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Are there any positives about qatar

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Are there any positives about qatar

Old 14th Aug 2004, 04:13
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Are there any positives about qatar

sorry guys this topic seems to have been beaten before. but i cant help but wonder if there are any positives about joining qatar. if you go and read the post of other airlines, say gulf for example, you will find qr being spoken about in good light. first officers i agree seem to be getting a raw deal but how about the captains, are they any happier.from my experience i havent found a totally satisfied deck crew ever[ professionally i mean].will appreciate meaningful feed back. thanks and happy flying.

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Old 14th Aug 2004, 15:21
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Captains still not getting their 8days in a row off every two months, difficulty getting leave and if your a non local you still have to answer to the locals!!!
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Old 14th Aug 2004, 23:48
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Old 15th Aug 2004, 13:54
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The comments speak for themselves!

Give QR a miss!!!!!!!!! Wouldnt waste my life with them if I were you!!!!
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Old 17th Aug 2004, 04:19
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Qatar is best viewed from FL410 at 8 miles per minute in airconditioned comfort . About the bad feedback QR generates.... popular consensus would suggest its all true. You only live once!
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Old 22nd Aug 2004, 05:39
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hmm 1020 hits only 5 replies not even one positive . still waiting.............
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Old 22nd Aug 2004, 16:22
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You'll have plenty of time for your hobbies!
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Old 23rd Aug 2004, 20:15
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EXITDOHA had put a post here a few months back titled

"For Qatar Airways Pilots Old and New"

If you want to go and read the thread, go ahead, but if you don't want to read the entire thread or don't know how to check old threads, then here is what he wrote:

he wrote:
Qatar Airways some facts

You get paid by the scheduled block hour so if your working a 4 sector day say short intragulf flight BAH, DXB, AUH etc…, paired with a flight to a capital in the Middle East AMM, DAM, BEY etc… your scheduled block time will be around 7 hours however your duty time will be around 12 hours 30 minutes and you will NOT be paid for the 5 hours 30 minutes that you are on duty outside of the 7 hours scheduled block time. Not very nice to spend almost 46% of your day working for free. All 3 fleets operate these pairing flights on a regular basis. Also you will not get paid or get extra hotel allowances in the event of any delays downroute.

You will be rostered to dead head on sectors lasting up to 11 hours, with the same report time as the operating crew. You will be required to dead head in uniform and comply with every company regulation there is (and there are many) but you will not get paid for it. So you will be on company time, in company uniform, obeying company regulations for up to 12 hours at a time and not receive 1 riyal for it.

If you're coming for a command you need to be aware there have been no upgrades for the past 18 months and only a handful (to the well connected) in over 2 years. This despite the fact that the airline has been desperate for Captains in the same period. Managements excuse has been they don't have the personnel to run command courses but strangely enough they now have the ability to offer full fly by wire 45 day courses to non type rated direct entry captains. Also be aware that dozens of Jet Airways 737 captains are on the way to take the seats that senior F/O's in Qatar Airways cant even get an interview for. Just be aware that you will be lied to in the interview just as the F/O's are being lied to now, there is no intention to upgrade them, just string them along with excuses, fleet transfers that freeze them on type for 3 years and simulator sessions designed to make sure they stay in the right seat for another 6 months…. at least.

The flight ops management are 90% Qatari, all came from Gulf Air, all got commands with minimal experience a few years ago and all fly about 100 hours a year just to stay current, experienced as pilots, trainers or managers THEY AINT! They spend most of their days behind closed doors and pulled blinds doing what?... nobody knows, well maybe the tea boy that they shout at does. Again be aware they like to people in the sim regularly either to keep them in the right seat or to show you what you don’t know especially if you've worked at major national carriers for the 40 years of your previous career and have come to Doha for a few years fun before you retire….fun IT AINT! Nobody should deny the right of the locals to run their own airline, but when the locals are as clueless, nasty, arrogant, inexperienced and backward as this lot are then it becomes a disgrace a BIG disgrace, its also disgraceful to watch their few expat lackeys who should know better taking it up the a** from the well connected but largely incompetent local managers just so that they can call themselves 'management pilots', they certainly are making no difference at Qatar Airways. Oddly enough there are some very fine Qatari's flying for the airline but NONE of them work in the office.
The standards on the flightdeck vary widely, in my experience generally average at best. The fear factor at Qatar Airways encourages a protect you’re own a** at all costs environment so you wont find high levels of teamwork or CRM either in the cockpit or the cabin, you will find high levels of suspicion, intimidation and insecurity, you will fly with plenty of pilots who are at 160 knots 12 miles out or 2500 feet 30 miles out just so they don't get a DFDR event and have to visit the safety office (I'm not joking). Airmanship is not a word you'll ever hear too often, follow the SOP's and manuals blindly with no application of common sense and keep that autopilot in 99.9% of the time; this is what they 'teach' at Qatar Airways.

Rosters are from the stone age, they can be horrific, it is perfectly legal to have 2 days off in 3.5 weeks at Qatar Airways, there is no bid system, its easier to scale a large mountain than swap a flight, you'll find yourself going east for the monsoon and west for the European winter as dictated to the rostering dept by the fleet office (they are not independent). Many pilots were promised 8 days a month off at their interviews, some of those same people didn’t get home for 6 months and when they did it was for 3 or 4 days not 8 as promised, more lies and it goes on and on and on………..
Ninety five percent of Qatar Airways staff come from poor countries for a reason, because they are easily exploited by this airline, they put up with more, they are easier to bully and frighten, they don’t say no as often, they have lower expectations when it comes to human and employment rights and because their cheap, all the things that QR want from their employees, it still doesn’t make them happy employees. QR and Qatar is trying desperately to emulate and beat Emirates and Dubai, it’s the only outward focus that an inward looking country and airline has, it hasn’t realized and doesn't have the managers to realize that to do that you have to do it in every area of the airline, not just a few manuals or a choice of 3 starters and French cheese with your coffee. The CEO Akbar Al Baker who presides over this shambles the self proclaimed ‘visionary’ of modern air transport, the small man with the big ego and the blank checkbook was arrested recently in connection with money laundering on the Doha Stock Exchange. Believe me there is not much style, maturity, charisma or flair at Qatar Airways.
You also need to be aware that Qatari landlords are as ruthless as their flight ops counterparts and rents are now about 7500 riyals and rising fast for a decent semi furnished 4 bedroom villa (5500 this time last year). The airline will pay you a maximum of 6200 for housing the rest will come out of your hard earned. Not the airlines fault I admit but a reality you will have to face all the same. Doha itself is quiet, peaceful, and easygoing, the sports fan is well catered for, shopping, restaurants, cinemas are good, it’s very family friendly. If you’re coming with the kids the place itself is ok, if you’re a single party animal you'll find your options pretty limited, Dubai it isn't.
The local native population are a strange bunch, this whole new ‘’Tourism Qatar’’ drive is centered on the famous and unique Qatari Arabian hospitality however in real life you'll never actually witness any Qatari hospitality, never see any welcome to Qatar signs at the airport or in the city, never get a ''welcome to our country'' from them, never get invited anywhere by them, more often than not you'll get the trademark sneer and the thinly veiled contempt that they have for people they don’t even know. This is of course a generalization and I did work with some very nice and decent Qatari's and I didn’t know any of them that well but if their selling the hospitality of the local population to prospective visitors they really need to get their act together, their brothers in other parts of the gulf are decades ahead of them. Other Middle Eastern countries in fact most other countries in the world are way ahead of them in the welcome stakes.
If you’re the sort of person happy to keep your head down all the time, put up with all the injustice and s**t that comes your way, accept that you'll never have a voice, accept that you'll never have any job security, accept that the locals have you here because they need you not want you in their country, then you'll probably do ok. I discovered in my time here I wasn’t that type of person and luckily I have the option to move on soon. I can say with utter conviction that most of the people I have worked with here don’t enjoy it but they don't have the option (passport) to go elsewhere, I know if they did they would. It's not even close to being a good career airline and will never be, not while they have nations of poor people to exploit (China, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Burma are currently being plundered) and they know it. Its true that globally a career as a pilot is not what it once was but Qatar Airways are taking flightdeck and expatriate employment to devastating new lows.
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Old 4th Sep 2004, 05:26
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thanks hajjman i appreciate your effort,the other post also got revived. point noted
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Old 5th Sep 2004, 14:39
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I wrote this in a post a long time ago:

This is not a good place to get a true feel for what Qatar Airways is like and what Doha is like to live in but I will try to see if I can give you a quick insight of what I have heard and seen from people working there.

Mixed emotions in Doha are plentyful and on this forum you will see that the negative out-weights the possitive so you will always get a tainted picture of Qatar Airways and Doha. As a matter of fact this is true on any chat session about any place of work as the disgruntel people write in and complain about EVERYTHING.

Doha form what i know is nice, and if you are a family person and bring your family with you to the State Of Qatar it is easier than if you are there alone. Many nice people from all sorts of cultures and flying back grounds there and you can make it a nice place to live and work if you want to or you can sit in your home and complain, its your choice.

There is the Dessert, Bar-b-que by the ocean, few night spots only in hotels, many choices of food to eat, ADSL fast internet if you want to be home, you can have a alcohol drink in the hotels and if you get a liquor permit you can buy booze and have in your home for those all night parties and bar-b-ques if you want. Only one place sells the Alcohol but there are plans to open more shops soon (soon could be ?????) a 4x4 vehicle or boat are good idea to get if you go there to live as the dessert or the ocean are the only two place to get away from Doha for a quick day out trip to relax. you could go to Dubai or Bahrain also but that means going on an airplane again.

Depending on what aircraft you are hired on and what seat you are in will kind of determine how hard you work and what kind of time off you get and where you go. Depending on how long you have been in Aviation you will also know that this will change as time goes on, you might join on a hard working fleet now but next year that fleet might be the easy fleet, you get my drift right? I am not sure what background you have but the work here seems to keep you on the road out of Doha a good bit anyway.

All in all, a job and a place are what you make of it so if you decide to go to Qatar and join the airline go with your eyes and ears open and see if that is for you. one key factor is to NOT keep comparing it to your old airline or your old home, you will always find things you don't like about a job and a place but comparing it to home and other places you have lived, IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

Good luck and if you go, ENJOY IT!!!

Hajj Man
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Old 5th Sep 2004, 15:01
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Know a bloke used to work for QR. Old hand, worked in many places.

Hated QR, but loved Doha, after some adjustment.

Inevitably the day came when he had to leave after a year or so.

By then was cursing Akbar for driving him away from a place he had become so fond of that he thought about retiring there for a peaceful life.

He is feeling better now, having made a full recovery after a brief sojourn in an institution.
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Old 5th Sep 2004, 19:05
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Cool Excellent Post Hajjman

I can only say that, I relate to your post! I lived and survived QR
you got me all misty eye!
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Old 12th Sep 2004, 16:59
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i am thinking of not applying for the job at QR. i hear the ceo is sacked, will that change the situation.
i like my coffee before takeoff and any time i feel.
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Old 13th Sep 2004, 04:11
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Simply put, if he goes, come. If not, stay away if you possibly can. Under his rule this has become an airline of necessity only.
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