up to 400Kgs for an employee on married status and 200 Kgs on single status, on initial joining and final departure.

An annual bonus of one months base pay, paid pro rata in year.

Free Medical Cover for employee and eligible dependents (Except dental, cosmetic, infertility treatment, audio & visual aids).

School Education subsidy for up to 3 children up to grade 9 (in & out of Saudi Arabia).

Travel benefits for employee and eligible dependents on Saudia and other airlines.

One positive space ticket for employee, and up to 3 eligible dependants, to domicile each year

1 service charge sub load ticket, for employee and up to 3 eligible dependants on Saudia each year

10 official holidays per year, as per periodic declarations

30 calendar days paid annual vacation , increased by 5 days for every 10 years of continues employment (40 days maximum).

Free furnished, air-conditioned, accommodation including utilities, Gas, Water, Electricity and Maintenance, (excluding telephone charges) for married and single status employees.

Free Saudia Sports Club membership for employee and dependents.

A current ATP license on a fixed wing transport aircraft issued by the official Regulatory Agency of an ICAO member country with an endorsed license for English proficiency.

Pass Saudi Arabian General Authorities for Civil Aviation (GACA) Knowledge test.

Age: 30 55 inclusive.(At the Age of 53 or greater, an ICAO ATP with a type rating for the equipment hired).

Height: 65 - 76 Inches (165 - 193 cm).

Satisfactory completion of High School(college graduate is prefered).

Speak, write, read & understand English language fluently.

Current ICAO Member Country First Class medical certificate.

Pass Saudia pre employment medical check that shall include but not limited to :
- Drug Screening.
- Psychometric Evaluation.

Pass Saudia Technical Knowledge, Aptitude, Interview and Simulator Check Ride.

Applicant must be current within a maximum of six month away from flying.

Provide Security background check authenticated by the local authority of nationality origin prior to work visa endorsement.

Required Flying Hours:

Aircraft Category
Minimum Hours Condition as PIC Exception
A 3500 2000 on Group A or 1000 on Group B None
B 4500 3000 on Group A or 2000 on Group B 1.5 Hours of Each A Group could be credited to substitute for any short fall of Group B Hours
C 5000 3000 on Group B or 2000 on Group C 1.5 Hours of Each B Group could be credited to substitute for any short fall of Group C Hours
D 5500 3500 on Group C or 2500 on Group D 2 Hours of Each C Group could be credited to substitute for any short fall of Group D Hours
3 Hours of Each B Group could be credited to substitute for any short fall of Group D Hours

Note: all credited hours mentioned in the exception column are PIC hours

All hired captains shall have recent experience on glass cockpit A/C unless hired for non-glass cockpit.

HERC 2nd May 2009 12:54

Is Saudia Recruiting For A-320???
Is Saudia currently recruiting foreign pilots for A-320?

HERC 3rd May 2009 20:33

THANKS .........Mutt

Can some one please guide me through the recruitment process that SV generally follows. I mean what's typical of the process and what should one prepare for in terms of studies? Any specific pointers to specific subjects/ topics. Thanks in advance

laic 4th May 2009 13:28

@ Mutt,
Atlasjet will start operating 2 A330s for them shortly. You mention 12 A330s on order and starting 2009.
Is plan A to have KK to operate them all, or could this be 2 different operations ??
Thanks !

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