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HIV & CAA Class 1 Medical

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HIV & CAA Class 1 Medical

Old 24th Nov 2010, 07:56
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Thanks moo1982. It has been a long and frustrating journey to get this through the authority but persevere, as it is definitely worth the wait. I'm already commercially qualified and now training as an instructor.

As for information on ARVs, you'll need to interrogate your local aviation authority website as they may (or may not) publish which ones they deem to be acceptable in the aviation environment. Or, as you say, you can call them. I doubt an AME would know unless he/she has had an HIV + class 1 applicant and is aware of the CAA's position on HIV infection.

See my post on 17 July 2010 as I have listed the meds I am on that are deemed acceptable by the NZ CAA. I'd imagine the acceptance of these would be fairly universal. My one piece of advice if you are starting on meds; avoid efavirenze if you can! This is often the first line of treatment but there are alternatives so you should definitely check it out with the CAA first before starting or you could end up delaying a successful class 1 assessment.

Good luck!
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Old 20th Dec 2010, 08:08
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Congrats on getting your restricted class 1 medical.

I've just completed all my various Class 1 medicals, and I am waiting back to hear from CASA their determination, probably after the Christmas 2010 break. Will update you further as to how it all goes. Enlightenment can take a while sometimes, especially so of government departments.
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Old 20th Dec 2010, 13:40
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What I understand of CAA, NZ and CASA as well - they practice an evidence based, risk management paradigm of Aeromedical Decision Making (ADM), (Unravelling ADM (Aeromedical Decision Making) | Aviation Medicine :: Aerospace Medicine) trying that each decision arrived by them is "reasonable, replicable and reviewable".
Here, even if some individuals may not have a desirable outcome, the decisions arrived at would be based on the best scientific evidence, which is just and transparent.
Hope other regulators too follow suit...
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Old 20th Dec 2010, 18:41
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Originally Posted by moo1982
I forgot to mention I checked with the flight schools they werent bothered about my HIV status. As long I got the class one medical then thats fine with them.
Well - the flight schools will be after your cash $$$$$$$$$, but the CAA are there to protect the public. A totally polarised viewpoint; and remember, the flying schools are NOT regulators...

I wish you the best in your quest
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Old 26th Dec 2010, 23:26
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The entry requirements for all the flight schools I must have a Class One Medical Certificate before even starting any training. They will not take me on if I don't have it.

Another thing im considering is my chances of employment with an airline. Im definitely sure most non UK airlines (especially the gulf based ones) will not even touch me with a bargepole. I going to write to the UK based airlines to get their reviews on this. I have a feeling they will respond with a very diplomatic answers without any meaning.

At the end of the day there no point me spending and putting myself into serious debt if there the chances of me getting employment is slim. Especially in this economic climate.
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Old 26th Dec 2010, 23:31
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Found a doc on the UK CAA website regarding HIV pilots
it quotes the following about medication which sounds sensible because the world of HIV treatment is always changing

"As a guide, the following are generally acceptable medications: abacavir, didanosine, emtricitabine, lamivudine, tenofovir, zidovudine, atazanavir, fosamprenavir, lopinavir, ritonavir, nelfinavir, saquinavir, nevirapine and efavirenz.

Other medications will be considered on an individual basis assuming they are appropriately licenced and there is sufficient data on their safety available."

Ive started on Sustiva (efavirenz) and Truvada (Tenofovir/emtricitabine) so it looks my meds are acceptable to the UK CAA
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Old 27th Dec 2010, 08:23
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Do not be discouraged by some of the comments here M1982.

These days a carefully selected course of medication will have you living as long as any other man or woman.

You should also be free to follow a professional career in aviation without limitation.

And as you have seen, there is no prohibition.

You have my unreserved admiration for following your dream despite the stigma some people have shown you here.

The best of luck to you.
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Old 8th Sep 2016, 10:34
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Hi guys. This is a bit off topic but hope someone could answer my question. I'm now HIV negative and flying as an airline pilot in Europe.
All the loss of license insurances I come across exclude getting HIV in the policy document. Does anyone know where to get an insurance that covers this?
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Old 8th Sep 2016, 12:07
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As far as I'm aware you can't get any cover for it. Strange situation whereby it is preventable. But so is diabetes, many cancers and heart disease yet these conditions are usually covered by policies.

Almost every insurance policy and not just pilot centric ones will have exclusions pertaining to Hiv or other GUM related issues.

However HIV is not the showstopper it once was. It's still very serious. You can't get an initial class 1 however you can retain it with a lot of (expensive) investigations by specialists, close involvement of the CAA and constant monitoring. I think you'll also get an OML restriction.

Do remember though that although it's *technically* possible to carry on flying whist HIV+, I'm not actually aware of it actually being achieved. I'm not saying it's not possible, but what I am saying is that I've not heard of anyone actually doing this. Has anyone else

Best avoid. PrEP is not compatible with flying neither unfortunately.
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Old 8th Sep 2016, 12:19
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Thanks for the reply.

I'm aware that it is possible to resume flying again after a long process. I was hoping that someone was able to find an insurer, because an accident is always possible. And as you say yourself, itís very expensive to get your medical back (+the cost of loss of income).
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Old 24th Sep 2016, 22:49
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I'm lead to believe that surgeons and midwives are now allowed to practice, (albeit with monitoring/treatment).

Not sure that the sudden incapaticpatation/invective argument holds much water any more ?
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Old 12th Oct 2016, 08:41
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In this day in age, where HIV can be efficiently suppressed and "undetectable", with less impacts to someone with say diabetes, it's a pity the stigma still exists and restrictions still apply. Another aspect for an International pilot would be for travel to countries that still have restrictions of entry to persons with HIV. I do know some cabin crew with HIV, however their medicals aren't as restrictive as tech crew.
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Old 12th Oct 2016, 09:55
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Medical Certification for pilots with HIV is possible.

The requirements and explanation why certain tests are required can be found on the CAA website.

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