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Flight deck positions at FlyDubai Master Thread - Merged

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Flight deck positions at FlyDubai Master Thread - Merged

Old 21st Sep 2008, 06:09
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Posted on the other FlyDubai thread. As for me 12,000TT,mostly jet with 3000NG, Current Captain on the NG. Line Capt and not a TRI/TRE.
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Old 21st Sep 2008, 08:01
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flydubai interviews

anyone going for interview 26 oct?
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Old 21st Sep 2008, 16:26
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One only need to do a bit of research on rental properties in Dubai to say NO to FlyDubai, unless you're single. You may only be able to find a bacholar or a 1 bedroom aprt that's within their housing allowance. Otherwise might have to spend half of your salary on housing which will not make it worth while to go in the first place.
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Old 21st Sep 2008, 21:17
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I have over 14,000 hours , 11,000 jet, 3,000 of that is jet pic, only 1200 of that is 737NG. I am a current NG Captain.
No experience of being tri/tre.
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Old 22nd Sep 2008, 21:56
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On Which Licence Youll Get To Fly Over There?
Local? Any , Or Your Own Country?
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Old 23rd Sep 2008, 00:00
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I think the Contractors are also looking for suitable candidates,
as i got that E-mail today & fly Dubai will be the only B 737 NG operator in
the region Dubai/ Jebel Ali - have a look here ...

New Job Vacancy

We have recently received a new job vacancy posting on Flightdeck Recruitment which may be of interest to you.

B737NG Captain - United Arab Emirates

FDR Job ID: 2988

Posted: September 22nd 2008

Age limit for applicants: 50

Type-rated pilots only may apply.

Minimum hours (on type): 2000
Minimum hours (total): 4000

Application Requirements:

4000 Hours P1 (PIC) Total
2000 Hours P1 (PIC) on Type
Medical Class 1
Current on Type
English fluent
No criminal record
No accident record

Application Benefits:

* 5 year employment contract starting in November 2008

* Medical insurance coverage for Applicant and Family

* Relocation assistance/payment

* Transportation provided

* Special Fare travels

* High salary package + per diems


Application Procedure:

- Apply via Flightdeckrecruitment
- Position Ref.: B737-4411-UAE
- Join recruitment in Germany
- Get your approval in the same week
- Sign contract one week later


- travel to recruitment within Europe on recruiter
- Accommodation during recruitment on sole expense
- Interview and multitasking skills at recruitment

Members of the Flightdeck Club can apply for this vacancy via the FlightdeckRecruitment.com web site. If you are not already a member and would like to join, please double-click your desktop shortcut (if created) or log in at Log In, then select the appropriate option on the 'Services' page.

For further information and to apply for this job, please log in as above, then perform a search for the Job ID in the listings for 'Cockpit Jobs' - "ID2988"
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Old 23rd Sep 2008, 06:36
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In most cases you will have your ICAO license validated by the host country and in some cases you will be issued the local license after completing the required training.

As as far the contract job listing, I wonder if the outfit is actually FlYDubai because the requirements listed are different than what FlYD is posting.
For example 2000 hrs in type, 4000 hrs PIC and the age 50 requirement are not FlYD requirements. Could there be another airline starting up?
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Old 23rd Sep 2008, 07:01
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As well Ref; Fly Dubai they are doing there own interviewing .
If a contractor is involved they are taking their cut, flydubai have their TC's on the web site.
Be very aware of housing cost and location , 16K gets you a 2 bed apt with no view, there is also hidden cost when renting, such as rent tax, I think its 1 % but not sure .
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Old 23rd Sep 2008, 07:43
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The 'Housing Fee' in Dubai (a tax on your rent) is 5% of the annual rent, paid monthly and added to your electricity and water bill. With rents at the levels they are now it can be quite a large amount every month.
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 03:22
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First batch to interview this coming week. Hopefully there should be some feedback. I would expect the interview process to be a shortened version of the Emirates interview, since EK staff is conducting most of it. So if you prepare for the EK interview you should feel fairly comfortable.
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 07:17
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Proper preparation

May I suggest that when you prepare for your interview you do it during the night. If you are offered a job you will be flying multi sector night flights in the region.
Do not bring your sunglasses!
The only nice flight will be a turn to Athens. Your cooperation with regards to extending your duty into Captains discretion is taken for granted, even from base.
Forget jump seats.

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Old 3rd Oct 2008, 20:39
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Ok guys, just got back this morning from Flydubai.

Here are some important things I'll spit out right away.
1. The 16000dhs per month for housing allowance is just that. The only change that is not on the website is that they are now giving you a 6 month allowance in advance.
2. The 24,000 USD bond is sticking, everyone has to pay it.
3. Insurance. 100 % coverage for yourself. 75% coverage for your dependants. Pre-existing conditions is not covered. They don't know about dental as yet.
4. There will probally be a shipping allowance but again they haven't ironed out the specifics.
5. There will probally be pass priviledges but they have no specifics.
6. First airplane to arrive 29 April 2009 . Delay that by the amount of days Boeing is on strike plus two weeks.
7. Sim Instructors will be from CAE, Line Checkairmen from flydubai.
8. No furniture allowance.
9. Will be operating out of DXB until Jebel Ali is finished. Parking will be provided at Jebel Ali but they were unsure about DXB.

We talked face to face with the COO. His main point was flydubai is not Emirates. They are not there to run a property rental business or airport shuttle. Its sounds as if he wants to run it like the Southwest atmosphere. Average day is about 7 hours, Regs let you fly 10. Average 80 hour month. HE wants to work you hard on your days so you can have a better quality of life. IF my math works out that means you'll fly 11 to 12 days a month. All out and backs for the most part. Of course thats after the airline is established , until they they'll need a little flexibility.

Now for the process.

Day 1
Meet with sim instructor for a quick brief. In the box you power up the buses and he will then start the engines and put you at the end of 12L. You then get ATC clearance, Brief the crew emergency procedures , radios , clearance, and complete the before take off checklist (This he refers to as the ABC's),,,,,the crew brief is whatever you do now at your current airline. Use your SOPs they don't give any. Normal take off in VMC on departure radar contact was lost and he told us to track the SHJ 140 outbound. He also asked us at what point we would cross over a fix. Something will happen to get you to turn back to the airport. For me it was a bomb threat for my sim partner it was a cargo fire. On ILS short final we did a GA and an engine failure at about gear up. Came back around for a single engine ILS landing to full stop. Thats it folks, don't sweat it.
Then over for the Advanced Compass testing. 24 math problems in 20 min. Simple addition, simple algebra, simple trig, actually only had one trig question. Find the hypotnuse of triangle if one side is 6 and the other is 8.
There was a coordination excersize with a joystick , rudders, and airspeed, fly the bars , keep it coordinated and on airspeed. There was a aviation test of 30 questions over regs and general aerodynamics. There was also a memorization segment where they would flash you alt, as, heading and radio instrumentation. 2 or 3 of them would have numbers assigned. After about 3 secs the instrumentation would go away. You would then have to recall the numbers and enter them. While at the same time in the upper 2 corners of the screen you would get a red alert and you had 3 sec to cancel the alert. you did this by using your number keys 1-9. The 2 alert panels were broken up into 9 segments. For instance if an alert was in the middle of the box you would push key number 5 to xcell. If it was in the northeast corner you would push the number 3 key to xcell. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete this.

Day 2

Psychometric Testing, don't study for this one boys, just record what you feel. ONe is a 187 question test taken manually. IE, "If you had a choice you would rather create an art project than build a house" YOU agree , sometimes agree or disagree. The second test is on the computer on how you think at the work place , about the same number of questions I think. IE "Sometimes I think I am superior to others" or "I try to please my boss" again its 3 choice yes , no or sometimes. YOU are instructed by the Psyc. to stay out of the middle as much as possible.

Then we met with The COO, refer to first part of my post.

Panel interview time, no technical questions so relax. The play book they are using is Checklist for Success by Cheryl Cage. Mine were:
1. Why do you want to work here?
2. How does your family feel about moving to Dxb?
3. What did you do to prepare for this interview?
4. Tell me a time you had to make a decision where you did'nt have the full picture.
5. Tell me a time where you had to make a stand and stuck to it when others tried to influence you in another direction.
6. Tell me a time when you had to say no.

Then back to the pshyc, to see if I needed a small , medium or large straight jacket. This actually was an extension to the interview. He told me what the test came up with and what weaknesses it indicated. Personally I think he gives the results to the panel before the interview because they both asked the same questions to me.

Finally over to medical for:
Urine analysis
weight and height
blood pressure
color vision, same cards you see every six months
near and far vision , reading sentences and the standard eye chart with differnt letters than we are used to.

Ear test in the booth
and finally a blood draw to just check for HIV and other diseases.

Thats it guys , they will get back to you in 4 weeks.

The experience was great, flew me to and fro on business class OMG! That was nice!!! Everyone involved were top notch, great people !
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 04:04
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Thanks for all the great info!!
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 04:17
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Thanks for the great gouge. I was scheduled to go this week. I emailed them and said NO THANKS! Until they offer a better package it just isn't worth it for me. I am not about to waste my time going there. What's wrong with these guys? Do the math. Base pay until you fly 80 hrs is around $6800. Your housing allowance won't cover the rent, you you will shell out another 1,000 for that. Then you have to sign a 1 year lease with upfront money of around AED 250,000. Fly D only gives you half the allowance which is around AED 96,000. So we have to come up with around 154,000 AED (42,000 USD) to get a decent place to live?!!! WTFO! Oh and then you want me bonded as well so I can't leave??? Or if I leave I owe you more money? Give me a break.

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Old 4th Oct 2008, 09:25
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You guys are a tough room.
Edited for sobreity.

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Old 4th Oct 2008, 09:46
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Editted because Willie sobered up!!

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Old 4th Oct 2008, 10:14
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Willie--Thanks for the love... dude. Who said anything about the USA or the world being the USA. I never did. Twinkies, Trailer Park, Alabama? Do I detect some hostility here? What brought that about? You don't even know me. I don't even live in the USA.

I was simply commenting on the terms & conditions offered by FlyDubai. If you think it's a good package then by all means apply, interview get hired and have a great life. I never compared it to anything with reference to the USA. As far as having a long wait and crying in their beer--I am well employed (not in the USA) as a B737NG Captain and was just looking at other possible jobs out there. I will say that my current package is much better than what fly Dubai is offering at present. I had thought that FlYD would have been a great opportunity and it was dissapointing to learn otherwise. Ok so you didn't like my choice of words WTFO & gouge. Either you don't know what they mean or you know exactly what they mean and you just got off the wrong side of the bed and decided to pick on someone.
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 10:50
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EK and Air Dubai

They are not the same???

heheh even sim sortie is word by word the same.

cant they come up with something enw for the boeing???
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Old 5th Oct 2008, 04:07
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The simulator was a CAE 737-800. The Auto throttles were used at all times, and the Auto pilot was engaged up untill the final vector for the ILS. Re-engaged after clean up altitude on the SE pocedure, and disengaged once more after final vector again for SE ILS.
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Old 7th Oct 2008, 02:34
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FlYDubai screening has been suspended for now. This is in part due to the Boeing strike which will impact deliveries of the aircraft to the airline.
There has been no mention as to when to expect screening dates again.
I would guess nothing will happen until after the new year.
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