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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 28th Oct 2009, 20:20
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Angel etihad selection


etihad is doing selection and assessement

can anybody give exemples tips or type of questions asked on this ??

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Old 28th Oct 2009, 22:52
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which fleet are they currently selecting for?
it should be on 330/340,shouldn't it?
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Old 29th Oct 2009, 05:02
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What is the story regarding recruitment over there? Applied in August, and have an internal rec as well. Heard nothing back thus far.
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Old 30th Oct 2009, 09:15
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Pilot Housing

May I please ask where new joiners are being given accommodation and what type whether an apartment or a villa?

Thanks in advance for any help in the matter.
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Old 30th Oct 2009, 09:25
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Waitec, I posted earlier a similar post on a different thread (Etihad roadshow) as I have the same kind of question.

I read a while ago that Etihad secured some leases at the Al Reef development which, from its web site, is situated pretty close to AUH airport. However I don't know whether this is true or not.

Been doing some seaches on the web and was reading on a UAE newspaper there is a development called 'Etihad Village' but the article states that it is meant for cabin crew.

Would also appreciate any feedback on the matter as accommodation is an important aspect I guess.
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Old 30th Oct 2009, 19:44
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Not much incentive for them to sign up for more villas, when many apartments empty at Mazyad Village/SMBZC/Mussafa or whatever you want to call it. Al Reef is sure way outa town. For now.

Seems lotsa guys dumping Co accom in favour of living in Dubai and using allowance profit to cover commuting cost.
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Old 31st Oct 2009, 12:25
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Hey Saltaire

Best not say too much as EY could well be taking over!
I hope you pass the EY selection!
I think the facts are simply that DXB & EK have survived on good PR/Spin/BS
thats now come to an end and the real colours are starting to show..
Lets hope your lucky eh!
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Old 31st Oct 2009, 20:52
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Hello all,

If applying for the A320 position how long before you're A330/A340 as well?


L Met
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Old 31st Oct 2009, 22:14
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hi Londonmet
first let me start by saying that I m not an employee at EY. I might be able to answer your question though.
I think you are asking how long does it take to transiiton from the A320 to the 330/340?
If that is the case, then as of about a month ago, the company requirements were 18 months and 500 hours on the 320. I dont need to write any name but this info is reliable. these minima can be changed at anytime at company's discretion.

at the moment, there are 2 320 pilots/month transferring to the 330. (anybody feel free to correct me if i m wrong). it was rumored to change from 2/month to 6/month but a friend told me it wont be the case.
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Old 2nd Nov 2009, 05:33
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Thumbs down

Londonmet... Possibly never.... No guarantee at all. Soooo many guys promised 'six months on 320' heve been waiting 18 and quite probably 18more. Lotsa 320 coming... and lots of DEP onto 330.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 12:37
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Any exEK guys want to comment on their changeover to EY?

Same same, or a bit different?

Especially command time A330 and A340. No MFF, I suppose.

Rosters on the 320 vs 330. PM me if you can.

Thinking about making the small (..) step due BS at EK and time to command.

Anybody? Thanks!
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 16:18
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anyone with info regarding EY having roadshows?thank you
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 18:36
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As far as I know no Etihad pilots resigned from EY to go up to EY but the opposite is not true, quite a few have moved "down south" from EK.
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Old 6th Nov 2009, 02:22
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Again, only failed candidates of EK have moved over to EY. Perhaps some locals have moved from EY to EK. Have not heard of a single expat moving from EK to EY...perhaps a failed upgrade or some other dubious situation. Some FO's are threatening due to change in command requirements at EK, but I would assume EY could do the same.
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Old 6th Nov 2009, 04:01
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Again, special situation and it's not a big secret why the former CP left...my point is that EY now looks like a reasonable opportunity but it's just been in the last couple years. Before that it was questionable if they could pull it off. Enjoy
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Old 6th Nov 2009, 05:14
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Sorry to disappoint but many of us in EY never applied to EK. It was a personal decision and I made my choice. the best I ever made by the way. I think the line has been crossed to suggest that those who moved from EK to EY were sub-standard or failures. The locals and expats alike who joined from EK onto the EY B777 were a great bunch, performed well and all fully deserved their upgrades.

Last edited by Severely Jetlagged; 6th Nov 2009 at 09:01.
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Old 6th Nov 2009, 07:37
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the wheel of life

saltaire, just accept the fact that EK is now in deep shit and EY is not, not now, and possibly not in the next ten or twenty years with all the new airplanes coming. i made the right choice in coming to EY, life in Abooo Daabi is more real and livable than your hollow, superficial Dooobai.
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Old 6th Nov 2009, 10:06
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Choice? Sure...But not sure about the living situation seeing many from EY live in the Marina and new Dubai. More amenities, night life etc. Deep doo doo? They just squeezed out 200 m US profit and are also taking delivery of aircraft every month...?? I agree, greed took Dubai off it's rails and they likely use the airline profits to support other losing businesses such as those in real estate.

In any case, EY look solid regardless of profit/loss etc and good for them, I'm sure things will continue to roll along but it's all a recent development and I get a kick out of some of the posts, that's all.
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Old 6th Nov 2009, 11:22
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indeed it is a recent development, but remember that everything starts from the bottom. what EY has accomplished in 6 years is just beyond reproach, no doubt about that. EY is strong and aggresive but at the same time prudent and careful enough to take each huge step in the right direction.
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Old 6th Nov 2009, 12:51
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EY still allows you to take the housing allowance in cash if you wish unlike many Airlines. So quite a number of shrewd EY crew took advantage of Dubai's cheap rents and house prices and moved there. Nothing out of the ordinary in that in fact they've done very nicely thank you.

I much prefer living in Abu Dhabi and will remain here.
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