Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.


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Could anyone tell me which destinations are served by the 744's based in Jeddah?

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I applied to work there 4 months ago. One day I get an email asking if I could fly down to Cairo later that same evening in order to interview the following morning! Incredible. I then called them and asked what was up with the scheduling. To be honest, their recruitment is highly unorganized and is probably a reflection of the airline.
I asked what aircraft for which they were recruiting and they said the Boeing 747. I said which 747? They said the Boeing 747. I said which 747. The guy honestly said, "the larger one." I was in disbelief. So after 20 minutes of playing, "guess which 747 model I am trying to describe" I concluded they were recruiting for the Classic. He said they were recruiting for a 3 year contract on the Classic. I told him that I read they were going to phase out the classic in a year and when that happened which aircraft would I transfer to or would my contract be voided. Simple and honest questions that needed to be asked. He then replied that I needed to buy my own hotel room in Cairo that same evening if I wanted to fly down there for the interview. Talk about switching the subject.hahaha.
Anyhow, I got a serious bad vibe from this outfit and declined. Maybe it is a good deal, but there lack of HR really made me question what the hell was going on.
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Do either of you know whether or not SV will consider B742/3 Classic guys, current and recent on type, at age 56?

Noticed in the T&Cs Metro posted that over 53, Captains must have ICAO license and type. It didn't specifically state an age limit.

They've had my application since January ... no response at all from Bilal.

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Hi Mutt-
I received a text msg from Belal K. about interviewing on 23may or 20june. I was wondering if you had any gouge or if you could send me in the right direction. What's the tech stuff and is it TMAT questions? If I make it to the sim, what kind of sim and the standard profile. All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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I don't know about the sim, I was typed on the equipment already and current, so it was waived. I went through the process over 3 years ago. The knowledge test was based on questions from the FAA ATP exam. I think around 50 or so, all multiple choice... All I did was read the AIM/FAR before hand. You could also try reading through one of the FAA ATP study guides. Gleim, I think puts one out.

During the interview itself, there were 5 guys interviewing me, a mix of pilots and HR. They asked a couple of questions about Jepp approach plates, nothing tricky. There were a few scenario questions, what would you do if........ The majority of the interview consisted of them trying to get to know me, work history, experience. They asked what I knew of the Kingdom and the airline. How I thought my family would adjust, etc.

It was all very relaxed, all of the interviewers came across as good guys.

They gave ample opportunity to ask any questions that I had.
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Thanks Metro,
Is the schedule commutable or do you have to live there? Thanks everyone for your help
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To STL? Sorry, not a chance to commute each month.

6 blocked days off in a row each month.

You would end up dying of fatigue trying to go back and forth each month. 1 day travel there and 2 days to get back to Saudi, only leaves you 3 days to recoup in the USA.
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Dunno...... With all the changes taking place maybe not. It isn't in the T&C's anymore and it used to be listed.

They are building them into reserve lines. Hard lines are easy enough to swap a trip or 2 and build a block of days off. Mind you, that may change with the new system.
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i understand they are hiring f/e now.
true ? any age limit for guys who are current
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Hey Muttster...

How are things? Still doing to commute? I kinda miss the old days.
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Does anyone have any more info on the written assessment? Is it just standard ATP type questions? The email I got about the interview said it has aircraft systems questions as well as performance problems? On what a/c??? Thanks for any insight anyone has.

Anyone else going to be in Cairo for the May 23rd round of interviews? If so, shoot me a pm...

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Do they give equal rights to female pilots.
In fact, do they hire female pilots?

Do they let women drive cars?
Do they let women vote?

Do they intend to move in to the 21st Century anytime soon?
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1. See answer #2
2. No.
3. No.
4. No. It is a Monarchy.
5. Define soon.
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Sorry to interrupt, but...the Houston office has closed. Anyone know if there is a contact, either in the US, or in Jeddah, for a American ex-pat to renew a Retired ID Card? Phone number? Thanx in advance, Sam
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Would also be interested in what is coming. Furloughed and right now going to be there June 20. If anyone acquires knowledge from the May interviews and wants to share, please PM.
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Its simple, if you have created an account in their career website Saudi Arabian Airlines - Career , you can send a message to the administrator and he will answer you for any question
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Saudia May interviews

Has anyone interviewed in Cairo already this month?
If yes, could you explain how it went?
I will be there for the 28th interviews. Not much time to study...
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flying for saudia airlines

I am thinking of applying to Saudia Airlines for a first officer position. I am currently flying the crj900 out of Atlanta Georgia. I will be bringing over with me a wife and two kids. I as just wondering how are westeners welcomed over in Jeddah. Any information would be helpful. Take care.
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Do you have at least 2000hrs on the CRJ900?

Been here 3+ years, never had a real problem.

This should help, it is all current:

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Does anyone know what the cargo(747-2/300) roster is like and how many hours do you normally fly during a month. Any info would be appreciated.
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