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Old 23rd Jul 2010, 21:27   #121 (permalink)

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Keen to have news of the Eardoc and the other treatments. I've been wearing hearing aids for 23 years. I get the clicking noise in my ears and only one doctor has ever placed the light thing in my ear and said 'you've got some fluid behind your ear drums'

All others have just said (paraphrasing here) 'You're deaf, get on with it'
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Old 1st Aug 2010, 07:37   #122 (permalink)

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The ear blockage

Hi everyone, I guess I have the same problem....after my flight I can not equalize the pressure, I am taking Nasonex and antibiotics, Xylolin nasal spray didn't help, I do steam inhalation 3x a day and no results, I was at ETN specialist yesterday, audiogram + ear pressure normal.....DR. said I can fly in 5 days when I finish antibiotics....(he thinks sinuses are not well yet)...even though the ear will still be blocked..I have already used one box of other antibiotics and it didn't help.
I really want to fly again, I miss it but I am scared to hell to go for a flight - I am cabin crew, what if something happens up there?? and I will be grounded forever.
Do you think I can go for a flight with my ear blocked......?????

It has been almost 2 weeks - home


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Old 5th Aug 2010, 08:25   #123 (permalink)
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Tried EARDOC with no improvement. "Glue ear" still the same.
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 20:43   #124 (permalink)

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Unhappy The practical side of ET- telling the employer

Dear All,

Writing on behalf of my fiancee who has been suffering with a blocked ET (or so the recent diagnosis said) for around 8 months. All started after being off sick, but being pressured by the airline to go into work. A couple of times later she got an ear infection, and one offload in Paris later she was back with ear pain which has been the case ever since.

She has now been off work for a few weeks, and finally got her ENT appointment a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty much what we've read on here already- no real understanding of the problem, let alone appreciation of the work/earning a living situation.

Without having any sympathy from the doctors, and no supportive diagnosis from the ENT clinic, it's very difficult getting cover to take further time off work.

I'm convinced that some of the treatments talked about on here will work- especially as she has never suffered with any sort of ear trouble before in her life. She just needs some time off work.
The airline concerned will agree a new shift pattern, IF it is backed up by a doctor's letter; but even then, it's too soon for her to go back.

How do you communicate this to a doctor though?! They seem to shrug off the problem- "stop flying" is the general advice.

Does any one have any practical suggestions for clearing the way for time off work, with a doctors support, for an ET problem- allowing for some rest, treatment, and then a gradual return to work?

Appreciate any advice!

All the best
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 22:15   #125 (permalink)
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stuffed e tubes

Not pilot, models only.
Former Scuba.
Alergy to Juniper trees, first time this year.
1. Drink lots of hot water or hot tea.
2. immerse in hot bath or spa, dunk head, rotate head to fill ears- repeat.
3. Reverse Valsalva Maneuver: shut mouth, hold nose, Inhale.
Works for me
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 23:02   #126 (permalink)

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Hi Ennie,

Sympathies ... this is not a pleasant issue. I had a bout of it earlier on in the year. My GP said my ear drums were 'dull' (instead of shiny) ... so mucus in the middle ear ... I had antibiotics, nasal sprays, decongestants and in the end I got some nasal balloons ... Otovent ... available on Amazon for about £10 ... problem sorted out in less than a week. I do however use my balloons once a day to keep my ears clear and once a week or so I use NeilMed nasal rinse (I'd been using this 3 times a day) .. I've been grand ever since and all this stuff is natural ... no medication so you can fly with ease!

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
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Old 9th Sep 2010, 00:29   #127 (permalink)

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Control it

I’m not a pilot but I do have a similar problem. I have lived with it on-and-off for 25 years and I must admit it’s a horrible thing as it can really drive you nuts. From what I can make out from this forum is that it has various triggers and can last for as long you mange to kill the infection or drain the excess fluid.

Triggers as stated on forum

Allergies: dust, food, pets, pollen…the usual suspects

Reflux: IBS or reflux sufferers may get it from complications between ear and throat

Water: Swimming, Bathing

Altitude: Air travel


If reflux sufferer – seek to control the condition with diet - ask GP

Lower your shower head – to below ear height – this can stop you getting it regularly - works for me

Give up Swimming – be carful of water in the ears even in the bath - only if water triggers yours

Antibiotics – If you’re lucky enough to get them will kill the infection and it will go fast but it will come back some other day - by GP perscription only

Clean ear carefully – get a lucky family member or friend to scoop out any goo or dry flakes in your ear but they have to make sure they just clear the outer ear not going too deep. Use a metal or plastic scoop – no ear buds and NOT to deep as they could make it worse - - ask GP if this is suitable for you

Drink lots of water – Make mucus thinner then It’s easier to drain and swallow

Paracetamol – can reduce ear swelling - ask GP if this is suitable for you

Reverse Valsalva Maneuver – hold your nose, cover your good ear, shut your mouth and breath in until you get that reverse popping sensation then swallow the gunk to drain ear - ask GP if this is suitable for you

Unfortunately you may have to utilise all methods to control it.

There are various posts of advice - good and bad. Get expert medical advice from your Doctor before trying anything you read online.
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Old 9th Sep 2010, 04:15   #128 (permalink)
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serious - I think you are getting a little confused between middle ear problems caused by eustachian tube dysfunction; and ear canal problems which may be contributed to by a wet ear canal.

Always best to have it properly diagnosed by a health professional who can properly visualise your eardrum.


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Old 9th Sep 2010, 11:42   #129 (permalink)

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Maybe not confused - I have read pages 1-6 of this thread and there are a wide range of people on here looking for answers. Not just pilots and some with differing conditions and symptoms.

There are various posts of advice - good and bad. Get expert medical advice before trying anything you read online.

Your right, have it checked by a GP or ENT.

I'm guessing most of you have and that's why your looking for answers online!

This is just an example of what works for me... and you should only do if your GP is in agreement.

My ear was caused by blowing my nose to hard, too much pressure caused my ear to become damaged inside. Now my ear is damaged all kinds of things irritate it and becomes trapped inside causing fluid to build up.

It may be just a theory but could too much high altitude flying cause a similar problem due to the frequent poping of the ear?
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Old 26th Sep 2010, 17:56   #130 (permalink)

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@ serious
My ear was caused by blowing my nose to hard, too much pressure caused my ear to become damaged inside.
What exactly was damaged? Was it easy for the ENT specialist to see what was damaged?
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Old 24th Jan 2011, 12:00   #131 (permalink)

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Eustachian tube question

I am not a pilot but I thought you may know about this problem:

I did have sinus problems but everything gone (once a day steriod nasal spray) they only thing left is my eustachian tubes have not recovered. In a non-heated environment they are fine, but within minutes of walking into a centrally heated room, or an air-con car, my ears feel full and I cannot unblock them. The only thing that works if that happens is oral sudofed and hours later (and much fresh air) they recover.

I am flying in 2 days and terrified as to what will happen to the tubes then? Please help! Wilol the change in air pressure have the same effect? Is taking sudofed before boarding enough, or should it be actifed? (bear in mind there is no mucus) ? many thanks
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Old 24th Jan 2011, 18:11   #132 (permalink)
Psychophysiological entity
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The problem about flying commercially is you can't turn back . . . well, not without a lot of interviews. You really need to know if you will be able to tolerate the pressure changes. I assume c 8,000ft cabin.

Even when in good condition, the tube is something of a one way valve. Your real problems may occur on the way down.

I can get salty water (sterilized and about the mixture of sea water.) into my tubes, and have found it helpful in the past, but it takes a lot of messing about over the bath with head upside down, nasal cavity full of the brew and GENTLE nose-holding and blowing. Then not very gentle sniffing.

When it works, the noises leave you in no doubt about the flow.
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Old 24th Jan 2011, 19:53   #133 (permalink)
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I wouldn't fly. I would look for a doctor who really knows.
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Old 24th Jan 2011, 20:11   #134 (permalink)
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Sudafed should probably do the trick - how long is your flight? You may need to take a second dose during the flight. You should keep equalizing your ears by yawning during ascent/descent. Also you should be able to find saline solution nose sprays at the chemist/drug store - this will have a calming effect on the mucous membranes.

If you can speak to your ENT doctor before flying that would certainly be a good idea.

For the long term google neti pot. This is something used historically by yogis to rinse nose and sinus/eustachian tube. You put lukewarm salt water in it and pour through one nostril letting it come out the other. This similarly has a calming effect on the mucous membranes.Pretty much doing what Loose Rivets suggests without the mess :-)
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Old 30th Mar 2011, 15:40   #135 (permalink)

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has anyone on here still got eustacian tube probs and has anyone found anyway of getting rid of the fullness??? iv had it for over a year and not found anything to help. tried antihisamines, nasal sprays, had ct scans, seen a chiropractor...still nothing...really getting me down duno what to dowith myself!!!! HELP any advice welcomed!!!!!!
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Old 30th Mar 2011, 20:55   #136 (permalink)
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I had a blocked eustacian tube.....very frightening with horrible tinnitus and going deaf with a fullness in my ear. Ended up getting an MRI which confirmed same......surgeon has me on Avamys 27.5 micrograms spray ( fluticasone furoate).......since taking the spray, two shots every morning, all my symptons have disappeared.
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Old 8th May 2012, 22:30   #137 (permalink)
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Blocked Ear....

Hi Everyone,

Been having ear probs the last three days unable to clear one side. It clears on the ground and fine during the climb but on the way down I cant seem to clear it. Day 2 I took some decongestant and it was fine. Went to see the GP today who looked in my ears and throat and said all looked normal. I could clear them on the ground went to work and had same problem with the right ear not clearing. Have a few days off now anyone have any advise or old remedies that could help. I'm gonna give my AME a ring tomorrow but any help from here would be great.

Thanks in advance

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Old 31st May 2012, 15:44   #138 (permalink)

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Hi. I had a cold and had to fly home last week = blocked eustachian tubes. ugh. I have been on a decongestant as well as taking an antihistimine for the cold. The cold seems to be gone, but my ears were still blocked. I have a mini trampoline for exercise (awesome way to work out btw), and voile'..... my ears starting popping while I tried to yawn and it has unblocked my tubes. Try it, you have nothing to lose and the bonus is a good work out. Research rebounding for health.
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Old 29th Jun 2012, 10:51   #139 (permalink)

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Hi Hugh,
My own experience is actually exactly the opposite, if I lay with my head over the edge of the bed, this forces the throat, (and I hope the Eustacian tubes) open.
Still have the problem though :-((( I combine this with gargling salt water.
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Old 20th Jul 2012, 17:48   #140 (permalink)

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Hi Guys

This is my first post here am I really hoping someone out there can help me please!

Basically I want to be cabin crew on long haul flights.

However, I have problems with my ears. I have seen an ENT consultant this week and have been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis which is causing problems equilbrilizing.

When I fly for holidays I get mild pain on descent and my ears will 'pop'.

The consultant is aware of my plans to enter the airline industry and has prescribed a nasal spray for 4 months to see if this helps. I am trying to eliminate dairy, wheat and use nasal rinses.

If this does not work I may need grommets to help.

I am so worried the airlines will not issue a medical certificate and deny my intended career.

Has anyone had allergic rhinitis and was cleared medically wise to allow a cabin crew career? Am I wasting my time applying?

Any answers and feedback is most welcome and appreciated. Thank you
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