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B777 for QR

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B777 for QR

Anyone, any idea how many B777 will arrive for QR by the end off the year? I know pilots are stacking up after the sim with no flight training since there are only 2 planes and one long haul route.
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Historical horny facts: Goat Airways line training can take a little as a month, or as in many past instances it may spin right out to 6 months or more. In the past, new recruits awaiting training have been forced to sit in Doha the whole time, unable to get staff travel, unable to get leave, unable to get an exit permit They dont want new dogs leaving the kennel because they know he will probably run away

And all they got was basic pay Your seniority and time of service for upgrade, fleet transfer and bond calculations is frozen until you check to line Dont waste 6 months of your life in Doha, be a wise dog and find a job with a real career path

In 3 years you will gladly chew your own leg off to escape the Goat.
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There should be a total of 5 aircraft by the end of the year.
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sacul12 are u in QR and what interest do u have in knowing how many 777 QR has ?if u want to know cause u want to join then i guess the number isnt important ,regarding training .this department is over stretched not enough training guys so it takes a while after joining till ur turn comes up but once u start its takes about a month from sim to line check .when i joined it was 5 month till i started my training ,for me no problem i took it as paid holiday and got to know qatar ,alot of people will tell u that there is nothing but u will be surprised what u can find barried under the sand ,i guess the time is reduced to about 2 month now ,and it also depends on what licence u hold cause if u dont have jaa then u have to do a lot of ground courses specially the human performance cours which takes about a week to get done then CRM,SEP .and at the end QR is not happy that somebody is being paid and doing nothing even if its only basic cause its still money wasted for them but they have to do it to get the pilots cause the pilots will not wait for them ,and if u still need to know how many 777 are there they have 2 now and will be reciving 1 per month for the next 2 or so years starting sept 08
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Paid holiday in Qatar!! Very good idea. Many people lining up to do that
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Are you sure? 5 to 6 A/C at the end of the year seems a lot since 777's are being delayed everywhere due to galleys unable to keep up with plane production...is QR training that bad? I imagine that 777 life in QR wouldn't be that bad if eventually will take over most of the A330 routes, I think I could handle a few days of the month in Doha.
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Hi all,

Could someone please post current B777 destinations/layovers? Which destinations will the 200LR serve in the future? Any European destinations per chance? Also, I have about 2500+ hours on B763ER (3900+ Total), what are my chances of direct entry on the B777?


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hey FlyingOW

current routes are; IAD / DXB

upcoming, LHR / PEK / IAH ( that's houston i think) JFK
an i guess AUS next year!!!!!!!!

hope this helps,
OFf to


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How long I get Captian 777? New man at goat A320.
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Thanks for the info, I was hoping LHR would be on the list! Do you know what a typical roster looks like on this fleet? Avg hours, days off, etc.......


Would you be so kind as to share some intel on sim profile, interview and tech exam for a non-typerated applicant interviewing for the T7?


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If you flew before B757-B767 or B737NG and pass the selection you will get the seat but the current bond is US$ 50.000.
Nowadays you gonna fly 3-4 times a month and the rest will be TBN.(Capt roster) I guess FO will gonna be something close to that,and i heard they gonna bit short of FOs for the B777 when the next 2-3 acft arrives.

So apply an enjoy the bond jail in the middle east.

Enjoy the fresh air

Flight Deck Crew Job Search | Qatar Airways

First Officers (A300/ A320/ A330/ B777)

Total minimum hours 1000
500 hours on type operated by Qatar Airways
Valid ICAO ATPL or frozen ICAO ATPL.(FAA ATP written is not acceptable)
ICAO English Proficiency Level has to be endorsed on the license
Below 50 years of age.

Type Rating Conversions
First officers without a rating on the aircraft types we fly must have the following minimum experience, A total of 2000 flying hours of which 500 hours shall be on jets and below 45 years of age.

First Officers with considerable experience on the Boeing aircraft (B767, B757 & B737NG) will be considered for a type-rating conversion on the B777.

Pilots given type-rating conversion will be required to sign service bond with the Company.


Some more info to fool your mind:

Qatar Airways Press Release
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Did you get any info on sim,profile,interview and so on
for QR.

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