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VISION THREAD (other than colour vision) 2

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VISION THREAD (other than colour vision) 2

Old 10th Feb 2020, 02:09
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Eyeballs in the sky...

Have a look at CASR 67.150, specifically section 1.31 in the table for Class 1 requirements (page 370). Essentially, it's 6/9 in each eye, but 6/6 with both eyes (plus some requirements for close-in). That'll give you an idea re your first question.
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Old 10th Feb 2020, 02:10
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If you’ve got the class 1 medical, a valid licence and pass the recruitment process, you’ll get the job.

You will only have an issue if there’s a restriction on your medical such as copilot only, or day ops, VFR only etc.

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Old 10th Feb 2020, 05:17
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Hey guys thanks for the replies, most of what you bought up was how I was thinking it was just a bit worrying to have 2 CASA optometrists tell me not to bother even trying to get the medical. I guess for a little more history, my eyes have been that way since birth. My bad eye is worse than 6/9 but with both eyes my vision is better than 6/6. Most likely I'm just going to go for it regardless of what the 3rd optometrist will say, and see what they come back with once it all gets sent away.
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Old 10th Feb 2020, 16:12
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I remember hearing of an eye injury to my teacher's son. He lost vision in that eye, but eventually obtained a Class I medical and CPL in Canada in the 70s. The CAA tends to lag.
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Old 21st Feb 2020, 21:44
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how to improve eyesight to 20/20

I am hoping to enhance my vision slightly to 20/20 in each eye separately, primarily to start flying commercially again.

· I am 51 years old and have been wearing contacts or glasses for the last 25 years.

· With glasses or soft contacts I am approximately 20/30 in each eye separately.

· I have recently started using scleral contact lenses which are filled with sterile water prior to placement and have the effect of giving the eye a smooth uniform shape. These contacts are hard and have improved my vision. I am now able to get close to 20/20 (but missing 1 or 2 letters, and the others very hard to see) with each eye separately. I think these contacts have the effect of “removing” the astigmatism.

· I have recently started to look at surgery again, although 10 years ago a LASIK company said I was not a suitable candidate due to the astigmatism I have. The LASIK company may have had other reasons why I was not a good fit for surgery, but I can’t recall what they were. They also said that the LASIK surgery if successful would not improve my vision over what I was able to achieve with glasses or soft contacts.

· I am curious to know if eye surgery has changed/improved in last 10 years and whether I could now be a viable candidate.

· I would be interested to know if anyone has had any success with the William H Bates type eye exercises, and if yes how much did the eyes improve and how long did it take.

· I am in some ways very close to my 20/20 goal to be able to fly commercially again, and it seems a risk to be even contemplate surgery, even if it would work.

Any thoughts/suggestions are very much appreciated.
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Old 28th Feb 2020, 14:07
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Question for those who wear glasses

I’m a current ATPL airline Pilot, no restrictions on medical but I am going to have an eye test.

If I need glasses what are the restrictions, is it to carry 2 pairs of sunglasses as well as 2 pairs of normal glasses?

Must the sunglasses be also corrected?

Since if it does happen it won’t be anything dramatic is there a tolerance on the class 1 so it won’t go down as a restriction on my next medical and thus need only 1 pair for distance.

Thanks in advice, much easier than CAA website.
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Old 28th Feb 2020, 18:48
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If you need corrective lenses, you need to carry a spare set. That's it. What you actually wear and anything else you carry is up to you.
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Old 22nd Apr 2020, 15:28
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CAA Class 1 renewal Visual Acuity

Hi All!

Hope everyone is keeping well in this tough time. I am currently studying for my ATPL theory and already have a CAA class 1 medial which I am due to renew next month. I am becoming paranoid about losing my medical because of my eyesight. I wear glasses and my corrected vision is 6/6 eyes together 6/6 left eye, but my right eye is 6/9. So far I have managed to pass my medicals without issues, however I am worried about what happens when my right eye gets worse?

The way I understand it the rules are 6/6 eyes together, 6/9 in each eye.

but what happens if in the future my right eye goes below 6/9 assuming I can still see 6/6 eyes together? Is that it I just lose my medical and potentially my job?
Or do they give you a restriction of any type?

Thanks for any advice you may be able to offer!


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Old 24th May 2020, 11:42
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Eye Sight Requirements

Hello, This may be the incorrect thread but I'm somewhat stunned about something I've read about pilot eye-sight requirements on Twitter. On the following thread, it mentions that the Captain of TACA Flight 110 which had a landing mishap in 1988, only had one eye. Now, forgive me, I thought pilots had to have binocular vision in order to judge depth? On the same thread, a BA First Officer has stated you can fly with one eye! I'm terribly confused! I always wanted to be a commercial airline pilot but it was ruled out due to my lack of binocular vision. Could someone please provide me with the cold hard facts?

Here's the link but appreciate a Twitter account may be required.

I will be interested to read the replies.
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