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EK Profit Share....

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EK Profit Share....

Old 30th Apr 2008, 14:19
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So the TC rumour wasn't a rumour then.
Time for another bottle of bubbly... hic..hic..
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 15:13
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Shall I cut and past my post from April 9th again? Here we go:

I'm betting on a BIG bonus (even close to 16 weeks) and only a marginal pay increase (maybe 5-10%). By far the cheapest formula for EK: 1 time expenditure, no risks for the future and most of the skippers are blinded by a bonus....

Zero impact on pensions, future pay....AND they can attract huuuge crowds with this big carrot...
Some senior skippers may jump the ship now but I think EK doesn't care so much. They only work big numbers and most of us are stuck here anyway (at least for a while).
They set to the tone with the rosters last february.... right?

They are very very clever."

Now get ready for 5 to 10% pay rise. Wait and see....
Remember they are more clever than you....
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:01
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Does anyone know if there will be deductions from this bonus? For example: I contribute to the provident fund 'C' account.

Can I expect my 10%contribution to this account to be deducted from the bonus check?? Anyone in the know???

Likewise... Is the standard A (12%) + B (5%) account deductions applicable as well?

Just trying to figure out how many Russian [email protected]#ers I can factor into the equation...
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:13
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grab a calculator...

multiply your monthly salary by 12, divide by 52, multiply by 14. This is the amount that will appear on your May paycheck. To the dirham.

Sorry to dissapoint the conspiracy theorists but that is about as arcane as it gets.
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:21
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Does anyone know if they apply the ERP to that sum of money?
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:24
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C'mon buddy and get yer shit together. Profit share is an added bonus to what would be a normal months salary. It's based on BASIC salary. No deductions from this, no ERP added, no fund C contributions, no training allowance, no education deductions................. What you do with your 14 weeks is up to you.

I guess the Ruskies are waiting...........................

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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:34
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The Master throws his loving hunting dogs a morsel of the bag, now they will roll over and let him tickle their tummy's...again.

Lets see profit $1.48 billion prophet. thats $1,480,000,000

We get roughly $50,000,000 split between 1800 ish pilots. about 0.3%.

Not knocking it, in fact I am absolutely delighted , but don't be blinded by the number 14.

It probably just about makes up for last year, and the previous cost neutral changes, never mind the year before that

And as the previous post, big headline, small cost, attract the fools blinded by the pot of gold , trap them and voilą ..no need to pay big for a couple of years again..

Call me a cynical barstewrd if you like, lets see if spending 14 weeks will put a smile on my face...
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:58
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Some people will just never be satisfied.
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 17:16
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8 weeks, 5% + increment. No increase on flight pay. Utilities maybe 7%

see if I'm wrong!
Well, you're wrong so far...
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 17:45
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Well l got mine ordered!

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Old 30th Apr 2008, 21:23
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Some people will just never be satisfied.

Indeed, and I thought that the mosquitos thread was bad enough.

There are airlinesclosing down and we complain because we've got 14 weeks of basic salary.

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Old 1st May 2008, 02:22
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Wow!! I have got to get a job at Emirates.
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Old 1st May 2008, 02:43
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The line forms behind me!!!!!!!!!!!

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Old 1st May 2008, 03:04
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All I can say is WOW!!!!!
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Old 1st May 2008, 03:38
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Id give it all up for a basing tomorrow , here that Sheik A you can keep my bonus just let me go home....................
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Old 1st May 2008, 05:11
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I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last year that the bonus is awarded, anyone seen the target for next year??

Sorry to piss on peoples bonfires but as far as I'm concerned if you split the bonus up into 12 months then added it to your salary then that's about what we should be getting paid wrt inflation in Dxb etc. So, no, I'm not excited at all, I just feel that we have now earned a fair salary amount for the last 12 months.

Another thing, the '05, '06, & '07 bonuses where a crock of s**t, this one is the first one in recent years to POSSIBLY reflect the truth, and I guarentee you that once they have sucked in a load of pilots over the next few months, that next years bonus (If there is one) will be pitiful.

There is only one reason that the bonus was half decent this year and that was to attract fresh meat to the grinder, I don't think many of the existing pilots/staff are fooled by the politics of this.

.....I'll get me coat then
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Old 1st May 2008, 05:41
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Agreed FM.

Also take into account we have to cost cut to the tune of $100 million, added competition on routes and that most of us would like to avoid the amount of work it took to get this years share, next years will be much lower.

It was also a possible prelim to a floatation so it had to look good.
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Old 1st May 2008, 06:39
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So it took 20 hours for the doomsday sayers to craw into their caves again, some people are just never happy for more that 5 minuts.

HH, thanks for the bonus. Please let me stay for a few more
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Old 1st May 2008, 06:59
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PS you've been bent over so long you are actually starting to enjoy it.

Hope it improves your swing.

Last edited by Marooned; 1st May 2008 at 07:10.
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Old 1st May 2008, 07:28
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Payscale, I'm not a pessimist, just a Realist, yes I will enjoy the bonus, but I'm afraid that it has been well diluted by the last few years T&C's, inflation and BS 'profit shares' of the last few years.

....and, yes, I know 'if I don't like it I can leave', but i'ts not quite bad enough yet for me to leave
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