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The Etihad Package...

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

The Etihad Package...

Old 22nd Aug 2008, 08:36
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Apartments are mostly 2 bed (Cabin crew??) the rest are 3 bed. But all have maids room too, with ensuite.

Cant give specific dimensions of all rooms, but paced out livin/dining room of 3 bed apartment and it was about 8x5m. Not too small! Other rooms were adequate size. Kitchen smallish, but enough, as long as you dont wanta table in there. All bedrooms have loads of storage built in. Master bed has ensuite bathroom.

ALL appliances supplied by tennants. But aircon is included of course, so not on your utility bill.
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Old 23rd Aug 2008, 15:27
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Last amount I heard you get for furnishings and shipping is about 42.000dhs.
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Old 23rd Aug 2008, 20:30
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Settling In Allowance:
F/O 42500 Dhs
CAPT 47500 Dhs

Accomodation Allowance paid monthly along with salary.

Note: if you decide to take your own accomodation and to involve EY in paying the rent, you can receive UP TO 160 000 Dhs/annum (F/0). In other words: if you rent for 120 000 Dhs and for any reason EY pays the rent directly to the tenant (cause sometimes they request one full year in advance), don't expect to get 40 000 Dhs in your pocket...you won't.
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Old 24th Aug 2008, 05:03
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Shortfuel; If someone wanted to take the allowance and buy something will they give you the full amount? In the road shows they tell you that they only have apartments right now. I keep reading they are lying, if they aren't giving apartments what are they giving? If they are giving apartments what are they lying about. We are thinking of going over also but I too must say all this is a little scary. Thanks
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Old 24th Aug 2008, 07:01
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DO you guys at EY think this would be a good move for a single guy in his 20's going fom NYC to AUH?
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Old 24th Aug 2008, 08:46
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frankbama: you would get full amount in that case.

There are happy people in Etihad (incl. me), there're just not here to write it in upper case letters!

Unions are not allowed in this part of the Middle East.

Relocating far from his borders could be scary...

And yes...after reading EY threads, nobody would think of joining, the truth doesn't lie in those threads. Some facts are emphasized too much because they're linked to personal situations.

It's just about a balance between reality and expectations.

I wouldn't qualify EY as a dream job (too early!)...but a very good job, secure, with extremely good prospects.
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Old 24th Aug 2008, 13:40
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I will agree with shortfuel, there are a number of us very happy here but, and there is a big BUT.

For an airline which is planning to be a world leader in the field, we have to do it right from the start. A major problem from day one of operations which is still not solved is housing; it causes much frustration to new joiners and their families who come here to join this airline.
I'm sad to say that I have spoken with several of our new colleagues who face the housing problem and they are all left with a bad first impression of our airline and Abu Dhabi in general. How can our management expect these individuals to have an enthousiastic start to a new career with our airline and think of our guests when they face enormous problems at home.

It's time this problem is solved once and for all. Build a huge villa compound to house our people in a nice community, it not only is a sound investment and a serious asset but above all will motivate our people when the airline shows it cares for them and their families.

I hope someone is reading this where it matters.

On a closing note, despite the above I am happy in EY but I'd be happier if the new F/O's flying with me felt the same.
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Old 24th Aug 2008, 17:32
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Compared to flag carriers, the pay is poor.
compared to the old legacy carriers it probably is - but how many are hiring?

Most of the guys I know who are newly qualified are flying for the LCC's and their pay is dire.
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Old 24th Aug 2008, 22:32
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As it was written above by Jet II, what are the chances of getting this US major Captain job nowadays or even in the near future. All the US major carriers are overwhelmed with legacy costs and have been outsourcing all the flying they can to the regional airlines. Even if you get hired by a US major airline, what kind of job stability can you be provided with?
How long will it take to upgrade to this 200k USD position? how many rounds of furloughs will you have to go through before you can feel the left seat under your butt?
during all these years, you will be an F/O, and as you know the payscales are far from being impressive. Actually Etihad's payscales for F/O's blows away most F/O payscales in the US. with or without housing. Nevermind a US LCC.

"Compared to flag carriers, the pay is poor. But they say its "Tax Free". Well it isn't. "

You didn t really explain how the salary is not "tax free" I am curious to see how it is not. Obviously, you could not be talking about how citizens from certain countries get taxed above a certain threshold (around 87k USD for USA). Companies could not possibly be held responsible for tax systems in other countries.

"Lets take a US Capt. on a widebody. I am guessing his pay would be close to US 200,000. Maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more. His company PAYS that much, yes the government takes some away, but that is still what the airline is paying for his services"

Are you certain that Delta, American,etc.... would still be paying 200K if they were in a tax free environment? I am not sure either way but nothing tells you they would. Regardless it does not matter. What matters is how much money you get in your bank each month.

Payscales are determined according to the law of supply and demand. When there will be a surplus of pilots in the Gulf, you will see the salaries decrease, just like it did in the US. Until then the payscales will stay the same as long they can get pilots to man their ships.
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 04:48
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Saviboy well written. If your in the US you know what he says is true, If your not here you have no idea how crappy it has gotten. Good luck finding a US airline paying that kind of money. Just ask a United guy what they are down to and US airlines aren't done cutting yet. The down side is all these pilots will keep the pay in the ME around the same rate unless these boards scare the yanks away and they won't move to the sand pit.
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 06:39
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Well, accomodation isn't the only issue.

A330, A340 and B777 rosters are out and the A320 guys have a roster valid for 24 hours ony in the best case.
These guys have no life, fly like crazy and face poor planning operation and erratic training.
We are forced into Mussafah crapound and we are supposed to be proactive, on time etc
No way !!!!!
High burn off, no cooperation , no customer minded attitude and no tie !!!!

Fk of

Best job in the area; I doubt it, I will refresh my B737 rating and go next door.

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Old 25th Aug 2008, 07:16
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As for A320 F/O's, roster is getting more and more stable. Am sorry I can't let you spread wrong facts. We do have enough drawback here not to invent new ones. I didn't fly like crazy for the last 6 months...an average of 53 hours...and I have absolutely no connection whatsoever inside the company.

And salary IS tax free.

UAE Fact of the day: filling up your car: about 25 USD.
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 17:03
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Funny how you all made comments about the pay and nothing else. That is why nothing will ever change here. Pilots are their own worst enemies. Fine, you were all warned. So come on over, and then don't bitch about ANTHING!
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 17:26
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Why going to the sandpit?

That is the question. I think most of us are here because we had too at some stage because there was no alternative. The pay is not good but also not bad, you can save some money but you will not get rich. You will get a good valuable type-rating on an Airbus or Boeing and fly on an interesting network all over the World, seeing things you would otherwise never see.
But there is also a big price to pay as an expat here, you are not welcome here by locals, you are at best a well paid laborer, social life is mostly limited to expat community, the Gulf Cities including Dubai are rather boring, uncultured and only consumer (shopping) oriented. Furthermore it is unbearable hot, humid and dusty and worst is the traffic which is absolutly dangerous. Specially if you have kids this place is only for a few years and is not a place to spend your career.
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 22:19
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Does Etihad provide transportation to and from the airport for the start and end of trips?

What are the A320 schedules like? Same day trips or multi day trips? Where are the overnights?

What is temporary housing like? Do they pay for meals while in temp housing?

Thanks for any info....
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Old 26th Aug 2008, 00:30
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Togalk, not all of us talked about pay.
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Old 26th Aug 2008, 10:18
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To long-gonner:

-Not for flight crew.
-Both; layovers in BAH, AMM, DAM, TRV.
-Like hotels or hotel-apartments.
-...Why would they?..No.
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Old 28th Aug 2008, 02:01
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Thanks for the info shortfuel.

How is the parking at the airport? Is there a bus to the terminal? Is the parking covered like in a garage? Not a big deal, just curious.

What is the report time before start of a trip?

How are the guys you fly with on the A320? Good crews?

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Old 28th Aug 2008, 07:33
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You park in the airport car park directly in front of the Terminal - some is covered some not. About a 5 min walk to crew reporting.
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Old 28th Aug 2008, 08:57
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Report Time for flight crew:
STD-75 min : A320
STD-90 min : A330/340, B777

Guys are relaxed and pro on A320.
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